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Next Up - Celts @ Suns Empty Next Up - Celts @ Suns

Post by dboss on Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:39 pm

The Celtics will pay their 3rd straight game on the road as they visit the Suns for a 9 PM matchup.

The Suns are bad at both ends of the court. They are averaging 100 PPG and giving up 113. Their record is 2-8 They have already had a 7 game losing streak this year. It is hard to win in West .

They have some good young talent as you know led by Booker who is their gunner and scores 25 PPG. They drafted # 1 and added Ayton a skilled 7 footer who is playing well. He is averaging 16 PPG and 11 rebounds. He will score off the elbow but cannot stretch the floor. His defense needs a lot of work as well. He is a very skilled player though.

Last year they added Josh Jackson with the 4th pick. Remember the debate before the draft about who was better Josh or Jason? Well Josh comes off the bench for 19 minutes and is averaging 7.4 PPG. He is not a very good offensive player at this point.

They signed Ariza and he is starting playing 33 MPG.

Ryan Anderson and TJ Warren have taken turns in the starting lineup.

Cannan is their starting PG which may explain why they have the hots for Rozier.

They are a very young team with no identity at either end of the floor. They do not shoot the ball from the field consistently and they are averaging a whopping 18.5 turnovers per game.

The Celtics need to play better than they have been. Any close game will expose Boston to a Booker attack.

Let's get this win.

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Next Up - Celts @ Suns Empty Re: Next Up - Celts @ Suns

Post by dbrown4 on Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:27 am

Thank God the C's woke up last night! It was almost too little, too late. But coming back from 25 down was and always is impressive in the NBA. Hard to watch the first 3 quarters+, though.

Keepers...No trade back....Kyrie, Morris and Brown. Nice games by sticking to it. Nice picture of Kyrie and Brown at the end of regulation when Brown rebounded his own missed bunny and put it in to get it to one down.

Go Celtics!!


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Next Up - Celts @ Suns Empty Re: Next Up - Celts @ Suns

Post by cowens/oldschool on Fri Nov 09, 2018 10:07 am

I love the way Jaylen played in 2nd half, couple of great running finishes...I look forward to keeping him and can’t wait for him to be finished product. Kyrie was simply amazing, he’s at another level. Al with some great D, great comeback!!

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Next Up - Celts @ Suns Empty Re: Next Up - Celts @ Suns

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