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Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Away, 10/30/23 Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Away, 10/30/23

Post by bobheckler Tue Oct 31, 2023 4:14 pm

by FLCeltsFan

We are going to get absolutely rinsed in the paint tonight.

Kuz is facing off against the guy he used to be compared to

With Gafford out it's gonna be a revenge game for Gallo and Moose as our only centers.  Reading that sentence is depressing.

A lot of green fans in DC on Monday night. Can the home crowd shut them up again?

I would not enjoy being at the Vault and having to listen to C fans drown out Wiz fans.

Gallo revenge game LOL

This is going to be ugly.

The Celtics are freaking stacked! They have the best defensive backcourt with White and Holiday AND arguably the best defensive forward tandem in Tatum and Brown. And Porzingis is a good defender in a drop coverage scheme (which they can play since White and Jrue are among the best in the league at navigating screens).

I really love the construction of that roster. On offense, Porzingis can stretch the floor from the 5, giving room for everyone else to slash. But you can't really counter by going small and switching everything, because Porzingis can post up any power-forward-sized wing masquerading as a center.

We're gonna get killed

Yeah, not sure if I'll tune into this one. Gonna be a bloodbath

Wiz win 141-116. Johnny Davis goes for 26.

Kind of crazy the Bucks trade for Dame helped make the Celtics stronger. I don’t know how anyone can look at this Boston team and not think they are championship bound (assuming they stay healthy)

KP going for 50 tonight

Actually think we’ve got this.

The L? We do.

Oh no, KP with no big to defend him, plus the usual invasion of our arena by screaming green-clad expletive deleteds..... NIghtmare on F Street scenario.

Get ready for a beat down

Oh no! The Wizards might lose. What are we going to Receive a high draft pick? Let's hope so.

this starting lineup is gonna be -20 in 10 minutes 😭😭   I'm glad we're letting Bilal start but this is going to be a slaughter

Gallo is made of bamboo and elmers glue. Moose is not gonna win the defensive belt anytime soon despite a block or two.

KP dropping 40 on us tonight, revenge game

Did anyone see Porzingas opening game? So happy for the dude. He was fantastic for us and genuinely seemed like he loved playing for us.

Gonna be weird seeing him play against us but I've found myself watching the Celtics just to see him again!  (MY NOTE:  And thus the seed of a new, future Celtic fan is planted)

Why is our broadcast team doing stories bout Jayson Tatum? I'm not a da** Celtics fan

What are yall's costumes for Halloween?

Wiz fan. Scary sh**.

These celtics announcers are already unbearable

Guys. Once we're down 20, we'll have them exactly where we want them

Yikes boys.. Tanking isn't fun, but it's necessary.

Hearing cheers for Tatum coming out of the game is embarrassing, but so Wizards

Holiday and White are brutal to go against

We gonna lose by 30 and I’m okay with that

Tanktastic possession

This sounds like a Celtics home game

KP 10pts Wiz 11pts we're up guys no worry.

Let Muscala beat them!

Let's see, they have the edge at both forward spots, center, and at least point guard. We got em at.....well, let's just hope no one gets hurt.

Relax guys, we will beat them in the fourth when Boston withdraws their starters and their backups while we put our starters back in.

The best thing I can say about Johnny is he got some nice shoes.

KP and Holiday were just pretty perfect upgrades for the Celtics.

Tatum has more skill than everyone on our team combined

If ted was a business man, he would've fill the merch store with celtics jerseys

There’s no point in Hauser being on the floor if he can’t shoot.

Anybody still worried we’re gonna win too many games?

I am slowly losing faith in our big three or Poole, Jones and Kuzma in leading us to the NBA finals

If the Celtics don’t win the chip this year they’re cursed. they really added 2 borderline all stars to the jays. Sh** zinger might actually be an even better player than brown if you count his rim protection.

On pace to lose by 92 points.

I could really do without hearing our supposed home crowd oohing and aahing at every Celtics play.

We're only down by 23 points in the beginning of the game guys. With some adjustments and a little bit of hustle, we'll only lose by 40.

Don’t worry guys! The Celtics are frauds…dominant in the regular season, jello in the playoffs.

They’re a new team, they probably have the finals this year. I mean, KP and Holiday are >>> Smart and TimeLord

I think we have them lulled into a false sense of security

Our whole team has gotten outscored by Jaylen Brown

Kuzma hits a huge 3 to cut the lead to 27

I wanna see KP win a chip I think he’s capable

It is like the oxygen stops on the mid way to Poole's brain.

SMH at the Celtics challenging a call up 52-28.

Garbage time by the time the 3rd quarter starts

Johnny Davis shouldn’t be in the NBA

This wouldn't be happening if we still had bradley beal demanding to guard Tatum on every possession

we’ve already reached the “basic good play by deni before he looks unplayable for the rest of the night” point of a wizards gameday!

