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Comments From The Other Side - vs Knicks, Away, 10/25/23 Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Knicks, Away, 10/25/23

Post by bobheckler Thu Oct 26, 2023 2:34 pm

by FLCeltsFan

I think Duece Tatum will be hit in the face by a way off RJ three and that’ll mess up Jayson Tatum and the Knicks will win

RJ hits a game winning 3 at the buzzer after struggling all game    Evan fournier somehow gets playing time (other guys high fouls) and goes on a 3 pt barrage hitting 6 threes     Celtics then go on to win 20 games in a row as devastating losses to the Knicks seems to inspire them to go on big winning streaks

Loss by 30 points

We finna blow em out

I’m putting $1k on the Knicks for this one. I see an easy win

I think Knicks team chemistry and player/coach continuity will not only become too much for this brand new Celtics team to overcome tonight but also throughout the entire year because Boston now lacks overall team chemistry and will have to experiment with a lot of different unfamiliar bench rotations due to losing 4 big time pieces to their recent success. (MY NOTE: This is actually a cogent explanation. Didn't work out the way he thought, but it was well-thought out)

The Boston brain trust is poring over the Knicks offensive playbook tonight.
It has one page.
With one sentence.
It reads:    "When Brunson is at the top of the key, he will go right or left into the paint, then shoot against single coverage or pass out if double teamed."

id expect it to start at 7 since its opening night, but its national tv so itll start around 9:45ish

If Randle doesn’t get 25/10/10 on 50/40/90 tonight trade him for a bag of chips (MY NOTE: We got chips)

Doc on the Celtics: "I got fired because of them."

Remember to boo Porzingis


F*** the Celtics we winning by 30 tonight

I already hate doc rivers

listening to doc rivers is like eating sand and glass

When it comes to game broadcasts, I don't complain about much   But getting Doc Rivers on opening night has to be some kind of intentional torture

Completely forgot about porzingis

KP is going to get a ring before we do. 🤣

boston are a lot more unlikeable this year

all of those new shiny expensive signings just to lose to evan fournier

Jrue Holiday is really an overpowered version of Marcus smart smh (MY NOTE: That would make me very happy)

Jrue Holiday has to be the most overrated player in the NBA

can jrue chill lol save it for milwaukee my guy

Jrue defense is ridiculous man

We played the Celtics twice already and Derrick white’s head is still distracting me

3 minutes in and I’m done with Randle

These Celtics are soft.

Randle please get a grip. Isoing jrue holiday is a sh** move

Doc Rivers is already insufferable to listen to

Bring out Fournier and IQ to give the Celtikkks PTSD

Celtics look polished and we have more continuity than them

Porzingis is making it impossible to get a good look inside. Great pickup for the Celtics.

Porzingis is a lock to look all nba first twenty games and then become irrelevant as the season goes on

randle is power forward westbrook

Is KP better than Randle again?!

KP >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Randle

There's rust, then there's whatever this mess is in the paint right now.


KP revenge game I fear.

I predict KP will be great in the 37 games he will play this year

Is KP actually this good?

Knicks really brought back this garbage a** team 😂

Da** we suck

It’s honestly impressive how consistent at being inconsistent this squad is.

The Celtics starting five is nasty on both sides, man. It's a long season, they have some questionable depth, and injury/age is a concern for a few other their players. but them and Milwaukee just seem stacked in the East.

hurts to see KP in Celtic green, really think we missed the boat not trading for him. He could have really made us a title contender.

Please get Randle off this team

Celtics defense is tough. They’re a problem if they stay healthy.

Knicks game plan: run straight into the defender and shoot with your eyes closed

You'd hope that the Knicks won't shoot 27% the whole game, but the Celtics can absolutely shoot 56% for the game with the looks they are generating

You'd figure with all the threes the Celtics jack, somebody would try guarding the perimeter

Donte is so garbage and literally adds nothing to the team

I know we like to overreact in these threads but he quite literally hasn't even played 10 minutes for us yet lmao

Just fantastic that KP is a Celtic. Makes me sick

UniKornet sighting Laughing

We’re ahead on rebounds, assists, and turnovers. We just can’t shoot

Giannis is going to bully the sh** out of these Celtics in the playoffs.

Sooo can we trade for embiid now orrrrr

I'll drive Barrett to Philly myself.

Trade Barrett tomorrow.

