Boston Celtics Loaded For Championship Run

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Boston Celtics Loaded For Championship Run

Post by dboss on Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:58 pm

As we settle into the dog days of summer, our expectations for the upcoming season continue to accelerate.

We have all marveled at the sheer fortitude of this young Celtics team that learned how to play through extreme levels of adversity.  

Next season our expectations will be raised another notch or two.  This is why.

Last season Boston returned one starter and 3 rotation players.  Danny replaced  around 73% of his 15 man roster.

Fast forward to the upcoming season and this team should surpass everything that they did last year.  The longer a team stays together one should expect improvements.  Brad goes into next year with a team that is more knowledgeable of the system and their teammates.  Developing players should continue to excel and what can only be considered as a significant roster addition in a healthy Gordon Hayward, will fuel the upcoming surge.

The process to rebuild the Boston Celtics into a championship team with a long  term competitive profile has been completed.

Danny Ainge has masterminded this project with precision and foresight.  We have been witness to many rebuilds of the Boston Celtics but we have never witnessed a rebuild inside of a rebuild.  That twist in the program is unlike anything that we have experience before. To be clear, Boston had the best regular season record in the East in 2016-17 with 53 wins.  By all accounts, one or 2 additions to that team and it is rebuilt. Danny took that team apart and put it back together and upgraded every position while keeping a few players that were part of the core moving forward.   It was an amazing stroke of genius that still has me scratching my head and thinking, how the hell did he manage that.  Danny had built a contending team but he knew it was not a championship level team.  Adding a piece here or there was not going to be enough.  So he embarked on an enormously ambitious makeover while still retaining an impressive inventory of future draft assets.

Our young coach Brad Stevens has far exceeded  everything that any fan of any team could want.  Now that Danny has stocked this roster with talent  all around, he is destined to bring another championship title to Boston .  The East remains a competitive conference with several teams other than Boston that have talent on their rosters.  Rumors of the demise are greatly exaggerated.  The East is still strong but Boston has risen to the top of the pecking order with the best roster and the best coach.

Boston will make it to the championship round in 2019 and I expect them to best whoever they face.

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