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Post by bobheckler on Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:20 pm

by FLCeltsFan

This could be an ugly one Everyone better bring their best game and play as a team.

Excited to see the best finisher I’ve ever seen in Kyrie go up against the worst finisher I’ve ever seen in Tyreke.

Not feeling good about this one.

I've emotionally prepared myself

Vic is a ball hog this year. He is getting more help from Bogie, Thad, Myles, and Sabonis this year... Something many superstars has rarely had (quality help)  Embrace that and quit jacking up sbots

Got to keep that all star streak rolling though, right?

If Myles doesn't play, I see the Celtics easily reaching 120 points. The question is whether or not we can beat that pace.

Turner out, KOQ in

I hope I'm wrong but I think this will be a massacre...and not the good kind, unless our defense starts playing. I can see us down 10-20 points pretty much the entire game.

No Turner against a good team, we are not winning.

LMAO, Quinn just said Evans is going to be the X-Factor this game. If that is what we are waiting on we are screwed.

Man, I want to beat Celtics so BADLY!!!

To all doubters here and non believers here - bleep you too. And bleep the Celtics.  (MY NOTE:  He who bleeps last bleeps best)

Time to start a new win streak huh fellas

Let’s beat them again but at their house

So this game wont be competitive??? Oladipo gives the pacers a chance to win in my opinion. As long as the pacers can hold a lead they got this. Ez money.

I swear opponents literally are not allowed to miss shots against us.

They are going to get whatever they want at the rim.

No pls not another dude with a career high against us

Tatum going god mode is not good for us

Gotta love the refs missing 2 push-offs on the same possession.

Tatum wow..

Refball already lol we ain't winning with these scrub zebras

Get the **** outta here, Jaydum Tadum.

A guy named Jayson is burning us smh...

Can we kidnap Brad Stevens after the game?

Wow, that is some bandage on Baynes

We've had a really easy schedule thus far, which is why we have like the 2nd hardest the rest of the way

I think we should trade tj leaf for kyrie and Brad Stevens.

It’s a little uneven, we might need Gordon Hayward also to make it fair.

Baynes looking like WcW Yettay

That looked like a slap from Smart

These refs might be our biggest opponent

Yay, Tyreke time .

Masochistic much?

Tyreke Evans Sucks!

I know I just need to adjust my expectations for Tyreke but… maybe they could just cut him so I don’t have to.

Tatum is toying with us

Horford is a handful

Could really use Turner to protect the rim right now. Its becoming clear to me he might be the best center in the league.

Who looks more washed Hayward or Tyreke?

So far, in this game - Hayward.

If Hayward looks washed it is because he is coming off of a major injury and is on a team that doesn't need him to be an all-star every night.

He was originally signed before they loaded up the roster. His job now is to be a playmaker

I mean they have no other choice now do they? “Playmaker” might be his thing from now on and is sad.  (MY NOTE:  Are you unaware he just went off for 35 vs Minny?)

Best record since Dec 1. Don't think he or they care as long as he continues to improve. Meanwhile, “washed” Horford has 6/8/3 in 15 min

Pacers on some real 2nd level thinking here. Vic and Myles getting some decent rest during the regular season. Celts running guys like Kyrie into the ground while Myles chills on the bench.

I wouldn’t care if we traded tyreke for 1-29 protected 2nd rounder

Gordon Hayward just ****ing walked past McDermott for a layup.

Playing Leaf and McDermott is dangerous. Boston is trying to exploit those two on defense

Lmao TJ Leaf is one awkward SOB

Jaylen Brown is SLIGHTLY more athletic than TJ.

Nate’s playbook is on the backside of a Waffle House menu

This Celtics defense is just ****ing us

Watching a NBC Boston stream and I LOATHE THESE GD COMMENTATORS

Clear foul on Hayward arm-grab they're justifying as good defence lol

Celtics announcers are known as some of the worst.

yet again another team making just absolute bullshit lucky plays god hates the pacers lol

We are getting out hustled by a guy with one ankle

Can we just beat good teams pls

At least Philly is also losing by 15 points.

Watching Celtics feed - they whine about EVERY foul called on them. Pathetic. Guys hitting hands, pushing and whatever - THAT'S NOT A FOUL!!!

First Tommy Heinson experience?

Tommy is battling some serious health issues so it’s Scal tonight who generally is neutral.

The Pacers can forget about making any type of run in the playoffs if they keep missing free throws. Every team in the playoffs will dust them off the court with them missing 4 free throws in a row. And this game is probably over by the way. That was joke. Get in the gym and shoot free throws. This is unacceptable.

Marcus Morris is good

...At shoving off his defender before shooting

No he is just good

Teams are always shooting unconscious from 3 against us

I like Dipo a lot. But he's not a franchise level talent.unless we are talking a middling team.

When is the last time we played well? 2018?

Sports are stupid

Tatum vs. Collison is the new LeBron vs. Teague

Should really consider only giving up 45 point halves instead of 70

Celtic's FG% is higher than Pacers free throw % in this game

Ref call those ****ing push offs on Morris, he does them almost every single time he dribbles.

These refs were definitely dropped as babies

This game is pointless to watch when they can get away with shit like that

Marcus Morris getting away with one travel did not cause us to be down 20.

It’s actually difficult to be that bad of an official that you couldn’t notice the abnormally large man jumping off the ground and landing. Literally the easiest travel possible.

Is Bill Simmons officiating this game?

They scored 8 points in 1 minute of clock Yikes

Quinn: "Rozier is streaky" He’s Steph Curry against the Pacers.

Techs flying as fast as Boston's threes

We didn’t deserve to win the game we won against them. They are a way more talented team, we aren’t beating them in a seven game series sorry.

I think Nate needs to get ejected at this point just to make a statement. This is bullshit. Granted the Celtics are making pretty much every shot they take but there has been so many trash calls this game.

Nate can be ejected as our coach as well.

We haven’t deserved much of anything tonight but these refs might as well be wearing Celtics jerseys tonight.

Boston Fans =

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Pacers, Home Empty Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Pacers, Home

Post by KyleCleric on Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:49 pm

Pacers fans weren’t very happy with this one


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