Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Home, 11/10/23

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Home, 11/10/23 Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Home, 11/10/23

Post by bobheckler Sat Nov 11, 2023 3:56 pm

by FLCeltsFan

These tournament floors are hideous. Gives me dystopian future, “The Running Man” game show vibes

We don't have Simmons but at least we still have Jaylen Brown (MY NOTE: Two nightmares for you)

If Boston has the best 4 players in the building, our depth won’t much matter.

Big game tonight. We could give Boston a three game losing streak and go up to 2-0 in the tournament.

No Horford tonight. Hopefully we can win the rebound battle somehow.

bro how are we supposed to compete if they're getting these soft a** calls.

Celtics are just unfair Tatum, Brown, Holiday and Porzingis in the same lineup.

they're much better than us, especially when we're down a bunch of guys but i don't see them beating denver. They're still flawed offensively without a true offensive juggernaut like the warriors, nuggets

7’3 center on court with elite two way players

Actually they just top heavy, depth is an issue for them.

Boston uniforms are ugly.

National TV game against the Celtics, who would've imagined the refs were going to be on our a** from the jump lmao

Send Brown left, he will give it up like candy.

Celtics starting lineup is almost the perfect balance of spacing and defense. They might be missing a pure playmaker but they can guard and shoot with everyone

Their bench stinks though

Sharpe has rocks for brains. Can’t really do anything about that unfortunately

tatum is talented but so milquetoast. it would honestly be a great nickname for him.

Bro is Joe Mazulla stupid??? That might have been the worst time to take a timeout LOL

How does the smallest white boy get the rebound

We losing rebounds to Sam Hauser and Payton Pritchard.

that Pritchard one hurts

The Celtics are a great basketball team

just turned the game on in time to see Boston make like 4 straight 3s. maybe I'll turn this back off

Boston might get to 140 tonight.

We are so painfully outclassed by this team

Tatum and Brown are just ridiculously good

This is the "Supermax" Jalen Brown we didn't really see last game.

ESPN would choose this to be our first nationally televised game

Like I said, always the Celtics. They don't miss when they play us

Trash a** garbage dennis smith jr. The fact that he's still getting nba minutes is ridiculous

Knew it was unfortunate that we were catching the Celtics after they lost 2 in a row and were coming home

I hate the da** Celtics so much. They always have their A game against us

How do you lose an mvp candidate? Tatum wide open

Tatum woke up, now we're screwed.

does this dumba** of a coach realize 7'3 against 6'6 is like 6' against 5'3. a 6 footer will destroy a 5'3 all day long

Celtic's play like a real team

So if you need to double porzingis to leave Tatum wide open , you’re doing something wrong

We're not losing because of the size differential. We are losing because of the talent differential.

The Celtics have an outstanding team.
And they play like a team.
I hate anyone who wears their uniform

I'm just really impressed by this Celtics team. They're a well oiled machine.

derrick white is okay but is he as good as celtics fans made him out to be before the season started?

These courts around the league are growing on me

JV is by far the worst coach in the NBA. This game shows it (MY NOTE: I disagree. I don't know who the worst is but I'm impressed with Vaughn. Can't blame him because he can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear)

Celtics aren't even hot, we need to take advantage.

When did KP turn into Anthony Davis? The team is terrified of him on both ends

Fire this Bum who acting like HC.

Make no mistake. JV is a bum and always will be.

Just a friendly reminder that this team had udoka and said nah

The ESPN crew spending 2 minutes on how 4 Celtics would be the best player on the Brooklyn Nets was a bit wild.

We’re allergic to scoring or what

The nets are literally just passing the ball along the perimeter hoping one of the Celtics will trip on their own feet.

Porzingis would be a good fit with our team.

This Boston whistle is ridiculous

Useless dumb coach that's puts them in a coaching disadvantage pretty much every game

The Celtics play with their food too much.

okay. 9 point game. maybe they just sit tatum the rest of the game.

yep. Tatum's going to play the whole fourth again and kill us with some threes that we won't defend well enough. Its over

Pritchard looking like Rodman out there.

Boston's the best team in the East, but they have a history of getting unnerved easily.

Four offensive rebounds from Pritchard Give me a break And everyone of them a big play

How does Pritchard KEEP getting the ball like WTF he's the smallest player of TF FLOOR!

Bridges should be embarrassed giving up a rebound to pritchard

guys pritchard does this to every team. just because your small doesnt make you a bad rebounder.

We are a WNBA team without Cam Thomas

Getting torched by the 3 white boys, da**it

23-3 second chance points is gross with Al Horford out, who tf do they even run at C without Zingus

Getting out rebounded by Pritchard is so embarrassing

Getting killed on the glass by Pritchard 😂

Can anyone box out Pritchard ..?? wtf bro.

man i wish ben simmons actually played games instead of being made of glass

I’m sick of the refs.

The refs are out of control honestly.

celtics getting so many soft calls

As long as a Celtics player falls, they’re gonna get a foul call.

What is Lonnie's ceiling lol. This dude looks like Jaylen Brown this year

F*** Tatum, every single time, he goes for an isolation, he's kicking out to foul bait

This Tatum whistle is shameful

Only we could make Kornet look like Shaq

These Celtic fans love their white guys

The score doesn't matter. The Celtics have the better team on the floor. But these refs are infuriating in their bias

Boston getting jrue and KP is brilliant by them, they really might win the whole thing

Their smallest player was killing us on the glass.

Not my favorite game this season, nope.

F*** the Celtics, sick of losing to these sh**s, at least we didn’t lose by like 30 though



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