Trading randle for emiid would be the greatest heist since trading KP to the Mavs

Start the tank!!

Haha they callin that pushoff on everyone but tatum. Mfer does that every other play

This team would be so much better without Randle

Fire Thibs. Trade RJ. Trade Randle. Actually trade everyone

White still ugly with his head shaved

i was in the garden for kp's first game back as a mav where the entire arena screamed **** kp every time he touched the ball. this gutless crowd not already busting those out is disappointing af

If they only talked about Porzingis this way when he was on the Knicks...

Force brown to his left hand please!!

People really slept on KP he had an excellent season last year and was able to keep his offensive game while being cautious of his health as well

Randle, Mitch, Grimes and 4 future 1st rounders for Embid

We just don’t have an answer for Tatum on the defensive end… like at all

Remember when people on this forum said they wouldn't trade for Zingis and Mitch is a better option

If Brunson and Randle could shoot tonight, we'd be winning. Good sign for the second half because you know they can't shoot any worse.

don't tempt them

Like I said, KP is a first quarter player since his time with us.   His defense was good in the second, but he was invisible on offense.

Randle just watches the ball fly over his head to Tatum and then gets dunked on. I forgot how much I dislike this guy.

I often wonder if Julius Randle has a functioning brain

Can’t believe we’re only down 5, Celtics have the 2 best players on the court tonight easily

BOS looking like a well oiled machine.
We looked like a beater on its last legs.
Yet only down 5

lucky to be down 5, KP is such a game changer on both ends man... we blew that one

I wonder how the Celtics will like his street clothes game.

Celtics suck they should be up 20

Jayson Tatum the guy who eats a handful of fritos and then is like "ughhh get these away from me!" to the other guys in the room.

How are the knicks not down 25

Celtics don’t have a good bench and the Knicks do

Nba is hugely invested in making Tatum a super duper star

Tatum is prob most complete scorer in the league right now or at least 1a 1b with Durant

We should’ve traded for KP

He'd be a perfect fit here. Hate that he went to the Cs of all places.

Porzingis is playing crazy minutes. Boston is going to wear him down like Isaiah Thomas.

I find it funny that their new $300 mil man looks like an afterthought.

I’m sorry but I am beyond done with Mitch. Its time for him to go

hart is a guy we need but there is no reason i've seen yet for donte to be on this team

This is like when you put the two items you wanted in your cart but then you get overexcited and purchase a third piece except there's no return policy and now you're broke until the end of the month.

tatum cooking our whole roster

The spacing that KP is going to provide will elevate Tatum to MVP this season

Tatum's gonna drop 40 on us today fellas

Tatum is going full Evan Fournier on us!

put RJ on tatum thibs

It doesn’t make any difference who’s on him. Laughing

Kp is killing us. I hate it.

Can they stop trying to dunk on Porzingis, it’s clearly not working

Julius Randle will never be a winning basketball player.

Spike Lee looks like an old woman. Can we get some new celebrity fans?

Idk if Celtics d is this legit or we’re just garbage af right now.

KP opens up so many lanes for the Cs. Meanwhile we have 4 guys in the paint.

KP is way better then what Boston had last year

Jayson Tatum closes drawers with his hips.

The year is 2077. RJ drives left into Porzingis and is blocked, again. The retirement center crowd doesn't even react anymore.

I just can't watch RJ Barrett play basketball anymore, man. He's just terrible.

tatum is scoring alot, but kp is the one thats really messing us up

Embiid will save us 🙏 💪

Celtics may have a rebounding issue

1 point game!!!  I love everyone again!!!

This is RJs team

jaylen brown got some crazy tunnel vision

Brown that one guy using his right hand in the left hand layup line pre game

So maybe don't need to trade everyone tonight now lol.

Jaylen Brown mad cause he prolly thought Hartenstein was jewish

I like it from iHart. Celtics hate it when games get too physical

Hartenstein owns Jaylen Bum

they're only reviewing this because JB is a whiny b**ch..

Please fight fight the guy that is a full foot taller than you Jaylen.  Thats incredibly intelligent.

F***ing celtics. I hate them dirty irish

If you ever feel sorry for anything just realize the Celtics are paying 300 million dollars for a mental midget that can’t dribble

Jaylen Brown is on my sh**list

Anyone else keep thinking #30 on the C's is Gordon Hayward?

