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Post by dbrown4 Wed Nov 08, 2023 2:37 pm

Well, tonight will prove to be a battle of wills. 76ers have won 5 straight. We should still be undefeated. Given the Celtics vs 76ers over the years have gone our way much like the 50's-60's Lakers Finals did for us, times are always changing or have the chance to change. In the 1984 Finals, with the Finals record vs. Boston of 0-8, the Lakers were well on their way to finally beating the Celtics, but the Kevin McHale clothesline on Kurt Rambis in G4 changed all that and we went on to 9-0. Then the Lakers won the next two Finals and again in 2010. 9-3.

PHI vs. BOS in the playoffs is interesting meeting 22 times in the playoffs. Celtics have won 66 of 116 games there but more importantly have won 15 of the 22 series. We have their number to date. 267-196 for all games.

Just another regular season game but it could clearly go either way especially if White is out. ESPN Injury List says probable but he was not at morning shootaround.

Play On!!



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