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Post by gyso on Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:17 am

Conviviality is the rule here. That being said, a sense of humor and a little humility is important and you will need to look past the wording of a post and take into consideration its intent. In a twist of the definition, conviviality here does not mean that only happy, smiling and positive comments about the Celtics are acceptable. That would be too boring. It does mean no ad hominem attacks, i.e.: nothing personal. Vigorous debate and opposing views are always welcome, especially if they are supported by evidence and/or fact-based argument. Be reasonable in evaluating and re-evaluating your own posts, as well as those of other members. Oftentimes, the best policy is to write it, read it and then delete it instead of posting it; thus avoiding the addition of fuel to an ongoing flame. If that proves too difficult, then perhaps this place is not for you.

Expressing an opinion or making a prediction and then posting it as fact over and over is offensive to other members. Adding this kind of post across multiple unrelated threads is likewise offensive to other members. If you cannot state your case a handful of times and then agree to disagree (in other words, move on), then perhaps this place is not for you.

Politics, religion and social issues have no place here. If you feel that including them in a post to make a point is in any way necessary, then perhaps this place is not for you.

Questioning or hinting at anyone's lack basketball knowledge in order to bolster your own argument is not allowed. There's more than one way to learn, understand and appreciate the game of basketball. Having been a player at any level in the past or claiming more years or decades of being a fan is not the end all to being a fan. There is no place for fan snobbery here. If you feel that you need to go down that old tired road, then perhaps this place is not for you.

An on-going relentless attack of another member because they are a fan of another team is not allowed. Likewise, the habitual support of another team or the denigration of the Celtics in a taunting or excessive dimension is not allowed. If you feel uncomfortable with fans of other teams and your automatic go-to is to insult and attack them, or you like to constantly demean the Celtics at every opportunity, then perhaps this place is not for you.

Continuation of any argumentative relationships started on other boards and bringing them here is frowned upon. If anyone feels the need to carry old grudges to this board, then perhaps this place is not for you.

If your go-to move is to continually attack a member because you don't like a comment they made to a post of yours, then perhaps this place is not for you.

Complaining when we step in to moderate a troublesome thread and calling it censorship is insulting to the moderators. That includes calling other members or moderators hypocrites, etc. If you do not like how this board is moderated, then perhaps this place is not for you.

The breaking any of the above Community Guidelines may lead to deletion of posts, warnings and/or outright banning. The continual public posting of your complaints to our moderation of this board will not help your cause and may lead to an unsatisfactory result, at least to you. Complaints are better received in a PM and will be addressed in a timely manner.

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