John "Jeb" Johnson: Charter Member of Sam's Celtics Forum Hall of Fame

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John "Jeb" Johnson: Charter Member of Sam's Celtics Forum Hall of Fame

Post by Sam on Tue Jul 19, 2011 8:12 am

John "Jeb" Johnson
Charter Member
Inducted 2011

In the inaugural year of our Hall of Fame, we have decided to induct, by acclimation, the only person who will ever be a Charter Member of the Sam’s Celtics Forum Hall of Fame. The administrators have taken the liberty of selecting our resident folk hero, good humor man, the best friend and husband a person could have, and the most prolific contributing member to the Forum (6,165 posts and counting). We could only be talking about John “Jeb” Johnson.

Jeb gives us so much in that unique manner of his. For one thing, we've discovered he could eat 50 eggs. To those of us who thought we knew a lot about competitive spirit and perseverance, Jeb has raised the bar to new heights. Jeb, with Dawn at his side, has been instrumental in transforming this Forum into a community of camaraderie which is defined by the kind of love that Jeb embodies.

Every Hall of Fame induction, from this day forth, will make special note of the fact that the honoree has contributed in the finest tradition of John "Jeb" Johnson .  In this respect, Jeb will always be the standard of excellence...Jeb’s enduring imprint on the hearts of us, his board buddies.

Congratulations, Jeb. God bless you and Dawn, from your legion of friends at Sam’s Celtics Forum.

Proclaimed this 19th day of July, 2011

Sam, NYCelt, Gyso, Pete, 112288 and dboss on behalf of the entire membership of Sam's Celtics Forum

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