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Post by bobheckler on Fri Jan 11, 2019 12:08 pm

by FLCeltsFan

This will definitely be an L Big L

Oh yeah, crush the Saltics pls
Comments From The Other Side - vs Heat, Away RjR2Xah

No way to predict which Heat team will turn up.

I don’t want to come away feeling like "at least we competed" or "tough loss.. but Nobody wants to face us in the playoffs"  There are NO consolation prizes tonight. We need a WIN

Imagine how much harder this game would be to win If Boston had drafted Markelle Fultz.  (MY NOTE:  Wuh?)

Great opportunity to see where we stand by...
...losing to the best team in the West and then the best team in the East.

Kyrie is on fire

Gotta play bully ball wit em.

Whiteside with some good perimeter D on Tatum there.

Wow it feels great starting out strong for once, we should do this more often

Like usual JRich gets zero separation off the dribble. Forces JJ to take a horrible shot.

This ignores the Celtics excellent defending so far too though.

Kyrie going for 50 smh

Can we still get Kyrie??? I mean Jesus lil Kobe

Man wish we had Kyrie

I’d rather have Dragic over Kyrie plus him and Dion wouldn’t work

Morris has such a punchable face

Wanna know the worst part? There's another guy out there with the same face!

Theis looks looks like young avianman

Celtics trying to live off jumpers.

Celts have no size time to play hassan spobot

How the **** are we going to stop Kyrie down the stretch?

Poke to the eye bump to the knee

Make sure his jersey is tucked in

Oh my ****ing god they've talked about this ****ing team meeting the whole first quarter

Wait, did the Celtics have a team meeting?

Rozier remind me of Waiters a lot

Kevin mchale commentary is atrocious and disrespectful

We gotta build up for when the Celtics go on a tear in the 3rd.

Wait is ****ing bill Simmons the color guy for this?

Haha no it's Kevin mchale

I thought I was watching the Celtics stream for a while

Olynyk and not boxing out name a better duo

kelly's clumsiness is contagious

Even when he makes the right play it looks like a disaster

KO going for that chase down lmaoooooo dude got no elevation

Please get Kelly out of this game

Winslow with the very nice illegal screen to get Dion a layup

There has been 2 free throw attempts all game

Boston is like bottom 5 in driving to the paint or some sh** lol heard it on the Lowe Podcast Idk what we are

Kyrie gonna take like 15 in the second half

Yes, no freethows. We can't **** it up if we don't get any

Damn, Kyrie is going to work RN

I like horford but man he is soft as **** lmao

What? Hes a monster in the playoffs

Can we just play every good team at home as they come off a back to back ?

Celtics fans are crying their hearts out because of no free throws.

I think they're used to getting bailed out by the refs consistently so it might seem unfair to them.


We should play like this every night

You know how shitty Celtic fans are, can't wait to hear all the excuses about why they lost to a team without Dragic and a rusty Dion. Jk this is the Heat, no lead is safe.

Lol true about the fans in Boston

Learn these names, America. We're coming hard for that second round exit.

Ok so I want Spo at half to yell into each one of the players, saying that each one of them will be traded if we lose this game. Yep, seems good enough. PLZ DONT BLOW THE LEAD D:

Let’s hope we don’t fall victim to the turd quarter

Nobody but Kyrie and Morris are doing sh** for them.

Kyrie so good man

Justise better than Gordan Hayward. What a time to be alive...

Considering how crappy the C's offense is we might keep this lead.

Robert Williams sighting. Didn’t oversleep this one?  (MY NOTE:  The Time Lord doesn't oversleep, he rearranges chronology)

Boston will make a big run. We suck at keeping big leads.

C's got all that talent and can't get to the line, don't know how far they'll get with that

Pretty sad, the tnt halftime report spoke absolutely only about what the Celtics were doing wrong. Nary a mention of what the Heat was doing well.   (MY NOTE:  That's the way it is when you've got one of the hottest teams in the NBA playing poorly and The Washington Generals)

celts need to make a trade log jam at small forward they need A hayward for hassan TYPE OF TRADE

Hey j rich rozier cant shoot

I love playing teams on a back to back in Miami.

TNT still finds a way to focus solely on the Celtics.. Smh

It’s like the Celtics are playing the Celtics

We have no stars or storylines Idk what y’all expect

Horford is trash. What kind of all star has this kind of half.

Dude what? Horford is the Embiid stopper and phenomenal on both sides of the ball on most nights.

Donno why everyone thought Celtics were gonna steamroll us, I mean we can still lose but we generally do well against them

We don't get steamrolled unless it's the Hawks, we play really well against good teams.

The Celtics are being exposed. I smell another team meeting in Boston.

I bet Danny Ainge regrets not giving up 5 picks for Winslow now

Insane defense, the Celtics cant breathe as soon as they get in the paint

Winslow Smart can guard you without fouling

4th air ball I swear The Heat are point shavings

The Celtics have no effort

Horford’s jumper is ugly

Did Winslow just beat Horford for a rebound?

Someone on the Miami Heat need to give Smart a nice clean physical screen

Smart challenged Adebayo at the rim and won. Wade-like block from Smart

Great contest by Smart

It was a great block by Smart but the flex while the ball is still in play makes him look like a dumbass lol

Wade doesn't need to retire. Still feel you could build a team around him in 2019.

If KO was in, he would’ve tried to catch that ball with his feet and Turn it over

Adebajo now. Why is it so hard for people to say Adebayo

it's Marv Albert. He can't say a lot of stuff.

Wade looks so sweaty Is he eating waffles again

Not as bad as smart

Needs to stay slippery so he can flop halfway across the court

Luckily Boston looked like they have given up.

Smart could be 0/30 from three the game before and then torch us

Marcus Smart looking like curry

Keep Kelly on the bench forever

Kevin mchale such a homer

I hate these TNT commentators. It's like watching the Celtics feed

Lmao some dumbass Celtics fan just got thrown out of the arena

Olynyk with 5 mins, losing his mins to DJJ

Olynyk should be trade bait. Very good player we just need something different

Celtics down 20 and get all the highlights lmao

KO should not see another minute this year

This commentary is all about how the Celtics can come back and win smh

If the score wasn't showing, I'd honestly think Boston was winning based off this commentary

Damn Tatum gets so pushy on offence

Come to Miami for the vet min kyrie

Who tf is that thick a** blonde ***** wearing number 30 dude can barley run

He looks like a random customized player on NBA 2k.

So we're really making the Finals this year

marcus smart is not a pleasing guy to look at imho

Sad If only we can play Boston every night

Kyrie and Justise swapping tops. Rozier and Wade swaps? Okay..

Wade believes in a round earth

Cute how they didn't allow Boston to score 100

I know Justise gets a lot of chit for Boston offering 4FRP’s for him on draft night, but that offer was likely: Terry Rozier (#16 - 2016), RJ Hunter (#28 - 2016), Guershon Yabusele (#16 - 2017) and Ante Zizic (#23 - 2017).

Anyone else feel like Kryie is kind of checked out of Boston? Felt like tonight he could have gone off if he wanted to but just never turned it on in the second half really.

Damn. If we only had cap space. But seriously, I don't see it. Even allstars have off games. Kyrie likely resigns because of the money and the 5th year.

Heat with 33 assists

Scary Terry got a jersey

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