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Post by bobheckler on Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:24 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Road win! Lets go!

**** Jaylen Brown

Kyrie is out. Let's win this one

I don't like the Celtics. Let's win.

The garden is ready to fall. Such joyful day. Bring it on Maws

I have not kept up with Boston (or the East at all tbh) but why is their record not as good as it was last year? You'd think with Hayward coming back they'd be better.

Dear basketball friends  Tatum wants to show up today.We must to stop him early with aggressive deffense.


Paul Pierce is such a hater

Come out and punch them in the mouth from tip-off and play hard all game.

Without Irving we have a realistic chance

Even without Irving  if Celtics are losing games like this one   they really are not a contender like they think they are.

I honestly think they are overrated anyway  with Irving included. Don't get me wrong they are still a great team but I just don't see them as one of tier 1 teams. I think they lack a true superstar (I don't see Irving as one  for me he's not on the same level as KD Curry LBJ Giannis Kawhi Embiid..). They have a bunch of decent role players and a lot of depth but that's not enough to really contend Imo.

I think Boston has this one in the bag and I ll be extraordinarily surprised if that is not the case. Might not be easy peasy but Boston should definitely win this one.

I agree based on their home record and our road record but when you look at those starting lineup comparisons it sure looks like we have a better team.

It’s time to move on from Carlisle. He has the worst rotations out of any coach in the NBA and I dare you to find a team that plays less motivated in road games. This team sleepwalks on the road.

Kyrie DNP - afraid?  (MY NOTE:  Afraid...Of the sub .500 Mavericks...this is funny)

Marcus Morris is now out as well with a neck strain.This is just as important and the Cs will still be tough.

Anyone watching espn right now? God I ****ing hate Paul Pierce. He is so butthurt when ANYONE gets high praise. Bitching about Luka nickname Pierce claiming he created the step back.

Pierce sucks. His ego knows no bounds

Mfer just brought up KIRILENKO (sp?) when Billups said Dirk was the greatest Euro player.

Boston I see being the best team in the east

Luka DSJ Wes with 2 TOs each after less than 9 mins don’t tell me it’s all Boston’s great defense

Even ****ing Smart is hitting 3s


Brad Wannamaker From Fenerbahce Istanbul.

Wanna-career-scoring-night? Maker....and he's making them.              

Boston respect for dirk Now let’s see if he can score turn back the clock going for 30

I really did NOT like how Dirk waved back at the crowd And before you think I am crazy for saying that… let me explain why.   Crowd applauds Dirk. Dirk waves back  basically appreciating their respect. Which means this IS his last season. Would he wave back otherwise and support the notion that this really is his last season? Dirk please add one more season after this one.

The way he has been playing this season, as a fan I want this to be his last season You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.

Really JJ? Dare your man to shoot a wide open 3 and he makes 2 in a row. Nice job

1-15 from 3. I don’t know, maybe try something else...

Lmao jaylon is now Kobe  (MY NOTE:  better him than Jayson)

I guess were adding Wannamaker to the list of random players who torch us

Only Mavs defense can make Brad Wanamaker look like a legit NBA player

Lets go Dallas Mavebricks. It cant get any worse, so that's good.

Boston telecast is so bad

Why are we making Marcus Smart look like Ray Allen????

Everyone playing like they don’t give a shit. We deserve to lose

What a game. No defense and shooting like a bunch of random 50 years old guys picking up a basketball for the first time.

It's like Smart knows how much I trash him for his shooting and proves me wrong when he plays us. His avg against the Mavs has to be near marksman territory and against everyone else it's YMCA kid who gets picked last territory.

Can’t wait to hear Pierce trash Doncic and the Mavs.

We'll cut it to 4 or 5 and then it will be right back to 15 or so within a few minutes.  (MY NOTE:  in fact it went from 17 down to 1 and then back up to 18)

That offensive rebound by rozier was inexcusable. You deserve to lose if you have that kind of effort

Pierce...time to mute

Unfortunately you can’t mute ugly

i always hated Tony Brothers

Mavs fans are much to harsh on their team. This was in all probability a loss. The Mavs are still in rebuild mode.

