McDonough Out in Phoenix. Zarren In?

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McDonough Out in Phoenix.  Zarren In? Empty McDonough Out in Phoenix. Zarren In?

Post by bobheckler on Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:38 am

Amico: A look at possible candidates for Suns’ GM role

OCTOBER 8, 2018

Sam Amico

For some strange reason, the Phoenix Suns decided to fire general manager Ryan McDonough nine days before the season-opener.

Vice-president of basketball operations James Jones and assistant GM Trevor Bukstein are acting as interim co-GMs at the moment.

All that aside, here’s a look at some potential candidates for the gig:

James Jones
The former NBA sharpshooter and seven-time Finalist is highly thought of in NBA circles, especially among the players. That can only help when it comes to signing free agents.

But Jones is a lot more than likable. He’s highly intelligent, well-read and as a former player representative, knows how to handle negotiations.

Some around the league already think Jones has the inside track on the position.

David Griffin
The first (and only) GM of a championship team in Cleveland pro basketball history, Griffin is a native of Phoenix and spent 17 years in the Suns’ front office. That included three as the team’s vice president of basketball operations.

That said, Griffin interviewed with the New York Knicks and talked with the Philadelphia 76ers about their vacancies this past offseason, reportedly indicating both times he wanted final say on all personnel decisions. That didn’t fly in either of those places and it’s even less likely to fly under hands-on Suns owner Robert Sarver.

Kevin McHale
The former Minnesota Timberwolves executive and head coach was mentioned as a possibility by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

McHale also served as head coach of the Houston Rockets and is now keeping himself on the league’s radar by working as an analyst on NBA TV and TNT.

While McHale has no ties to the Suns, he is supposedly looking to get back into a front-office role with a team.

Sam Hinkie
The man who made “Trust the Process” a thing as GM with the Philadelphia 76ers is still viewed in a positive light around the league.

And perhaps rightfully so. The Sixers are now considered an Eastern Conference contender thanks to some of Hinkie’s moves — such as hiring coach Brett Brown, drafting center Joel Embiid and signing forward Robert Covington.

Mike Zarren
He may not necessarily be a household name, but Zarren is second in command under Boston Celtics president/GM Danny Ainge.

Before that, Zarren was just a regular Joe. He grew up loving the Celtics as a fan, and went from season-ticket holder to unpaid intern. The Celtics media guide now describes him “as one of the leaders in the field of advanced statistical analysis,” meaning Zarren is the Celtics’ salary-cap expert.

Others to watch

Golden State Warriors director of player personnel Larry Harris; former Suns guard and current Grand Canyon University coach Dan Majerle; Miami Heat general manager Andy Elisburg; Washington Wizards senior vice president Tommy Sheppard; and Suns assistant GM Trevor Bucksetin.

MY NOTE:  Losing Zarren would be a big hurt, ESPECIALLY with all the new contracts due to be negotiated this summer.  If we have something(s) going our way it is that Phoenix just fired a Danny Ainge disciple and that Warren was born in Swampscott and is a lifelong Celtic fan.


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McDonough Out in Phoenix.  Zarren In? Empty Re: McDonough Out in Phoenix. Zarren In?

Post by RosalieTCeltics on Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:28 pm

Everytime a big job opens up, Mike Zarren is on the list. Philly supposedly wanted him last year, Phoenix may be interested in him but, remember McDonough was an Ainge guy. They may shy away from another Ainge disciple. He is one smart guy, is really the guy Danny leans on with the cap numbers so crazy. My guess he will stick around. I could be wrong

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