New Forum - Ongoing Threads and More

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New Forum - Ongoing Threads and More

Post by gyso on Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:31 am

We have created a new forum, called Ongoing Threads and More.  We moved all the existing Ongoing Threads (and More) to this forum.  

Guests (unregistered readers) can view and read the topics in this forum.

Members can view and read the topics, reply to a message, edit and delete their own messages and vote there.  Members cannot open a topic or create a poll there.  However, if we would like a topic to stay near the top and not let it be pushed down the list by newer topics we can move it over to this forum (see: steve3344's "Present for the board" topic).

We hope that everyone will use this new forum in the same way as before, when the topics (threads) were Stickyed at the top of the Hot Celtics and Basketball Topics forum.




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