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Comments From The Other Side - vs Heat, Home, 10/27/23 Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Heat, Home, 10/27/23

Post by bobheckler Sat Oct 28, 2023 2:59 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Hopefully I J rich plays tonight. I don't know if I can handle 30 mins of Lowery again lol

Boston seeking revenge for the playoffs, can’t give em the satisfaction

I know these try hards are on a revenge mission. They are turnover machines, so Heat have to let them kill themselves and keep mistakes to a minimum.

Fully expecting us to get our a** whooped. It's the regular season after all

We don’t have our Tatum stopper tonight 😔

Timelord and Grant were big bodies to defend Bam. Kristaps is a twig compared to them. Bam can and should be able to go right at him every time
IMO Celtics got worse this offseason when it comes to matching up with us

Offensively I think they’ll be harder to guard. People also overlook how much porzingis shooting raises their ceiling and their offense as a whole.

Apparently Celtics fans think Porzingis is a DPOY candidate after that game against the Knicks.

He's not making it through the full season healthy

He is solid, he's just going to be injured 60% of the season and they're going to have to have to watch Horford play center.

Herro averaging 27+ PPG this season. It starts tonight!

This is the biggest games this teams had in almost 2 years. Screw the finals last season. This is more important.

Unrelated but I felt a thrill of joy when scoot had a bad debut. Yes, I’m petty.

I do wonder if Cain will get any run tonight

Well he should just to lockup Tatum

Out of all eastern conference teams, the Celtics have always been my most hated. Let’s cook em tonight boys

I'm scared

Scared of trash Cs team? 3 dudes they let go dropped 60 and play good d

Don’t be! I’m more scared of Orlando or the hornets lol


KP can drop 30 against a trash Knicks team now he's gotta do it against the DPOY Bam

If we lose its cuz injuries, but this Cs don't have much defense either. And we know how much Boston struggles against us.

Don't be suprised if Bam has 30 tonight, KP can't guard parked cars or pick n roll

It’s not a matter of if the Celtics can beat us, it’s a matter of if Jalen Brown can beat Vegas

We gonna get our a**es kicked tonight, folks!

I don’t trust Porzingis as an upgrade for Boston but we’ll see. They lost depth too.  Milwaukee is still the team to beat in the East.

Jrue has a bone to pick on how Jimmy treated him in the playoffs, he is extra motivated where as Jimmy is in early season mode.

feeling pessimistic as ****, we're really lacking in scoring talent.

not sure how we matchup here though. Love probably can’t start this game or he’s going to get cooked. There’s no matchup for him unless he’s on Zingis and Bam is playing on Brown or Tatum.

Bam can guard both no problem 8-)

Vegas has Boston 9 point favs. That’s about right. Everyone upgraded while Micky cheaped out. It is what it is.

Herro for 50?

50 points on 55 shots yeah I can see it.

ESPN really talking like the Celtics are scared of us lmao

They are

Lmao derrick whites headshot

F*** the celtikkks

Porzingis might be one of the most overrated players I’ve ever seen. I don’t think he’d be in the NBA if he was a few inches shorter

Bam gonna cook this bum all night. Kristaps can’t guard sh**

Derrick white like 6 inches shorter without the hair lmaoo

Porzingis is an absolute garbage defender 🤣

The Salties better hurry up and put Timelord in.   Oh . . .

Or that rotund "Bam stopper"    Oh . . .

its incredible how bad Doris Burke is at this

Derrick White somehow looks even worse

Also why is jayson Tatum just always allowed to push off with his off arm every time he drives

Porzingis is legitimately trash lol

porzingus cannot guard a folding chair

Bald Derrick white is creepy asf bruh

Un-bald Derrick white wasn’t much better lmaooo

Boy do I hate Derrick White

Derrick White is unironically better than the Celtics highest paid player

Best part of a W tonight would be how upset it would make Celtikkk fans

How does derrick white look worse after he shaved his head 😂😂

I was so happy when the Celtics traded for Kristaps

Tingus is a huge defensive downgrade for them

Tyler still hates the leprechauns

Porzingis looks charmin ultra soft

Jaylen Brown is hot a**, thank you Celtics for paying him

I got the Celtics feed up here in Canada and they just said Derek White is the GOAT shot blocking guard.  I might just watch this game on mute.  (MY NOTE:
I don't know about GOAT, but he was the #1 shot blocking guard in the NBA last year and he's going shut Jimmy down tonight)

Did anyone other than Celtics fans legitimately think they got better this off season by just dismantling their defense?

