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Post by bobheckler on Sat Jan 07, 2017 1:49 pm

Boston will never WIn because they don't have any superstars...and they don't have the Lakers sarcasm

He might be 5 foot nothing, but Isaiah's approaching superstar status...#1 scorer in the league in fourth quarters....Just imagine, if the Warriors don't squander their series vs the Cavs, Durant probably would have been a Celtic...Oh well. Smile..

Thomas has been on a serious roll, and is a fascinating finisher around the rim for a guy his size...A master of English off the backboards, with only Kyrie in his class with that, IMO

I'm going to be stuck listening to that manic freak Tommy Heinsohn.

Going to the game tonight in Boston. TD Garden better be ready for "Trust the Process" chants.

Embiid and Covington are both probable tonight and are in the starting lineup, according to the Sixer’s twitter.

I am therefore listed as a probable watcher.

Looking for a big game from Jah tonight He needs to show the Celtics what they could possibly have. Hopefully they will showcase him a bit. I still think Okafor has plenty of upside, but isnt going to pan out here as long as Embiid is alive and well.

Hasn't that ship sailed? Any GM who has seen five minutes of Okafor this year should know that he’s not worth much

But what if we included Kohl’s cash?

The tricky part with that is if the Celtics trade Jah again, the computer has to deduct a percentage of the value from the Kohl’s cash. I think they can take store credit on a gift card, but that doesn’t seem to work perfectly.

Make it Dunkin dollars and you might have something…

I want Embiid to dominate the Celtics so badly that Ainge panics and trades the Brooklyn pick for a star that doesn’t quite put them over the hump.

Sorta OT but since Boston is the opponent…
1) Does Danny Ainge trade the Brooklyn pick at the deadline?
2) If so, what is the bare minimum of a return with the Brooklyn ’17 pick going out? And what do you think the trade is?
My guess is Boston says "eff it" and goes all in for Jimmy Butler at the deadline.

I think they only move it as part of a package for Butler or Cousins, otherwise they hang onto it and dangle it as the draft gets closer

Sac is dying to host a playoff game in their new arena Not trading Cousins this year.

This draft is so crazy that pick is a gold mine.

We have been teased everytime we think we can win three in a row. Why not now? Stick it to BOSTON!

Am sick of smug Boston fans

I really hate the Celtics, please beat them for once!

Let’s just cancel the game and give the win to the team with the most drafted stars.  (MY NOTE:  Every player on both teams were drafted, so it then boils down to "who has more stars?".  We have 2 All-Stars, they have none.  The future is now)

It looked like Noel traveled twice there, but good look to hit Cov on the cut.

Celtics just having their way on the perimeter.

thats why I hate playing them right now, they abuse us on the perimeter

Don't care ATM. We have embiid. They don't Very Happy

How was that not a moving screen on Horford?

Avery Bradley has to be the most underrated player in the NBA

I’m hoping to see Boston get beat by a big man. That will cause Ainge some anx. But he will say to himself " who can I get to guard Embiid?". Answer, nobody. Your screwed for years.

Cs may be too small for our Sixers

Remember last year when people on this site said they wouldn't do Avery Bradley for Nerlens?

Lol yeah that was dumb Very talented two way player on a good contract

AB’s killing it so far

To be fair, Bradley couldn’t even dribble well until recently. He made a big jump offensively.

This can be a fun game I really hope C’s Sixers becomes a thing again.

We have to lead the league in travels. Not even sure if that's a stat but nobody knows how to start their dribble.

Noel has Horford’s number tonight.

Has horford been a relative disappointment for the Celtics so far?

Since he got hurt for a good while with concussion id give it a tepid "yeah" But he’s played pretty well… Certainly a 2nd or 3rd player on a ecf team, Imo.

Bradley is their leading rebounder, you tell me?

Was never a fan of Marcus smart. Ever.

Can we please just let Embiid ruin Kelly O?

Can we trade molly Sullivan to Boston for Abby chin

Boston front court is an absolute dumpster fire. Even with Horford.

Great having a guy like Ilyasova who can always hit the 3. He is so reliable

Need to keep him next year. Great veteran presence.

So who on the celtics can't hit a 3?

Are the Celtics the most boring good team? I'd be so bummed having to watch these guys.   (MY NOTE:  Yeah, winning is awful to watch)

Avery Bradley is beating the sh** out of Nik.

Jaylen Brown might have just got himself on Shaqtin a Fool

So the Sixers are actually a decent team when Okafor doesn't play? Who would've thought

Embiid on Olynyk is so much fun to watch. Embiid is so dramatic, it’s hilarious.

This is getting scary. We don’t just not suck. We could be pretty decent by season’s end.

