Doc Rivers says Clippers plan to add two veterans next month

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Doc Rivers says Clippers plan to add two veterans next month Empty Doc Rivers says Clippers plan to add two veterans next month

Post by bobheckler on Thu Jan 22, 2015 6:57 pm

Doc Rivers says Clippers plan to add two veterans next month
By Matt Moore | NBA writer
January 21, 2015 2:46 pm ET

Revealing the worst-kept secret in basketball, Doc Rivers recently told ESPN that he plans to sign two veterans next month likely after the wave of veteran buyouts post-trade-deadling is completed.

Doc Rivers will also look to build upon that new spirit and chemistry as the Clippers have two roster openings and may have a third depending on what they do with Jones' 10-day contract. Last season, Rivers was able to sign Glen "Big Baby" Davis and Danny Granger during the buyout seasons, and he expects to sign two veterans again next month. That was a big reason he made the moves that he did to free up the necessary room on a roster that was at the maximum 15 players earlier this month.

via Los Angeles Clippers hope chemistry experiment pays off - ESPN.

"Two veterans" is a weird way of saying "Nate Robinson and Tayshaun Prince." Those two have already been heavily linked to the Clippers since being traded to the Celtics this month. The Celtics waived Robinson and are expected to waive Prince eventually if a trade isn't consummated. They also fit what the Clippers need: Robinson is a point guard who isn't Austin Rivers and Prince is a wing, which they have been in desperate need of. But Rivers may want to see who gets bought out after the deadline as there are usually some bargain deals for experienced players then.

Of course, to make room for those two, the Clippers traded Chris Douglas-Roberts, who actually brings defensive intensity and athleticism, and waived Jordan Farmar, who never fit in but is a capable shooter and playmaker. Both guys should find other spots around the league. You can argue over the relative upgrade of Prince and Robinson over those two, but the fact remains it is not a clear upgrade. Have I mentioned that they traded for Austin Rivers?

Have I mentioned that the Clippers are 38 points worse with Rivers on the floor in three games?

But hey, two guys whose teams have sloughed them off are available, so everything's going to be fine.



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