Im so happy they dont have smart or timelord anymore. Those dudes made that defense what it was

Kristaps is one of the worst defenders in the league. I am so happy they got rid of Rob Will

The Celtics got stronger for sure but for our matchup in particular they got weaker. Bam imo will have a clear advantage if they putting kristaps and Hortford on em. No timelord will be bad for them

Celtics traded away the only player that could stop anything we did defensively

Jaylen Brown robbed Boston

Bam and herro like this with playoff jimmy I’m not scared of Celtics or bucks

It’s not a coincidence guys like Tatum, Giannis, Trae, Brown struggle vs Heat. Spo is literally a mastermind on defense

Brown struggles against everybody but I agree otherwise

Cs fans really acted like we didnt have many minutes of tape of Bam cookin Zingis. man is smallest 7 footer in the league

Team is locked on both sides of the ball right now

Deep fried Leprechaun on the menu tonight brought to you by Chef Herro

Portland feels so dumb right now

that boy tyler   Hes better than Dame

lookin like mini larry bird out there  (MY NOTE:  I love Heat fans.  They are stupid as Hell and are the ultimate fair weather fans)

Jaylen Brown might be the most overpaid athlete in the history of currency existing

There has never been a less intimidating backcourt than geriatric Lowry + Dru Smith

Someone needs to corner Spo in a shady alley and get him to cut Dru Smith.

I’ve never seen a team so unable to keep a lead  (MY NOTE:  See what I mean about being "fair weather fans"?)

Idk it feels like Payton Pritchard will never be a thing

Al Horford is gonna be 47 year olds and still annoying to play against smh

Spo's committing rotation terrorism rn

We really have a randomly generated player and a retiree as our backcourt rn

I can’t stand Doris. She really doesn’t know how to stop talking

Any other team and they wouldn't have called sh**. Literally just us.

Celtics in A. Silvers pocket

Reeeeeef baaaaaaall

Celtics 3pt shooting been too good to start tonight

That ref looked devastated not being able to award the leprechauns with free throws there

Bam not scared anymore cuz it’s not time lord

Celts just realized how slow Porzingas is. Ruh-Ruh

This guy Brisett low key got some culture in him btw? You don't usually see Celtics w that kind of motor

Tatum would be a bum if they didnt let him use his off arm illegally every play

We look absolutely terrible. This team is not very good

Tatums schooling Jaime right now

Refs gotta make sure Tatum looks good

Jaime getting cooked by Tatum welcome to the NBA young blood 🤣

tatum gets away with so many egregious offensive fouls.

Tatum is literally elbowing everyone on offense, how tf does he get all the calls?

Even the commentator thinks Porzingis is trash

dude all tatum does is throw his arm out and shoves players

PLEASE someone has to have a stream with Reid & Crotty. I’ll even take the Boston guys over Doris

Celtics are a 2nd Rd exit. Losing Rob Will is a bad move. Their front court weak asf

I’m being as real as I can here without hating on Boston.. they are NOT a threatening team in ANY way. Bench looks horrendous and they are such a lackadaisical team.

I dare Tatum to talk sh** to Jimmy like he did to Dru Smith.

Celtics front office really thought Jaylen Brown was all that and a bag of chips

Wow Celtics roster is stacked! I just know now jrue is a celtic!? 😱

Tatum still has that elite stiff arm 🔥

Celtics might be overrated

Celtics have no bench at all

The NBA doesn’t even try to hide their bias for Jayson Tatum. Most boring superstar in the league yet they keep trying to make him face of the league

Tatum would not be a “superstar” if the NBA actually called his game correctly.

I hate the Celtics, they're so ugly

Lowry absolutely LOVES playing in Boston. The green and white must remind him of Krispy Kreme.

the offense is IDENTICAL to last season. nothing changed. another year of being a bottom 3 offense in the league

6 points 2 rebounds from a guy making 45 million this year.. not good enough Butler.. you look like trash out there

NBA told teams that players cannot take games off....Butler says, "Hold my beer."

He’s only getting older. Window closing tighter and tighter. Had a chance to win one with Dame, and we struck out

Butler coasting in the regular season. Who would have thought 😳

Guys no one is beating the Nuggets so who cares about the Celtics

Yeah this game means absolutely nothing at this point in the very early season but giving the Celtics an L and giving their fans misery is always welcome.

Won’t matter tonight but Celtics have NO depth. Not sure how these guys won’t be dead tired by the end of the season playing 40 mpg

I genuinely hate the Celtics. They make my blood boil

Derrick White still looks like a sleep paralysis demon.

Reminder that we are only down 5 without Caleb "Kobe Bryant when he plays against Boston" Martin playing.

Why is Tatum put in the same category as guys like Lebron KD etc. whats the hype with him. Yes he super talented but he super overrated in my opinion

because he has a son named Deuce.

I’m sad that I had to remember Joe Mazzula exists

bald Derrick white looks like he would eat a lollipop that fell on the floor, look you in the eyes and say "5 second rule🤷"

We better hope Porzingus is injured come the post season. I'm not sure we have an answer for him. The Celtics coach is sus, if they were running offense through him this game wouldn't be a 6 point game.

whole team showing up but jimmy

is Jimmy just cooked? He’s been a ghost

We’re breaking Porzingis on his 1st game as a Celtic against this team

Bam is owning KP

with the way jaylen plays, he is really a honorary heatle sometimes

Browns game is way too chaotic. He doesn’t really play in the flow of the game he just forces things.

