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Post by bobheckler on Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:04 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Need W and a huge game from Vuc tonight!

I'm hoping Vuc looks so good Ainge thinks he's watching the second coming of McHale and trades us Brown, Rozier, and a first rounder

Not that Boston would do it anyways, but maybe both our Firsts plus Ross and Vooch (and whatever else they want) could give them the push for the finals while giving them 2 picks for this draft while getting rid of two possibly unhappy campers that prior reports have said may be messing with their chemistry.

And picks? Are you CRAZY??? Also, Celtics aren't interested in Vuc. He doesn't fit the way they play. Ross will fit.

Except why would they want Ross when they have a stable of younger (and better) players at that position?

I feel like, cap wise, Boston would prefer to keep brown and tatum and would move Hayward to allow them to re-sign both. Both will have Bird rights as well come contract time so I cant see Boston moving Brown... Now with that being said...
Brown would be ****ING awesome. I been a fan since they drafted him. He is a perfect example of having patience with a player and let them develop. I would move any picks/players not named Bamba/AG/JI (but could be enticed to move JI if it meant not moving a Pick)

I do like this trade. I would move JI and Vuc for Brown and Rozier. I like Rozier, and he would be our 3rd option which I like.

Brown has had a trash season thus far. Career low FG% Career low 3pt% 66% ft shooter Just saying.

Brown/Tatum are off limits for EVERY TEAM until this offseason; then they will use them to try and get Anthony Davis.

Discussing either of them in trades this year is a waste of time.

Hopefully this one is in the bag before the Rams game starts.

In the bag as an L or a W?  Just getting a read on who is full team tank at this point.

I don't think Jaylen Brown can co-exist with Marcus Morris. He should just go to Orlando.

We should just not let him get on their team plane tonight

Kyrie is gonna go off

Horford is putting the clamps on Vuc and Evan Fournier is putting the clamps on Evan Fournier.

We are going to win tonight 107 - 104

Are you kidding me.... AG &Isaac with 3 quick fouls.

We'd be getting destroyed if Boston wasn't playing bad.

Have mercy on my soul for the next 2.5 hours.

¸Maybe Brown and Morris fight each other. Would make night entertaining

They'd be killing us if Tatum was hitting these very makable shots.

Kyrie for fournier who says no? (MY NOTE: Me, and quite a few million others)

Id rather have it this way than be leading by 20 points just knowing the whole game we are gonna blow it

Robert Williams is the kinda center that’ll probably get his career high against us.

Will Magic reach 50 tonight ?

I see Brown is already helping his future team.

Is Grant injured or did the coach decide to try someone else at backup pg?

Grant's in the dog house that the dog's owner threw out last year when he upgraded his own dog's house.

This looks like pickup game on street between fat vets

They're letting Morris beat us.

Visited the Boston board and for a few pages thought I was on the magic board. "we suck" "trade everybody" "ugh rozier and brown are terrible" LOL

The new NBA, where no lead is safe, is admittedly more fun.* *Unless you root for a team that nearly always seems to come up on the losing side of that phrase.

Looks like were still garbage, what a surprise

First time I've seen a SR suffix on a jersey, seeing Marcus Morris' jersey is weird

Horford has shut Vuc down

Vuc is getting completely shut down by Horford

Boston won't want Vuc after this lame performance.

Tired of this garbage team

I want Vuc and Fournier gone already. They're the garbage stinking up our team.

Those two should be called the Septic Tank.

That was a nice bucket by Evan.... It's not easy getting to the rack against Smart.

The Celtics lost big in Miami a couple of nights ago. They want this game bad.

I'll miss T.Ross when we eventually trade him for another chubby point guard.

Vuc = Very Useless Center.

Every shot Ross makes.... I keep hearing a chaching noise as his stock might go up just a little bit. Lol.... By the end of the game I'm sure we can ask NO for Frank Mason+Fillers+1st. Hahahah

The Cs announcers are moaning and bitching right now! Hahaha

I love to hear Scalabrine salty commentary

I hate our "fans" those who cheer as loud for the opposing team. This been a problem for a long time. And no, we don't have a huge influx of Bostonians.

A lot of Boston fans in the house isn’t there

Kyrie is in god mode

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