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Post by bobheckler on Sat Oct 29, 2016 3:58 am

As disappointing as the offseason was, still really looking forward to watching this game.

The Celtics will be far better than the Bulls this year But I still think the Bulls win this game

The Celtics are only 1 pt favorites. Even though the minutes last night were low, they still had to get on a plane and fly to Chicago. I still think the Celtics are gonna crush the Bulls though. The Bulls just don’t do well against teams with good ball movement.

Boston on the 2nd night of a b2b, on the road, without 2 rotation players, and like to give up offensive rebounds while we have several guys who live to crash the offensive boards.

Two young coaches battling on each side. Too bad they are nothing alike.

I believe the Celtics will be good, but I don't think they are unbeatable. They do have a great coach, but I really believe they are going to miss Evan turner and Jared sullinger. Horford was an issue for Noah but horford has issues with bigger defenders and always have had that issue. He is a star, but not a superstar Imo. Thomas is a star but not a superstar and I also believe he will be better defended this season as last season he was pretty unknown, now teams will be game planning for him.

Boston's a good solid team but they absolutely need a real star to be a force in the playoffs.

Ugh the Celtics and rondo two crap tastes that taste worse together

Umm, the Pacers, Celtics, and Raptors are nowhere near elite go home Charles, you’re drunk

The east is pretty #trash Why not the bulls in the conference finals before getting pasted by Cleveland

If the bulls are gonna have one game where all the midrange stuff falls It couldn’t happen against a better team

Safe to say the Bulls are contenders this year

Rondo flopping a bit

Damn it feels weird rooting for Wade lol

Thanks to excellent defense and average offense, the Celtics had the scoring margin of a 50-win team last season. I don't see how that was a fluke, especially with their outstanding coaching. And now they've added Horford. I think they're legit and expect them to win over 50 games. That makes them a much better team than the Bulls. But they'll be on the road, on the second half of a back to back, and without two rotation players. That should make for a close game.

Ainge is squandering one of the best opportunities ever to build a sure contender. Brown was a dumb pick, and his team is going to be old (Horford) or highly paid (Crowder, Thomas, Bradley, Smart) by the time those picks materialize. Celts need to trade for a star NOW while they have assets and several rotation players on good contracts.

They will miss turner and sullinger. Plus those 2 killed us in our match ups.

If we had Horford instead of Niko we would be in business.

Crowder is actually on a great contract. I could be wrong but I think it's like 8M a year. That's a hell of a deal.

D-Wade always struggles against Avery Bradley & the Celtics...

Rondo is a lazy defender right now, sure he'll get more steals than Rose ever did but he is usually slow and not overly engaged on the defensive end, that's the same with Wade.

Celtics are 1 point favorites on the road on a back to back. What am missing? Is there injuries or suspensions am missing? I think Bulls are best are 7 or 8 seed, but I don't understand how they could be underdogs on home opener when you have Butler and Wade against IMO non elite team in Celtics

The Bulls are trying to be an inverted offense like Boston, shooters at forward and bricklayers at guard. At a Bulls afternoon practice, they said they wouldn't leave until Rondo, MCW, Wade or Grant hit a 3pointer. They were there until 4 in the morning.

Boston will win, what, 48 games? 50? The Bulls might win 5 less ... in the grand scheme of things, these are two even teams. Now, Boston has more young pieces, so you'd rather be them for the future. But for this year, not much difference.

Don't know whose future is better. Boston's best player is 30 years old and he is not a #1 option either. They need Jaylen Brown to become a top 5 player in the league for a good chance or they need to get somebody like Cousins in a trade.

Don't forget the Nets picks. Viva Billy King!

Let's see how long can I hold on watching Bulls. Before they piss me off and I close the stream and go to sleep.

How is the Celtics future not better? It's not even close. The Bulls have no future right now. It's wait and see what happens this year and whether or not a young guy breaks through and take it from there. Celtics have a plan, solid young players and the Brooklyn picks.

Rondo can legit dictate the pace of whatever game by himself.

Rondo is so so good.

Jimmy still teaching you lessons Jaylen

Jaylen Brown plays hard.

What did Jaylen measure out at the combine? Looks like an awfully small 6'7

Brad Stevens is one of those coaches I have a serious amount of respect for.
Good, solid guy.

Who the hell is RJ Hunter?

Never realized wat a bitch crowder is Prolly pissed he signed that contract

Wad3!!!!! Him and jimmy are splash brothers 2.0

Al Horford looks like crap

Rondo is going to fight Thomas it'll be fun

Celtics and Bulls new rivalry? I blame Rondo

F***ing rondo just throwing it up

Rondo is useless

Don't be surprised if Jimmy gets a technical for that leg clamp. Amir Johnson got a technical for doing the same thing last night

He should get one. No need for that

What was Jimmy thinking? Crowder was even smiling like "WTF Jimmy?"

Butler completely in the wrong trying to lock Crowder's legs. 100% his fault.

I'm not sure how Crowder gets a tech there

Everybody gets a tech Nobody shoots. Waste of time

Really impressive what Brad Steven's has been able to do with Bradley's J

Boston's perimeter D causing chaos right now. Bailed out by Wade's heave.

These "fouls" are BS.

These refs...smh

The officiating has sucked tonight.

Kinda nice being on the right end of a D Wade flop gotta admit.

Rondo has to put that up at the rim though. He really wanted the assist.

Assist whore

Rondo stat hogging

I've got this great idea: less Rondo

Can we get rid of rondo now...please

Damn their coach can coach

refs got tired of your foul baiting jimmy

Rondo's defense is deplorable

Smart injured or something? Noticing Rozier getting the primary back PG duties tonight

Yeah Smart rolled his ankle and is out for another week Olynk is out too

Avery Bradley Look like a boxer

And with rondo in the game of course the bulls lose the lead

That 5'9'' guy is killing us right now

Their small guards are way too quick for our guys, they drive by easily

People are forgetting Rondo is not Rose, dont give to him with clock running out

Rondo cant be in games like this late. Need offensive threats out there

He also can't be in games like this because we need defensive threats.

Wow refs want the Celtics to win

Man it feels like Crowder and Jimmy can't stand each other lol

This ref has to be from Boston

Wade has hit 67% of the amount of 3s he hit last year

Celts lack of a star who isn't a midget, still apparent.

Welp...Bos lost game 1, so no playoffs. Fair is fair

I truly enjoyed the game. I guess setting expectations really low is a good thing.

me too though this game definitely didnt lower my hate for rondo.



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