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Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Home, 11/11/23 Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Home, 11/11/23

Post by bobheckler Mon Nov 13, 2023 7:00 am

by FLCeltsFan

Sure OG v Tatum looks like the game but really the matchup is Malachi - Payton   on a serious note....who is guarding KP?

Who would you rather have, Siakam/OG or Tatum/Brown?

I actually fear derrick white

They don't have Grant and Robin Williams anymore but still have Tatum, Prichard, Jrue.. known raptor killers so let's see.

Forget Tatum, Brown, KP, and even Jrue. The real Raptor killer is Pritchard.

Could also be a Dalano Banton revenge game

beware pritchard and hauser

Not having to worry about Smart randomly going off for 3 after 3 against us is already a win in my books.

Boston is on a back to back and this should be a scheduled loss to them. But you never know with this Raptors team. lol

I thought they had an outside chance but it’s Scott Foster tonight. Not suggesting he favours the Celtics but calls everything on the perimeter and nothing at the rim especially in the first half. Then he calls everything at the rim in the 4th. He is definitively a ref I’d rather have as the better shooting team.

Measuring stick kind of game, Celtics look like the best team in the East

I hate the Celtics. A big upset win tonight would be huge!

Remember when Gerald green did a windmill dunk off the backboard against the raptors when game was over   And Paul pierce kneeing Chris bosh for the dunk

I remember it well, with Triano being the one to get the tech for swearing at Pierce.   I hate everything about the Celtics. I know the Jays are pretty decent dudes but I still relish every time they come up short.


F*** Boston. F*** the greater Boston metropolitan area. F*** Massachusetts. F*** New England. Clam chowder is ok, sometimes. I like good will hunting but that was shot in Toronto so I like dem apples too. Canadian Maple is better than Boston cream so f*** that too!

I have a bad feeling Payton Pritchard is going to come of the bench and light us up

Scott Foster masterclass incoming? One can only hope not :')

Gotta get on blaming the officials early 😤

Payton Pritchard is about to ruin our Saturday night.

I wanna see Scottie slam his big ol' shoulder in to tatums chest in the post, fold him like a lawn chair and then dunk on him.

Every game against the Celtics is personal. Ever since they beat us on our very first Christmas game. We’re out for blood.

Dalano is about to drop 15 points in his 3 minutes of garbage time against us.

There go our chances. Precious is playing...

Celtics are 9.5 pt favorites. If the Raptors make this a competitive game it’s a moral victory.

Schroeder revenge game. 25 pts 10 asts coming from the German tn

This game has Derrick White getting hot from 3 written all over it.

no way we get cooked by derrick white bro pleaaaase

Need Dennis to have a revenge game on Boston lol

Derrick White looks like Evan Fournier

who lied to brown and told him his braids look good?

Brown on Siakam gives me PTSD, iykyk

Brown just needs to shave his head like derrick white

lmao Scottie legit abusing the fact Brown doesn't have NBA-level skills with his left hand..... -chefs kiss-   (MY NOTE:  A premature ejaculation here...)

Everytime we play Boston the 1 thing I want is Pascal to cook Jaylen Brown

Shout out Jaylen “No left” Brown

Celtics anouncers are very unbiased they’re actually pretty good

Boston has so many weapons it’s insane

boston look lethargic

Hey google, are the raptors the best team in the NBA now?

Why is Siakam getting cooked by Jrue repeatedly?

KP shooting 3s is cheating

I am not ready to get cooked by Sam Hauser

Calling it now, Hauser gonna hit 4 threes

brown gets free throws for punching siakam in the face

is it just me or does derrick white have awful hand eye coordination

He has awful face hairline coordination

Boston has a weak bench, wear them out.

Wait... Is GTJ on the bench in Celtic colours? What's wrong with this dude?!

Bad colours Gary

gary has planter fashionitis

good to see Gordon Hayward get some buckets

Hauser looks like a white Gordon Hayward

For a second I though Hayward was still in Boston but that’s just Hauser

Brown's handle is soft as church music

celtics at the garden is a different type of whistle

Going to be 8v5 all game, if we win this, Celtics are officially pathetic.

We’re just not good enough to hang with these guys

Steal every Jaylen brown drive that guy worse then OG

damn hauser... always a raptor killer     just a matter of time for pritchard too

White 3point shooter = automatic raptor killer

Even when they're with us Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Home, 11/11/23 Icon_ead2

I always like the idea of Precious then I see him play and I'm like oh he sucks.

Tatum goes by Scottie pylon

must be nice having every player on ur roster able to hit threes

Boston reminding us that there are levels to this.

Their entire lineup can shoot, they don’t have a single player on their team who can’t shoot 😂

hauser and payton pritchard, certified raptors killers

Our bench is making the Celtics bench look good lol.

Not sure we can win letting them shoot 60% from the field but I guess we'll try

This is the best team in the league but the bench just folds

3 point line needs to be banned f*** Wardell Stephen Curry

Jaylen brown really wont go left 💀

Bro stop trying to attack Jrue Holiday why tf do players keep trying this

Celtics were the winners of the Lillard trade

We’re just completely outmatched talent wise with Boston. Nothing to be ashamed of, just reality

Anyone confused that Scott Foster is calling a decent game?

