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Post by NYCelt Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:35 pm

State of The Forum

As Sam’s Celtics Forum nears its 8th anniversary and 200,000th post, the time seems right to look at who we are and how we’re doing.

The past two years, in particular, have brought about change both bittersweet and promising.  August 21 will mark two years since the passing of our forum’s creator and “Head Coach,” Dick Dorr.  Our own Sam.  In that time, we have also observed an influx of new board members, bringing new life and vitality to our board.  Activity has increased significantly, with 20 to 30 people regularly online viewing this site.  In June, we set a record for most users online at one time, with 82.  Dick’s wish of Sam’s Celtics Forum surviving him and thriving is being realized.

During the past couple of years, the forum has experienced the expected growing pains of a social site, where members get to know each other and become friends.  Online acquaintances grow, often meeting and getting to truly know one another.  New members enter the picture, with fresh perspectives and thoughts. Although this is exactly what fuels growth, this gain in population and ideology can have the occasional stumble.  There are times when communication can depart from that hallmark term Dick used to describe his vision for this group; “convivial.”  A term from past times that sent most of us scrambling to dictionary listings; convivial, meaning an atmosphere that is friendly, lively, and enjoyable, is what we have always strived for.  The remaining founders of this forum, and its moderator team, have been working to maintain this ideal.  Some give and take, turning into push and shove, is nothing new. We feel that, in part, some recently increased unease may have simply come from our growing numbers.  A lack of clear expression of direction and affirmation that someone is still at the wheel may have also contributed.  Both old and new participants, who have made this forum a part of their daily routine, have the right to know how or by whom this site is run.

In the forum entitled Welcome! & Help you will find a thread listing titled, ADMINSTRATORS, MODERATORS, POSTING RULES OF THE FORUM.  The principles and expectations this site was designed to be run by are listed there.  Click here.

The governing body of this forum is comprised of the ADMINISTRATORS; NYCelt, Pete and gyso. Together, we set the policies and do our best to address technical issues.

No Administrator acts in a vacuum.  Critical decisions are made jointly and in the rare event of opposing thoughts, by simple majority.

The MODERATORS on the forum are NYCelt, Pete and gyso.

Moderators contribute greatly to the daily operation of the forum in various areas of content and keep the flow of topics moving along.

You’ve no doubt noticed that our style of moderating is different than what Sam had used.  We are less ‘hands on.’  That doesn’t mean less vigilant or less observant, however.  The original rules are the current guidelines.  We are just not as detail oriented.

Our main tenant going forward is that this discussion board was created for all to express their opinion.  Most importantly, you do not need to back up an opinion you express.  Your opinion is just that; a personal thought.  You can always detail how you arrived at your conclusion if you like, but your opinion is not a fact or the only possible conclusion.  Go ahead and state it, but please don’t feel the need to spend time forcing the conclusion on others. For the same reason, all should feel free to question how that opinion was formed, but no one has the right to badger another poster for rationale beyond the fact they’ve stated what they believe to be true.

We have also been getting an ever-growing number of unregistered guests stopping in.  For those that have looked, why not join us?  The advertising you're seeing would be eliminated and there's no cost of any kind to become a member of this forum.  We are advertisement free for members, but please be aware, it happens because Admin pays a nominal fee every year.

As always, if you have questions, ideas, or thoughts to pass along, please contact us by Private Message.  The private message button, labeled MP, is located below all member avatars.

And, of course…

Go Celtics!!!

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Post by kdp59 Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:35 am

Thanks for the info and update.

I recently received an email I thought may be spam, here was the body of the email:


You have been added to the "Members" group on Sam's FREE Celtics Discussion Forum.
This action has been done by the group moderator or the site administrator, contact them for more information.

You can view your groups information here:

Sam's Boston Celtics Fan Site

perhaps it was from the site?

As one of the newer members here ) only been here 3 years or so), I have found it to be sane place to talk sports unlike many other places on the web. and I appreciate it.

I have seen more and more posters from the now defunct Celtics forum migrating here recently. And it seems that they also follow the lead of what Sam wanted for this space.

Thanks to you all for the work and the cost you absorb, keeping this place a home for all of us...old and new.

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Post by dboss Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:19 am


It is hard to believe that 8 years has already gone by.  

I appreciate that you have reminded us once again that Sam's ideal centers around convivial discussions and I appreciate the many times that you and other board members have reminded all of us that that ideal is what makes this forum a truly amazing place.


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Post by pete Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:35 am


That message was generated by us. We had 2 memberlists way back and just combined them.

Glad you are here!


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Post by mrkleen09 Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:59 am

Dont post as much as I used to - but glad to see the board is growing and with our moderators, I know it is in great hands.

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State of The Forum Empty Re: State of The Forum

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