No that's crap Mavs are better than this shitty smeltic team  (MY NOTE:  the level of delusion of Mav fans...)

When did Marcus Smart becaje Ray Allen?

Anybody interested in getting Jimmy Butler from Philly?

We'll beat Boston and Philly back to back! I have to believe it otherwise I can’t wake up at 4 a.m.

no foul on luka? blind refs?

Still not as blatant as KD out of bounds yesterday

Another reason of the away loses Refs show no respect us,

The Celts are playing a typical, physical, defensive game as they always do.

Whoever is guarding Tatum sucks or is just slow.

Or Tatum is pretty good

The unruly crowd on here Does not understand how truly dangerous this Celtics team is, despite playing poorly of late and missing Irving. Christ most playoff teams would count a game in Boston as a probable loss.

The effort is not there For most rebounds, or at least a controlled effort. Celtics are bigger and faster, but we look so damn old and "guardy". You know what I’m saying? Basically too many damn traditional guards.

why do teams shoot 120% from 3 against us?

They are open.

Well....that few minutes in the 3rd quarter were fun

The crowd wants Dirk's threes to go in more than the basket seems to want Dirk's threes to go in.

So Smart is going to continue to shoot like Curry tonight?

DJ just lost a rebound to Marcus Smart. Yeah.

People the Celtics have the luxury Of bringing Tatum, an obvious future all star, off the bench. They overall are the most talented team in the league. No shame in this loss.

Smart is just Ray Allen possessed tonight

Rick is becoming a joke. He's always been stubborn but how can you keep watching this mess and make no adjustments?!

Coach must have a bet against his own team. He has to keep the bench in until the lead is insurmountable.

Boston can’t miss.

LOL at Boston cheering on Dirk.

Love Boston cheering on Dirk ❤️

Only thing good about tonight is the Celtics fans are respecting dirk

The Celtics are a better team without Kyrie.

Even Marcus Smart cheering for Dirk

Thank you Boston, we'll get you next time.

Dirk just needs two friggin' points to have the most points in the Garden of any WC player ever and he just can't seem to get anything to drop... This could very well be his last career trip to Boston.

Honestly wonder if Rick is here long. Team is not getting better.

He is Because there isnt a better coach available...not even close. And Rick would have within weeks a new job

I think he's done personally. Isn't he supposed to be a defensive genius or something? I don't see it.

I'm pretty much done with him. I'd welcome a change at HC tbh.

I've never seen this type of defense. Stand around and do nothing defense, must be new.

As soon as it was announced the Celtics were missing key players I knew we were going to be obliterated. That's the Mavericks way. Also Celtics record without Kyrie is insane

Hayward would be a nice fit with Luka.

Celtics are really good even without Kyrie. The spread stayed the same even with Kyrie out at -5.   (MY NOTE:  the line didn't change because everybody knew Kyrie was going to be out all along, dummy)

19 Celtic 3's. No way Powell can offset that. :-O

Powell- "Hold my beer"

I feel bad for Dirk... The celts fans were really classy rooting him on, but it was sad to see him brick so hard.

You can't win @Boston playing soft.

Boston has the best bench in the NBA.  (MY NOTE:  Despite moving Brown and Rozier up from the bench to start our bench still outscored theirs 40-22)

I am sad because Durk almost confirmed he is retiring Otherwise, losing to Boston on their home floor is not a big deal.

I wonder how Boston fans know Dirk is retiring.

Boston fans are just making fun of Dirk Treating him like Brian Scalabrine. I can see Dirk is not enjoying it.

That’s not what was happening. They gave the dude a legit standing ovation when he entered the game for the first time. Probably the last time they get to see him live. I’d want to see him score too.

They are doing it for themselves, not for Dirk Try to make themselves look classy. In the end, they are just giving themselves value by embarrassing Dirk.

You can feel this way if you want, but it was pretty clear to me it was out of respect for one of the greatest ever in his likely last game there.

Boston fans were really classy here. Much appreciated. Celtics are the team I am rooting for in the playoffs now

Definite mention to the classy boston fans. They really wanted to see Dirk score. That was great reception for dirk. Celtics are now the team I am rooting for in the playoffs



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