Timo gonna learn to just make the 5’9" guy shoot over u in the paint no need to jump

I hate that teams don't value Noel. Like why isnt he being pursued by this Celtics team? They need him, Portland needs him, Denver needs him. Give us something for him for F*** sake. And he’s playing well in front of a team that needs him tonight in his hometown of Boston! What else do you need to see???GIVE US SOMETHING!  (MY NOTE:  Apparently Danny isn't the panicker you'd like to believe he is.  NEVER play poker with Danny Ainge)

Man, Smart sucks a bit as a playmaker.

We need a heavy dose of Jah. Pronto if we want anything to do with Fultz this summer….kidding…sorta.

If Okafor doesn’t play we’re going to win

Don't Think The Sixers will continue to shoot like this.

IT is a tank at his size

Yep, fearless too.

JoJo better be an all star this year way better than horford

Lot of scurred looks in the Celtics huddle lol

This rivalry could be vicious in 2 years. 2 loto picks to add to Simmons and Embiid. The Celtics will have a top 5 pick to add to IT, Avery and their collection of interchangeable guys.

The Celtics are shooting 9-16 from 3 and 4-13 from inside the arc.

I.T makes them exciting just like Joel makes us. With out either for either team It's a blah fest.

Haha horford trying to post Embiid. Just no

Boston might have the worst interior defense in NBA history

When Simmons gets back in legitimately going to be worried about tumbling down the lottery.

Luckily we have a lot more road games and games against good teams as opposed to our tanking rivals. Still, we're far more talented than them so it will be nip and tuck.

Seriously, how is Horford a max player?

Mozgov got $64 mil, it is that kind of market lol.

Smart hacks Embiid's arms - Tommy: "It should have been an offensive foul".

Trust the Process chants in Boston!

Wtfffff is going on Trust the Process?? that’s crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I wonder how mad Jae Crowder will be about that TTP chant.

we’re in your homes, schools, work, place of worship. We’re at your home court. We are EVERYWHERE (MY NOTE:  You're cockroaches?)

Seriously, with Nerlens and without Jah, we are a good team….like league average at least….With Simmons, we could be quite good.

Whipping up on Boston at their place isn’t league average. But your point is well taken

Ok, we are officially #TooGood

There is yet a 2nd half to be played my friend

I only watch 1st halves.

Boston averages 42 points in the paint per game. Noel + Embiid combo held them to 6 in the first half. Rim. Protection. Matters.

One of our best halves of the year, plus the Cs hit 10 threes and still down double digits

Boston survived with the 3 point shot in this half. We outplayed them on both ends.

How dumb are we? NN is a defensive super star! We gotta hang on to him

Remember the Celtics scored 6 points in the paint in a half at home when someone tries to argue it doesn’t make sense to keep Noel.

An early 3Q timeout and its NOT the Sixers?  Comments From The Other Side - Sixers, Home 1f604

Sixers are possessed

Fultz will make a great back up when McConnell needs a breather

Goodbye jahlil I liked you for a year

Is Isaiah Thomas a bad defender? I assume he is because of his size but I haven’t watched him enough to know. Just wondering why TJ suddenly looks like Isaiah Thomas going to the rim.

IT is a horrid defender.

Because Isaiah takes everybody in the NBA to the rim. He really is a great guard

Horford wants no part of Noel

Man IT is So good at the Offensive end. The Celtics would struggle to make the playoffs without that little dynamo

The guy is amazing and he’s only 5’9

Nerlens is eating Horford alive

D is just suffocating the Celtics. Pretty impressive. They are basically launching desperation 3’s half the time

They better not trade Nerlens #PAYTHEMAN

remember those noel for smart rumors smh

Bradley is eating Roco alive

Lol what would the Celtics do w/o the Refs home-town cookin to bail them out?

Refs taking the game away

It's Marcus smart Gerald, not a veteran move.

Soooooooooo BOS, Okafor for Smart? Lol

In a second.

Thomas is a mini Harden.

Celtics' defense seems much better this half.

I've seen so many missed travel calls against the Celtics. Oops I forgot it's the NBA.

Olynyk with an obvious walk and they call a phantom foul after?

These Boston homer broadcast team are so bad, so annoying

Yeah another travel right there. Olynk doesn't know how to play basketball.

Philadelphia 76ers - No lead is safe.

The game just too long for the sixers……at least we are more competitive. Would be so sweet to whoop the Celtics.

Would someone please make IT go left  (MY NOTE:  You want him to go LEFT!?)

Celtics without Isiah Thomas would be dirt

I’m all for keeping Nerlens. Just tell Ainge that if he wants him, we need the Brooklyn ’17. Otherwise, nice chatting with you.  (MY NOTE:  Yep, you too.  Good luck with that "process" thing)

Do not ever...…trade Noel to Boston. The piece they need. Thomas to NN logs and drop-offs would be awful to watch for 10 years.