300 mil and just building a brick house is the funniest thing ever

I feel like Boston got a little softer this year by losing Smart and both Williams. They're definitely more dangerous offensively with Porzingis but I feel like they were built more for the grind of the playoffs last year. Jrue Holiday also doesn't scare me he's way less annoying than Smart.

Celtics coach is sus. This game is getting into the mud, that's the Heats game.


Prichard ran out of talent.

I really think Jrue might be an upgrade over MarFlop Smart…

Tatums off hand may be the most unguardable player in the league

I love Holiday. Such a Heat player

I love when Tatum falls in love with that step back 3. Means he’s scared

Holiday looks washed. Lucky we didn’t trade for him.

Portland chose Robert Williams over Tyler 🤨

Mazzulla lost his copy of The Town. C's should be worried.

Okay seriously, someone guard White

Herro got a foul call is that even legal

I forgot how much I hate white

Celtics fans rushing to defend KP when he liked a racist video, very clear KP gonna fit right in with Boston fanbase if he keeps this up

My goodness Tatum whines so much

Derrick White is a recurring nightmare

I’m throwing a party when Derrick White is out of the league

I want derrick white on the heat lol

Derrick White gonna give me an aneurysm somebody take this kid seriously

I'm sick of looking at Celtics fans

Why does Derrick white always shoot like 80% from the field against the Heat.

Who knew. I used to think Derrick White was annoying cause of his hair. Turns out it’s his face.

I swear and I’m not even kidding when I say this  Derrick white is the best Celtic player.

Derrick White is who Jaylen Brown thinks he is

I hate porzingus…

Boston really loves their whites

Bro Tatum is always crying man I cannot stand this dude

Playoff Jimmy will play KP off the floor if we get them this year

derrick white scares me more than steph and dame honestly

welp... I hate derrick white

It’d be great if the league could stop letting Boston get players for scraps

It was another in a series of disappointing offseasons thanks to Pat. Once again, a star is available, wants the Heat and ends up somewhere else. You can forgive one, maybe two...five? The problem is Riley.

dude like i’m actually pi**ed at jimmy being a fat slob rn it’s like him and lowry traded places today

Well at least White got rid of that cloud that was sort of clinging to his head

ESPN made a big mistake with Doris move.

Yeah but ESPN and Disney are bleeding money so they had to go with Discount Doris.

Getting cooked by the refs and Derrick white lol

This dude Tatum gets every single call

Death by Derrick white. Fml

Good Jaylen game   When he’s on they hard to beat

Derrick White hairline was a crime. Shaved head is good karma

derrick white sounds so country

Thank God KP’s fouled out    Grandpa in the game. This is when we win

And cheap **** Al Horford taking cheap shots at Love’s head.

And no review...refs want to get home

Miami teams and getting screwed by the refs. Name a more iconic duo.

The NBA simply hates Miami.

NGL I like white more than smart

Miami going need to upgrade their roster if they want to compete with the Celtics. And, Bucks.  (MY NOTE:  So, we went from getting weaker by trading the Williams boys and Smart to "Miami needs to upgrade their roster if they want to compete with the Celtics".  LOL)

Refs really just hit a game winner for the celtics

Celtics need refs to beat a depleted heat squad lol we good

Nothing worse than losing to the Celtics

i don’t think the celtics have ever had a legitimate win tbh

Derrick White still has the most punchable face on the Celtics.   And    Jaylen Brown is getting on my damn nerves.   I despise Boston at this point.

Tbh, this game is still on Jimmy. Absolutely no effort. If you aren’t gonna try, take a rest day and eat the fine. Don’t cost your team the win.

Complete fix. Only way Celtics can beat us.  They can’t win without their precious refs.

The Heat are a bad team but like I said, this Celtics team just looks like the same team. Miami could be a play in team and still beat them in a series.

Refs clearly cheated us

I'm more scared of Derrick white than anyone on that team

CeltiKKKs can only win rigged games without Tatums Daddy Haywood

Where was jimmy?

Didn’t u hear? It’s not the playoffs

One thing I did get from this game is despite the fact that they won, Boston is not that good. This is going through the Bucks.

Boston doesn’t scare me at all. They’re one bad Kristaps achilles from being a first round exit team.

the refs helped them all the way

This was a revenge match for C's after the humiliation in the ECF & they won by just 8pts w/ ref help Laughing   I'll take us in a 7 game series. They still have Mozzarella Laughing Laughing

Same team as last year y’all. Enjoy 80 more games of this and hope for another fairytale playoff run to ECF/Finals.

Refs came in the clutch for the Celtics. Typical.

lol we got some calls but they benefited for the majority (MY NOTE: For the record they took more ftas than us)

I think we can all agree, f*** Derrick White and those refs

My dream now is for every coach in the league to challenge Tatum fouls when he hooks and shoves and still gets the call. Maybe then the league will do something about them



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Post by jrleftfoot Sat Oct 28, 2023 3:48 pm

I saw a lot of games in Miami.Heat fans can't even cry with authority. They come late because they are doing coke, and leave early to do more coke

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