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Blown playoff leads Empty Blown playoff leads

Post by steve3344 on Sun May 20, 2012 12:32 pm

What is it with blown playoff leads this year? I've never seen so many, and the size of the blown leads and the supposed composure of some of the teams blowing them is shocking:

Lakers blow 7 point lead with 2 minutes to go in Game 2 vs OKC.
Lakers blow 13 point lead with 8 minutes to go in Game 4 vs OKC.

Celtics blow 18 point lead in third quarter of Game 4 to Philly and started the game up 18-3.
Philly blows 13 point lead (lead was still 10 with under 11 min to go in the 4th quarter) to Boston in Game 1.
Philly leads Boston by 7 in Game 3 and Celts go on a 50-19 run.

Miami blows 9 point fourth quarter lead to lose Game 2 to Indiana.

Memphis blows 27 point third quarter lead (and amazingly a 24 point lead with 8 minutes to go) in Game 1 vs Clips.

Clippers blow 24 point second quarter lead in Game 3 vs Spurs and actually nearly gets blown out themselves, losing the game by 10, as San Antonio, in one stretch, outscores them 53-17 after trailing 40-16.

And those are just in the second round. Didn't even mention the ones in the first round. Never seen such dramatic swings in one playoff season.


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