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Comments From The Other Side - vs Grizzlies, Away, 11/19/23 Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Grizzlies, Away, 11/19/23

Post by bobheckler Mon Nov 20, 2023 7:37 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Des about to get blitzed like a #1 option by Jrue and DWhite

Can we actually win one against them for once. Though it’s looking as unlikely as ever. Shame Smart ain’t playing in this one

As long as he plays in the one in Boston so he can get his dedication vid

Marcus looking like a barber lol

This should be a NASTY LOST Playing on a Back to Back  117- 98

Da** Grizzlies defense is nowhere to be found

Tingus just flung it up there and it went in. Our guys are actually shooting it at the rim and can’t get that to happen so far.

Whyyyyy do we have Bane against Porsingaz?! That ain’t neva gunna work

yeah KP is too good at attacking mismatches for this lineup

Sam Hauser is gonna go off for like 30 points after being left wide open behind the arc all night long

Hauser moving screen not called

Second rewarded flop for Tingus.

Now a jump ball goes uncalled. Celtics don’t need all this help

Yet another Porzingis flop called a foul. Refs; I promise Boston doesn’t need this much help against a depleted team

Porzingis playing tough and flopping when he needs to, tough

Starting Konchar give us absolutely nothing offensively and he’s getting killed by Tatum.

Here's my list of people who can stop Tatum:

What up Memphis! Heat fan here, would be so sweet if y’all can beat Boston

NGL I thought that shot was going in by Pritchard, held my breath

Maybe the best quarter I’ve seen in a while… there’s still hope for 73-9!

Tatum got the superstar whistle I see

Someone punch that ref in the f***ing Jaw

What do we do when Jaren and Des finally go to the bench?


Listening on the radio… sounds like Celtics fans are deep today.

Draymond would have choke slammed a ref by now if the Warriors got that missed call

Look at that. More ref ball. Blatant loose ball foul prevents a fast break. Shoutout to the NBA and refs. I know they suck all around but it’s ridiculous with us

Please …don’t let their 3s begin raining

We need to trade Z for Tatum if Kleiman can’t pull that off honestly he sucks a**

Where is our white guy that only shoots 3s

please stop helping off Hauser

Imagine if Sam Hauser wasn’t on fire

These f***ing refs we're alrdy injured and it's 5v8

OMG so much green in the stands ughhh

Ffs Tatum get's a generous whistle

That Gucci mane ref low key likes the grizz

Believe it or not he’s from Memphis lol

The Celtics who should be far too good having to resort to flopping....

Bane pushing off but Tatum called out for it. Hmmm…

Porzingis flops every possession even on defense

How does this team score 64 points in ~31 minutes lmao. Mazzula has to be livid

KP go on and get fouled out

Celtics are shameless with these flops

If you will excuse me, I am going to go clown on Celtics fans bc we're down the equivalent of an entire starting lineup, yet this is still close

This is a lot more Payton Pritchard than I thought ngl

Great effort so far. Just feels like Tatum is toying with us, ready to take over in the 4th. We'll see.

Celtics should be embarrassed of themselves for letting us still being in the game in the 4th quarter with our lineup on 2nd night of back to back

Horford 🥴

How is the Memphis Hustle featuring Bismack Biyombo this close with the Celtics

Bro these lineups istg Jenkins is that gamer who likes to use everyone in his roster lmao

Even if we still lose by 1, it's still a dub bc a large market got embarrassed tonight

Is what I feel watching Bane what the Warriors have gotten to feel with Curry?

Good game tho, lot of heart and a lot of grind. When we get our 30 players back from the hospital were gonna run tbe league


Bitter sweet. Cool we nearly won, sucked we nearly won.

Good news: if we see the Celtics in Memphis again this season it will be in the NBA Finals.

Better Grizz coaching might have won that game.  Jenkins ain't clutch!



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