Nets Fans Try To Troll Markelle Fultz With Jayson Tatum Chant In Epic Fail

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Nets Fans Try To Troll Markelle Fultz With Jayson Tatum Chant In Epic Fail

Post by bobheckler on Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:12 am

Nets Fans Try To Troll Markelle Fultz With Jayson Tatum Chant In Epic Fail

by Adam London on Sun, Nov 4, 2018 at 8:52PM

Brooklyn Nets fans probably should think before they chant. During Brooklyn’s matchup with the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday at Barclays Center, Nets fans apparently tried to get under Markelle Fultz’s skin by chanting the name of a fellow 2017 first-round pick who’s experienced much greater success in the NBA thus far.

Michael Pina ✔️ @MichaelVPina Nets fans chanting “Jayson Tatum” while Markelle Fultz shoots free throws is a fantastic self own. 3:38 PM - Nov 4, 2018 6,358 989 people are talking about this

Oh, the irony.

The Celtics, who were fresh off an Eastern Conference finals run at the time of selecting Tatum, were gifted the high draft choice by the Nets, who effectively were swindled by the C’s in the 2013 mega trade that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn.

So while it’s fun to try and troll a visiting player, the joke really is on the Nets, who could have had Tatum, Fultz or any other top pick in the 2017 draft had it not been for a foolish, narrow-minded transaction.

Be better, Brooklyn fans.

MY NOTE:  Right.  Gotta remember that the Brooklyn deal didn't just get us Jayson Tatum it also will get us the Sacto pick this year too.  So that's actually 4 draft picks in that deal, not 3, and that doesn't include any Danny picked up from trading players (e.g. Danny signed-and-traded Kris Humphries to Washington for a Traded Player Exception and a 2nd round pick).  3 from Brooklyn and 1 from Philly. Danny, you thief, you.

And his mechanics on his first frito was ugly.  The second shot went in but I had little confidence with his chopped up mechanics.  He turns what should be a single fluid motion into a release into 3 separate ones:  waist to eye-level, cock the wrist and then the wrist flick.  He also has a low release point.  He is shooting 67% from the line this year so far.  That is just slightly higher than his college ft%, so he's just not a good frito shooter.


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