I’m already tired of watching Gallo play, honestly rather play quite literally anybody else on the roster and let them grow. Just cut him already

This should count as 2-3 losses

If you watch anymore of this game you’re such a sicko

The Celtics coach saw the Wizards scoring 2 points, and he is like "that's enough Timeout!!"

We have 32 points and are down by 31, lol

I was looking up Jaylen Brown's career high for no reason at all

Boston have reached critical "we don't give a f***" levels. They're literally just jogging around

Not a Wizards follower, caught your game on tv. Just wanted to give my condolences.

Just wanna see some Peyton Pritchard vs Johnny Taco action in the 2nd half.

Maybe we can package Bilal with two hot dogs and get some free coupons for a trip to Paris

Well they kept the Celtics from scoring100 points in the half. That's something.

Well... I just turned the game on, figuring to wind back to the start.   Also... I just turned the game off; it's a little too painful.

you know it's bad when Johnny Davis is a team best -5

Say what you want, I like Johnny's progress ... from not an NBA player to below average NBA player.

I want Eugene in just so he can tangle with Horford

Mercy rule?

Now that’s how you tank.

Bruh jaylen brown is unreal😂

Nah he just thinks he’s at shoot around

On the bright side, if you remove Jaylen Brown from the game… we are only down right now by 2 points!

Jordan Poole kinda sucks


Poole is a complete clown of a player.

Poole is a great tank commander.

Most competitive 30 point deficit game ever

HUGE shot by Kuz to cut the lead down to 29

Do you think jaylen brown has any feelings left over from the 2017 rivalry

Jaylen Brown is red hot, even when they guard him as well as you can without fouling, cash

Brown is just toying with our entire team

The Wizards are what would happen if you decided to build a team around two Jamal Crawfords.

I bet it is harder for the Celtics players during practice.

Team is down 30 and Miller is talking about the "duel" between Kuz and Tatum.   My eyes rolled into the back of my head

This team doesn't belong in the NBA

No let-up from the Celtics, just constant punishment

29 NBA teams and the Wizards.

I hate horford. Can’t wait for him to retire. He’s a career wizards killer

Players who will most likely score 50+ points against us this year:    Jaylen Brown Devin Booker Damian Lillard Cameron Thomas Tyler Herro LeBron James Steph Curry Nikola Jokic Jayson Tatum Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Luka Doncic De’Aaron Fox Joel Embiid Kevin Durant Anthony Edwards Jalen Brunson Lauri Markkanen Giannis Antetokounmpo Brandon Ingram   And probably some f***ing how Kelly Olynyk

That's ok guys we can still go 80-2(in reverse order)

the Jays both dropped the most effortless 30 burgers I've ever seen in my life

The Celtics bench guys actually have something to prove. The real pain is only about to start.

The moral victory is to stop Jrue Holiday from getting a triple double while both Brown and Tatum get 30

OK we can keep this below 50.

Anyone have ideas for drinking games while we tanking?

There should be a white flag option in the NBA where if you are down by 30+ going into the 4th, you can throw the flag which will call the game off short…

Muscala getting no minutes as the only viable big man on your team, while you start kuzma at the 5 is coaching malpractice.

I think Mike Muscala requested not to play tonight. Didn't want the game to hurt his trade value.

I swear I better not see LUKE KORNET cook us

Boston is over confident. Good chance for the Wiz to steal a win

If the Cs were particularly cold blooded, they'd just get it to half court each offensive possession of the 4th and get shot clock violations.

Welcome to our nightly 4th quarter G League exhibition

At this rate I can go to the games for 8 dollars

Can’t believe I’m watching this entire game. I’m a sick man

If the good teams can be punished for resting their players, the Wizards should be punished for playing bums every single night.

I swear i look at the end of this roster and the people on the floor for us and i think to myself, how in the he** are these players on NBA ROSTERS

just let the refs go home, the guys can call their own fouls

Damn Celtics have the best starting 5 in the nba and worst bench in the nba bar Horford

I need 5 Omoruyi's and we'll win the in season tournament.

I have trademarked a new phrase: "Poole's Gold"

I am satisfied, we are crushing them in the fourth ... the Wizards must be doing something right ...

Making Kornet look like he 6 foot

Celtics are trash… couldn’t even win a 4th Quarter against us

Celtics looking like they can't beat us by 20. Are they stupid?

Tanking was accomplished tonight.

I'd say. Should count as 2 losses

Our scrubs are among the best scrubs in the league

Nice start to the tank. Celtics fans making this feel like an away game is typical.

Jordan Ptoole (the p is silent) and Kyle Konfusedma leading us to the lottery baby



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Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Away, 10/30/23 Empty Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Away, 10/30/23

Post by worcester Tue Oct 31, 2023 7:55 pm

Winning big. It's a beautiful thing.

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