That was a GREAT game last night...

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That was a GREAT game last night...

Post by NYCelt on Wed Jan 23, 2013 11:07 am

Ok, so it was OKC vs. The Clips...

Kind of a side note; it's something to watch the changing of the rotation in terms of dominant NBA teams.

Both those teams are young, talented and deep, with key pieces built through a pattern of smart draft picks. In general, Celtics games are the only NBA games I watch and the rest are NCAA, but sometimes I feel a need to justify paying for the NBA DirecTicket. Watching a group of predominantly peak-to-younger players last night provided a rare look at a sustained team defensive effort. Despite the final score it was tight until very late in the 4th and The Clips once again brought their "A" game without Chris Paul. Bledsoe and Jackson are proving to be great young point guards for their respective teams (both originally selected by OKC) be it filling in for an injured starter or coming off the bench. Despite Griffin and Jordan getting more attention as one of the dominant front-court duos, Ibaka and Collison (with a few minutes from old friend Perk) give The Thunder a frighteningly good front-court combo of their own. Ibaka may be one of the toughest F/C's minding the paint right now.

A couple of teams worth catching for Celtic Junkies on their off nights.

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