Dude looks like an autistic Gordon Heyward

KP still flopping I see

This Celtics defense is crazy, gotta hand it to them

Oh I didn’t realize horford was doing his best Ray Allen impression tonight

this dude al horford think he steve novak in the garden but shoots like mitchell robinson in the playoffs

I hate Al Horford so much

letting this old f*** drop 2 3's on us is nearly criminal

look at luke kornet getting minutes on a contender

Bro it's like a graveyard in the Garden.

Hart might have a worse handle than brown haha

C’s defense is on another level..

Terrible to get blocked by Luke Kornet...

Zinger is the difference in this game rn. Not Tatum or brown

Kp must be +50 this game Laughing

Jaylen Brown's defensive strategy is just foul and hope he doesnt get called

the Celtics have an incredible amount of talent da**

Brown just made a left hand layup. Apocalypse confirmed.

KP just looks like a baby with a fake beard

KP getting better calls with Celts at MSG than he did when he was a Knock.

Julius Randle is about as efficient as running a dishwasher with no dishes inside of it

Celtics killer RJ

a. the Knicks are gonna win and     b. the Knicks are actually just better than the Celtics

RJ is a dog. Good things happen when he dictates play along with IQ.

I'll say it again
Where's their Marcus smart?
Holiday ain't it

Cmon Donte gotta do SOMETHING he’s done nothing so far

He just did something. Got elbowed in the face.

KrisFlop Porzingis

KP is the flop specialist now 😂

Foul on golden boy tatum

they called brunson for flopping wtf tatum landed on his foot

This is one of the worst officiated games in at least a decade and it’s only the first game

They gonna let tatum slam onto grimes all possession but not let him stand his ground

Tatum's using his star calls tonight.

These refs need to be investigated

these refs ain't garbage, they are a straight up landfill

porzingus will be a problem in the playoffs. if his body hold up

Bruh kp should not be able to wrestle anything from anyone

That's like letting a stork steal your uzi

I know I’m crazy but I really wanna keep this squad together and see how far they can go for years to come

Yo i just realized that Derrick White shaved his head. I had no idea who that bald head dude was

i see jaylen brown is to boston what julius is to us

Man. Jaylen Brown is so...mid

The replays mean nothing. The rigged refs literally will tell you what you saw is wrong.

The fact that Celtics are in the penalty is ridiculous with their style of play.

My ears are bleeding Doris im beggin you stop speaking

DD out here getting cooked by Pritchard midrange moves and bricking open 3s

Such a b**ch a** team. F***ing pathetic franchise. Garbage

Refs really kept these dudes in the game man

It seems to really come down to they have TATUM and we have Randl.e

Next practice needs to be 5 hours of nothing but free throws  14-26 from the foul line

You couldn’t design a more typical knicks loss then tonight, i mean textbook..awful start, count them out, glorious come back, hope they win, miss a ridiculous amount of free throws only to lose anyway

It’s wierd people pretend kp isn’t as good as he is. His game is smooth.

Listening to Doris Burke is just salt in the wound, I’m sorry. More than blowing the comeback, more than KP being the star of the game, etc…

Playing against the Celtics and the refs

Always gotta play the stripes when you play Boston. Frustrating but the loss is on 12 missed FTs not on bad reffing

Boston is so annoying.

KP out there like a super villain

Seeing KP healthy and playing like this hurts my heart.  Randle has hurt my head.

Doc and Doris HATE the Knicks 🤣 it's almost Reggie Miller level at this point

We suck at FTs. Also wish mf’s in our crowd would stop hyping up opposing players by taunting them. We chant f*** porzingis and he goes off. Learned nothing since Atlanta.

Man. The Celtics make it look so easy. Why couldn’t we do it? Pitiful stuff

We had this but if it took both our best players being a** and missing more then a dozen FT’s for the Celtics to win a few more points I’ll take it

They are still a better team than the Knicks

That's why this team can't get past the 2nd round. They have no clutch gene. Never have, never will.

Really gross seeing KP in a BOS jersey.

My girl casually walked by the TV and looked at White and said, “that guy looked better with the grandma poof”.

I'm not mad, Celtics will get eliminated in the second round anyway.   KP did nothing in Dallas and Washington, now he thinks he's slick in Boston. Nahhhh

Honey wake up the new episode of Knicks Pi** Away Game Because of Free Throws and Former Knick Goes Off just dropped



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