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Post by Sam Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:41 pm

Here are some helpful tips that will hopefully assist you in avoiding some of the time we spend in learning about the site:

• To assign an avatar, click on "Profile" near the top of the screen. Then click on "avatar" and follow instructions. Use the "browse" option to upload your own photo.

• To find out who's online at any given time, click on "Home" near the top of the screen and look down the left side of the screen.

• To get a list of threads where post have been made since you last logged in, click on"Home" near the top of the screen and loon up the left side of the screen to near the very top.

• To edit a post after you've posted it,[/quote], click on the little "EDIT" box at the upper right of the post. To delete the post, click on the little "X" just to the right of the "EDIT" box.

• To use the quote function, go to the post from which you want to quote. Select the portion to be quoted, click on the "Quote" box (to the right of the "Edit" box, and a box will open for your post with the quote already in it. Just continue with your own text, and hit "Send."

• To see if you have spell check, intentionally misspell a word while typing a post. If no thin red line appears under the word, click once on the box to the right of all the other editor boxes above the post writing box (the once with "A/A" in it). That should put you in the correct editor mode to get spell check.

• To use the bold, italics and underline functions, you need to be in the editor mode as for spell check (see above about clicking on the "A/A" box). For bold, select the word(s) you want in bold and click on the "B" (left-hand box above the post writing box). You won't see the word(s) in bold, but there will be a "b" in brackets before and after the word(s). When you send the post, the word(s) will be in bold. Use the same procedure for italics and underlining. (By the way, the text in the post writing box may jump a bit when you do this, and you may have to reset your cursor to where you left off.)

• To use an emoticon ("smilie,"), just place the cursor where you want the emoticon to appear and click on othe emoticon. It won't appear in your text exactly as you want it until you send the post. Then it will appear in final form.

• If you're having trouble with any of the functions on the board and you're on Macintosh, consider switching to a Firefox browser. That seems to work best with this form on Macs (and it was that way with the site too).

• If you happen to post at the exact same moment as another poster, your post may not be accepted, and you'll get a message to that effect above your post writing box. Just hit "Send" again.

We'll add to this list as we discover more. Since our October, 2010, inauguration, we've never stopped learning.


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Post by Sam Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:01 am


The provider of the format for this board is Forumotion, which makes the format available to virtually anyone. We are adapting the format to use by Celtics fans.

The governing body of this forum is comprised of the ADMINISTRATORS; NYCelt, Pete and gyso.  Together, we set the policies and do our best to address technical issues. (For the latter, we sometimes go to Forumotion for support.)

The RULES OF POSTING are as follows:

• Conversation will remain within the bounds of courtesy, civility, and respect. On any sports board, there will be the normal give-and-take of debate, which can sometimes become agitated. It is expected that posters will monitor their own degree of agitation so as to moderate their comments when the conversation threatens to become unduly contentious or insulting.

• There will be no gratuitous taunting, baiting, name-calling, or personal attacks.

• Unless cleared with an administrator, there will be no explicit or implicit promotion of any commercial or non-commercial enterprise, nor will there be any solicitation for sale of any goods, public or private.

• Unless an exception is cleared by an administrator, there will be no medical or other professional advice given on this forum, public or private.

• Language will be regulated by reasonable bounds of public decorum.

• Unless an exception is cleared by an administrator, topics will be confined primarily to basketball.

• Fans of basketball teams other than the Celtics are welcome as long as their intent is to post within the spirit of friendly competition and conversation.  If support of another team or if the denigration of the Celtics takes on a habitual, taunting or excessive dimension, it will not be tolerated.

• There will be no knowing posting of material that violates copyright or trademark rights.

• Material that libels, defames, is abusive or obscene, or violates privacy rights will not be tolerated.

• It is expected that posters will be truthful in their remarks and will not knowingly misrepresent any facts.

The PHILOSOPHY OF THE MODERATORS of this forum will be as follows:

• Posts on the board will be reviewed with a sense of fairness, objectivity, and reasonable flexibility in keeping with the normal give-and-take of a message board.

• When rules infractions are observed, moderators will determine whether they are sufficiently serious to warrant deletion of a post and/or warning of the poster or immediate banning of the poster.

• Banning will be accomplished by IP number.

• Every effort (including warnings) will be made by moderators to mitigate serious rules infractions before they get to the banning stage.

At the time of this posting, the THREE ADMINISTRATORS are: NYCelt, Pete and gyso. The MODERATOR is bobc33.

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