Terry Rozier Unhappy With Playing Time

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Re: Terry Rozier Unhappy With Playing Time

Post by dboss on Thu Nov 08, 2018 4:52 pm

bobheckler wrote:
hawksnestbeach wrote:I have an idea: start him a game or two as pg, possibly alongside Irving as sg. If he plays so well that the machine begins to hum then Brad will have another option to win games. If Semi can start a game, no reason Terry can't, IMO. I think this is mostly made-up news, because every player on the bench wants more time. The players I want to get more of those scarce minutes are Williams and Theis (when healed) because Horford is pacing himself (as perhaps he should). Hawk


Not a bad idea, especially against teams with shorter back courts like Portland and NOP.



I have to disagree with this idea.

Terry will be fine. Like he said, he is pressing a bit too much. His production is really not all bad. He is their top rebounding PG guard to date, has a 3.5 A/TO ratio, He is still knocking down the 3 ball at .394% and his free throws at 80%.. his only offensive struggle is in making his 2 point shots .355. During his rotation minutes he has been paired with Kyrie every game this year from what I recall.

Every player on this team has to make adjustments.

Brad is still trying to get his top 5 guys on the same page and then get the right blend as rotation guys come in.

I think that inserting Terry into the lineup would further complicate things even more.

I think that Brad can find a few more minutes for him.


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Re: Terry Rozier Unhappy With Playing Time

Post by RosalieTCeltics on Thu Nov 08, 2018 5:39 pm

Right on the head, Dboss. Think Jaylen likes being on the bench in the fourth quarter? So. As you say, much ado about nothing

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