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Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Away, 11/4/23 Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Away, 11/4/23

Post by bobheckler Sun Nov 05, 2023 12:02 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Why is this game a b2b for us?!

Because we played last night

The Celtics look excellent now but I let see how their health holds up. KP is as injury prone as they come

If we win tonight, my happiness will reach dangerous levels

We are getting spanked. Let’s be real

Huge trap game for Boston

trap game, cam thomas 50 ball on the way

Here’s the game script: Porzingis eats us alive early, the bench brings us back to striking distance in the 3rd, Nets run out of gas in the 4th to lose by like 8. (MY NOTE: Lost by 10 instead of 8 but otherwise dead on)

The best player on the Celtics, Derrick White, is out.

Ben resting….I swear this man better not be injured💀

Celtics are super top heavy, but they are only 6 deep and White is out so really just 5 players tonight. Tatum, Brown, and Jrue can't play all game, so the key moments will be Cam and Walker demolishing the Celtics bench unit.

Boston is the best team in the league by a mile thus far.

Cam dropped 40 on Porzingis last time they faced off. Just saying.

Unfortunately Porzingis didnt have Jrue on his team at that time lol

I still associate Scalabrine with the Nets even though most people see him as a Celtic.

We beat em last year but they aint have 🦄 only somebody’s uncle, i mean Al Horford

dumbass bucks actually let celtics get jrue now celtics are stacked and blazers are at .500 smfh

Their interior defense is not actually good.

We really short lol.

Not looking good. Celtics just too good and big.

Horford is too smart...Porzingis too long. Tatum is 6'9" and springy.

Ooff. Getting our a**es kicked already. I’ll be happy with a close loss. 🤣

Stuck on the Boston feed, when did scalabrine become full Boston shill kind of annoying.

As usual, crowd not loud enough for home team...

The crowd is louder when Boston scores, pathetic

This celtic team is stacked but I think their mentality is still not there. Got the bucks over them

What tf is going on with jaylen browns hair lol

Browns row’s look uncomfortably tight

It’s really hard to take a team seriously when it looks like paint supplies were dumped on black fabric. to make a jersey

They look like toddler pajamas.

These uniforms are atrocious. Clown time.

Is there a rule that each successive City uniform has to be uglier than the last one?

What’s really looks odd is they got a different color on each a** cheek….lol

Putting Porzingis on our wings is wild but it works.

If we win, it’s going to be because of our bench, their bench is no where as good as ours

Jaylen Brown has negative court vision.

why does mikal choose to suck?

Porzingis is an absolute foul merchant

Celtics already the most annoying team in the NBA

Jaylen Brown takes some bad shots

to have any chance, our bench need to win big against their bench. Celtis assembled such a team of starters, their bench how good can they be?

Kornet will kill us. Such a goofy dude

Nets playing like Gnats.

Nets actually flexing toughness (its been ages). Celtics are soft.

If Kyrie played, we’d be down 22

lol @ celtics having to rewrite their strat now that double teaming KD isn't an option anymore

With Porzingis being a former Knick, Jrue being on the Bucks team that beat us and the Jays being Nets picks, I have an incentive to see this team no win a title.

Tatum and Brown gonna have another all star season and lose to bucks in playoffs

Nope they gana lose to us.

What is up with Jaylen brown’s hair? Looks like a bad combover

Handles continue to be the Celtics' weakness

Mazzula’s looking like Dr Strangelove

Bridges is supposed to be this defensive stopper but he aint guarding Tatum the Math aint Mathing

Celtics are cocky asf for pulling that challenge, they're gonna lose for that

so the Nets get double screwed because the incompetent refs didnt make the correct call

Tatum is such a goober no one likes this guy

I freaking hate Tatum

Crazy the amount of "physicality" Boston consistently gets away with.

Why Jaylen Brown got sideway cornrows? He got a head full of tape worms

In some places "Let's Go Celtics" gets dealt with...

The only thing beating us is height

Give the Nets the same whistle as the C's and they probably double their FTA... Celtics have gotten a ton of fortunate reputation based bailout calls.

I'm just frustrated at the blatant disparity in how little contact is needed for Brown or Tatum to go to the line compared to Bridges and Thomas.