Jrue is so good. Milwaukee will really jrue the day they traded him

Trading for Jrue Holiday has made them so much better

Jrue blocked Barnes.

Getting jrue was such a major pick up for celtics.

Not sure Bucks make the deal if they knew he would be quickly re-routed to the Celtics.

Bruh they just let tatum casually walk to the rim 🤣

I really want Scottie to 2 hand poster brown in the mismatch.

Celtics got lots of good players man. Their top 7 is legit amazing. You can argue Porzingis/Jaylen/Jrue/White are all all star impact players.

I guess down by 9 to the strong Celtics isn't the end of the world. Praying for the Tatum & Brown duo to choke in the 2nd half.

We match up pretty well when we challenge Jalen to use his left hand.

Boston are a really solid team, not gonna be annoyed about this type of game tbh

Celtics just got to add Porzingis and Holiday to a finals contender roster huh

Lmao at least we got the Wizards next

Porzingis’ face bugs me.

Can't tell which team is on a back to back

Boston is strong, that is all.

Losing is one thing but getting dominated is another

Jaylen Brown is abusing Scottie

Celtics roster is not fair, idk how they got jrue

Dalano in Celtics uniform looks so wrong..

This Celtics team is nasty and if the Bucks don't sort it out the Celtics are gonna walk to the finals

Was the team at the local Boston strip club last night?

Raps should have traded Gary for Tingis back in 2022 lol

I predicted Boston in the finals this year and they're crushing us lol

Yeah they got all the pieces to do it. Can definitely see it being a nuggets Celtics final.

My mind just went through a familiar process - why can't we get a shooter like Hauser? Oh right, if we had him he'd lose his touch

Honestly, I’m not even mad. The Celtics are really just that good. Just a shocking difference.

I have a bad feeling Dalano gonna check in during garbage time and put us out of our misery

Boston has been the best team in the league by far. Like, on pace to win 72 games good - historically good.

wish our FO would take notes from celtics

jrue is gonna get this team back to the finals. just unfair that they added him and KP.

Tatum’s handles are insane for a 6’9 guy

Tatum whining like entitled star he is. He pushes off every single drive with free arm at the other end

Boston broadcasters are giving raptors more credit any raptors fans are. They’re actually impressed by Toronto tonight.. they expected a lot less from us

Garbage time with almost 10 mins left in the 4th is embarrassing. I hate losing but an a** whooping from the celtics is pure pain.

Tatum still one the floor stat padding and Celtics still playing defense.  What a classless organization

I’d rather have what Boston had last three years than whatever the f*** we’ve been doing.

We're so bad tonight I can't even insult Scott Foster.

Boston’s has this teams number since 2020 and I hate it

Chris Boucher hits a huge 3 to cut the lead to 27

Tatum still playing. Stat padding

Do the Celtics have a personal vendetta against this team?   The two Jays are still on the floor putting in full effort in the 30pt blow-out

This ain’t just a beating. This is murder.

The Celtics are gud

Boston starters stat padding against our bench 💀

This is pretty gross and unsportsmanlike conduct

If I'm out there I'm 100% landing under Brown or Tatum.

Not saying I wish an injury but I won’t feel bad if a Celtic star has a season ending injury. This is shameful sportsmanship

I was kinda whatever with Brown and Tatum playing still but thr coaches challenge was just lame on a out of bounds call too lol

I like what boston is doing. They are sending a message and burying us. We are in the same division and in season cup bracket afterall. Savage.

Celtics will lose in first round to Miami Heat and Joe Mazulla will be fired, and it will be glorious.

Dalano sighting, I miss our boy

seeing dalano out there is like seeing your ex with another man lmaooo

Tatum has gotten better and better every single year...dude looks juiced this season, he's been hitting the weight room

Tatum is what, top 6 player, top 5? Fifth or sixth best player in the world, and the best American born player.

Why are Tatum and Brown in the game still? lol

They barely broke a sweat tonight. Just getting in their cardio

joe mazulla got such a punchable face f***ing twerp

Racism wins the day

Boston, to me, is the class of the East. And I feel dirty saying that because I hate them so much.

They have the most talent but Sixers are rolling and have better coaching.

Brogdon/ Smart/ Grant Williams for a relic in Horford and an oft injured Porzingis when the playoffs rolls around, that’s a lot of experience and grit they lost

I’m glad Darko called out that sociopath Mazzulla on the challenge. That was poor sportsmanship from Mazzulla for sure.

I ducking hate the Celtics. First KG/Pierce and now Tatum/Brown. They always have our number.

And we both have the same amount of rings since the fall of the Berlin wall. For a team that likes to flaunt rings.. most of them came from a era where dudes used to dribble the ball up to there eyes



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Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Home, 11/11/23 Empty Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Raptors, Home, 11/11/23

Post by worcester Mon Nov 13, 2023 8:18 am

Quite prescient: "Calling it now, Hauser gonna hit 4 threes"

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