Next Up - Pacers @ Celtics Wednesday 01/09/2019 7 PM

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Next Up - Pacers @ Celtics Wednesday 01/09/2019 7 PM

Post by dboss on Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:17 pm

The Celtics lost to the Pacers on November 3rd 102-101 on a 3 pointer by Victor Olidipo with 3.4 seconds left in the game. The Celtics were really pissed off as they allowed him to score. Irving was on him and as he got past him on the right side Al was over there too and he challenged the shot but Victor was not to be denied. The Celtics had this game won. It was a close low scoring game that played right into the way the Pacers like to play.

The Pacers are coming off of a win last night vs the Cavs.

For those who see no value in free throws consider the November loss as Exhibit A. Boston killed it from deep going 19-46 or 41.3%. We were 22-14 in fast break points and -6 in PITP. Boston did not lose this game because Victor made a big shot at the end. They lost this game because the Pacers were 19-25 at the line and the Celtics only managed 9 FT attempts and went 6-9.

There ya go. They scored +13 from the line. Live by the 3 die by the three even when you shoot the 3 ball at a high percentage.


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Re: Next Up - Pacers @ Celtics Wednesday 01/09/2019 7 PM

Post by dbrown4 on Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:35 pm

This game tonight keeps getting bigger and bigger for the Celtics in my mind. I know regular season games don't count in the playoffs, but BOS has to show me something tonight...a blowout, win handily...something.

I've said I think they have it and can pull it together but if this turns into 3-Jack City when they get behind and desperate, I'm going to get pissed again and resign myself to 5th place for the playoffs!


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