Not sure why Brooks doesn't get a few mins? Oh I know, our coach is Jacque Vaughn

JV how dare you make an exasperated face if you was half a good coach we would be winning right now

This team could be facing the monstars with a starting lineup of Jalen Wilson,Watford,Smith Jr,Sharpe and O’Neale. And people in this chat would still say if only JV wasn’t here we’d be up by 10

stars must love seeing the Nets on their schedule they know that no double teams will ever come

Why does our home crowd suck so much? Is there a reason? Crowd was so loud on the Tatum 3. That’s pathetic. Do more away fans show up?

It is so incredibly annoying that we have so many away fans flooding our arena

so painful to hear "let's go celtics" chants on TV smh

can someone explain to me why have an irrational hatred for Tatum

We 20/52. I watched 32 bricks

Would have been nice if we could shoot and they could miss

Celtics are going to be a tough team to beat this season

dayron should clothesline the sh** outta Tatum everytime he drives and get that wwf reputation in the league

it really feels like we don’t get many calls

Al Horford getting away with a slap that would win the title in powerslap

Ref incompetence, get these bums out of league

KP has the size and JT is just too good but we need to stop everyone else.

Cam gets slapped and Tatum wana come out limping like he aint end the half with a crossover 3

porzingis is too nice

This is fraud man, that is three wrong calls in this quarter alone

Boston's getting every call

There's no doubt refs trying to cover their bet. We get bs calls every time.

These refs are given Tatum BS calls. Absolutely making me sick to my stomach 🤢

good call good call! get brown out

Win or lose, at least we're not paying Jaylen Brown $300 million

Finally got one that we shouldn't have at least lol... I thought Brown had that clean.

Saltics belived it'll be a cake walk. They not playing with hard.

This is probably the worse Boston is gonna play in a while and we can’t buy a bucket

Luke Kornett ladies and gentlemen

Dennis smith getting annoying. He’s supposed to annoy the other team.

You never would guess Scalabrine was drafted by the Nets and scored more points as a Net than a Celtic...

Pritchard has helped us tonight.

This what i get for laughing at Julius Randle, Mikal is 4/15 right now

Cam is going to become prime harden.

Nets killer Jrue

I swear if we lose this game because of Luke Kornett (MY NOTE: Lost by 10, Luke with 11)

We do this thing where we play like a team the whole game, then the 4th quarter happens and we try to play hero ball and choke

I can’t remember game where we got the benefit of the calls.

As usual nets vs. refs final 5 minutes

I hate Jayson Tatum so much

Tatum acting like he just beat the warriors in the finals stg no one pi**es me off more

It’s ok dude will flop again when it matters

refs favored the Celtics the vast majority of the game. If Tatum is allowed to push off, Al Horford allowed to slap CT across the face, and nets were being called for ticky tack fouls. What can you do?

Tatum flexing like the Celtics ain’t got the Zebras on payroll. You can barely play defense on this pansy without the refs calling something. But he can pushoff all game smfh!

JV what you mad at? you know you could double team Tatum and avoid all that

Majority of these female refs in the NBA are terrible!

This Boston team is f***ing stacked.

The Celtics coach looks like a freaking idiot

can we trade Dinwoodie???? Got the BB IQ of a chicken

Tatum acting like we're the 2020 nets not a Nets team down 3 starters lmao

Cam is still the same low-IQ ball hogger as before.

I hate every boston sports team

Da** these Boston commentators are truly awful. You might as well give two random people on the street a mic.

f*** tatum and his dumba** son

Refs sucks and "the NBA is trying so hard to push this Celtics team as far as they can"

Anyone else unimpressed with the Celtics. Feel like our strongest starting 5 plus bench would give them a tough series.

Tatum always hits dagger step backs in Brooklyn. It's very annoying.

more like jayson hate him!

Both teams came close to playing all their starters 36+ minutes. I thought we’d use more bench on a back-to-back.

Our only chance was to beat up on their bench, but their bench played really well. Played with a lot of energy and BBIQ.

maybe we should have stopped trying to shoot 3s over Porzingis since half of them were air balls

I blame this loss on the Boston Celtics. They played great.

Can someone explain why we decided to shoot a million threes over 7’3 Porzingis?



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