Anywhere but Boston.

Henderson is Smart’s beyotch

woah check it out, a whistle that actually favors the sixers

Poor officiating both ways, but Celtics got back into the game with some questionable calls and non calls going their way. Oh well.

This dumb **** Olynyk isn't being called for anything. What a joke dude.

Also this Amir Johnson 3 pointer stuff is a joke

All these idiots shoot threes.

I'm no basketball coach, but....Jae Crowder hasn't scored tonight....Doesn't even want the ball. Force him to beat us.

My brain refuses to allow me to think players who look awkward are good. Al Horford's form should be an auto technical foul it's so hideous.

We need to use okafor to move up in the draft as I don't think we are getting a top 3 pick this year


Lets trade Okafor for the disgruntled Crowder.

Good game, regardless of the result. Boston is a very annoying team to watch though, even if you don't have to endure their broadcast.

LOL that’s a terrible foul call on Thomas… Was not a foul, not even close.

Good to see the refs be terrible on both sides of things, rather than just against us


I want someone to punch horford right in the f***ing face. He just swept the leg Johnnyd Embiid.

Could’ve contained Kelly damn Olynyk if it was noel instead of Ilyasova, but let’s keep making that mistake.

If the game plan is to give Horford open 3s, it's a terrible strategy

they are hitting big shot after big shot

Hendo is the tank commander

TRUST THE PROCESS! and that dumb face of ainge..ahaha too good

Why leave Horford who has been on fire from deep for a driving Olynyk? (MY NOTE:  Because he's 7' and in the paint?)

Why tf is he wide open every time?

leave him open all game, he's not a good long ranged shooter, you can live with that

6 seconds left Ersan??? WHY SHOOT THAT?


Smart went over Embiid's back for that rebound. He actually hit him in the head...

Disappointing. I really wanted to win this one with it being in Boston and all.

You realize, of course, that we lost the last game to the Celtics, 107-106.

I don't care about how Ersan spaces the floor blah blah blah, the guy takes idiotic shots and Saric will take his position. Screw that guy

Ship Ersan with Jah

I'll take the loss. Need the tank fuel.

The Celtics only kept themselves at arm's length through their shooting and needed Horford to turn into Ray Allen to beat us barely. This is all right.

Yeah this was a great game. Celtics are the better team. Still surprised after all the stinkers we've thrown up over the years people still get so heated lol.

There is reason that Horford is a great player

LOL, ilysova’s definitely in on the tank. When the sixers actually want to win some games, make sure he’s no where to be found on the roster

Thomas is the MVP of nothing, Boston.

He’s great on offense but completely useless on defense. Can’t be considered an MVP when you’re so useless on one end of the court  (MY NOTE:  You never heard of that sneaky little Canadian, Steve Nash?  2x MVP.  Harden has a good shot at MVP this year and he plays no D too)

Comments From The Other Side - Sixers, Home Tank2

We really gave up 20 threes lol At a 50% clip too

Who was guarding Horford ?? Who had Horford shooting all those threes?

Trade coaches we win by 20! Just kidding.

You know that Marcus Smart out of bounds foul play was intentional. And you know Brad Stevens is dominant at board games.

Brad Stevens seems like a very very tactically sharp coach

Leave Jah in Boston Jah for Rozier and Boston’s 2018 first rounder, top 14 protected. Call it the day….(MY NOTE:  I'd do that trade)

Hope BC caught Ainge...…in the parking lot because he could get a lot for Nerlens tonight.

I hope he didn't.

Nerlens and Lakers pick for Nets 2017 pick, WHO SAYS NO  (MY NOTE:   Hmmm)

Yeah, Atlanta got a #30 First round 2019 pick for their rental of Korver. Noel must be worth like 16 draft picks for his last half of year service.

Agreed. But city of Boston tonight would give Philly the Nets pick and Mookie Betts

If they add in Gronk I’ll take it

Celtics just do a great job at penetrating into the paint and converting those open 3s. Not even mad.  (MY NOTE:  If only we could do that consistently)

It seemed like the Celtics got a handful of truly lucky bounces throughout the game. I can’t recall them right now, but not like bad calls and stuff but literal bounces of the ball and that one deflection under the basket etc.  (MY NOTE:  Sounds like a textbook definition of 'hustle')

Are they staying in Boston tonight? Be careful Jah!!

Keep Simmons away from Okafor! Jah can brawl with all of South Boston for all I care.

Simmons had to be impressed watching that one, because he knows if he was in they win it.

he knows if he was in they win by 15.

Tough loss, but I can stomach it. Great to see us competing nightly, even with "good" teams.

Welp, time to drink.



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