Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers, Away, Playoffs Conference Finals #4

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Comments From The Other Side - Cavaliers, Away, Playoffs Conference Finals #4

Post by bobheckler on Thu May 25, 2017 9:26 am

I know I am spoiled. Please just give me another Game 2 or Game 1. Come out aggressive at both ends. Do NOT let the Celtics get any confidence. Bronnie - no more chill mode. Take their souls.

1 minute in and I can tell LeBron is still off.

Lebron already looks lazy

Not gonna lie, I have a little bit of anxiety right now. It’s anxiety about being anxious, though… if LeBron comes out and lays another egg, I’ll be worried he’s injured or some other ongoing thing persists.

I’m anxious too. Who knows if it’s either injuries or pressure? It could be the latter. The Celtics have nothing to lose and everything to gain here.

Cavs looking like they have a case of the nerves

It’s probably the pressure.

Pressure? They’ve been in the finals the last two years.

The Cavs are dealing with more pressure than the Celtics. The Celtics have nothing to lose.

I would love to see cavs more aggressive. Lebron starting the game with 2 3’s isn’t exactly something that is gonna scare Celtics. They’re just praying to see him shooting from distance.

We caught a break on that foul.

LeBron playing like sh** again tonight I guess.

LeBron looks like trash again

F*** this sh**. They have to win by at least 20 to make up for last game's bullsh**.

This Cleveland crowd is horrible. Provides no lift at all

Yes, let's blame the crowd for LeBron not giving a sh**.

We gave these scrubs confidence too.

Bradley is gonna be a thorn in our side

Kyrie has to do better. He can't be on Smart so he needs to play better on Bradley

Maybe LeBron doesn't want be 3-5 in the Finals and he's quitting against his favorite team to quit against?

Why did Lebron pass it when he has Horford Sad

Oh sh** we got away with one

LeBron has problems at home? Wife caught him with a Boston women? Maybe LeBron jealous no woman wanted to pay for his marriage?

Was his confidence really shattered because of this MVP snub thing

Boston is better without IT. He's so f***ing overrated. Their defense is much better. He boggles down their offense. If I'm Boston, I trade his midget a**.

Cavs being beat so far by 1-2 passable starters and a bunch of role players.

Lebronnnnnnn come on man! The warriors are watching

Boston looks like the defending champs tonight.

Lebron is forcing everything right now. Did something happen on their way back from Boston?

Celtics are a better defensive team now freed of Thomas, and they better coached offensively.

I still feel that cavs players don’t have any respect of Celtics players. This sometimes can easily turn to be a terrible mistake.

So we forgot how to play defense because IT is not there?

Any defensive stop we get is because they missed a f***ing wide open shot.

Refs will allow Boston to be scrappy. Our talent will win out.

Celtics have a f***ing D-League roster compared to ours. F*** this sh**.

We look like complete trash.

Look, guys, I am not making excuses. We are playing bad, but it's obvious Boston is better without IT though. Their defense is much better without him.

Their offense might not be that much better. I think it's slightly worse, but their defense is a thousand times better. This sucks, because Boston now will wise up and trade him, and draft a better point guard. I was hoping Boston would overpay him and make him their guy. IT doesn't impact the game that much, despite his great isolating scoring. He's basically a poor man's/undersized Kyrie.

The Warriors might sweep us in the NBA Finals.

If we go out like this to shi**y Boston we'll never hear the end of it

The Celtics have made adjustments that's for sure

Does Deron Williams do anything good on the basketball court? Dude is a f***ing dumpster fire of garbage.

Celtics just want it more than we do.

I really don't give credit to Boston. We were pretty much destroying them until we simply stopped playing.

Isiah Thomas just got exposed Celtics are 10x harder to guard without him stopping the ball every play and playing a shi**y version of the drive and kick.

Celtics are playing outstanding defense.

Is Lue coaching? What is this defense

Lue has always been along for the ride.

I'm sorry but every part of my body tells me Lebron is throwing. I wish I had the slightest clue why but you don't go from playing the best basketball ever, to this lazy bull sh**. Its not fatigue, you don't magically get worn out between 2 games.

Boston has done a great job adjusting to the cavs offence


Might need this to go game 7 just to learn how to play basketball again.

They’re playing good defense, but I’ve NEVER seen our offense get shut down like this against any D. Something is off.

Jonas Jerebko showing more toughness than our whole team.

Boston's role players are executing really really well. After Game 2 their jobs were on the line and they came to play since.

Jerebko just picked a fight with LeBron. LeBron.... engaged.

Don't even want to hear that $#!+. This is the ECF. He shouldn't need some bench scrub to get himself motivated to play.. especially if he's talking about chasing MJ.

I gotta keep reminding myself Boston is a 1 seed. Historically this series is SUPPOSED to be hard

Jerebko needs hit. Somebody gotta teach that Youngblood.

Only thing I'm getting from all of this is Isaiah Thomas being the Celtics biggest problem vs the Cavs.

Officials have it in the bag for Boston.

Jerebko has a seriously punchable face.

Celtics get anything they want thru precision play, Cavs play hero playground ball

They are just calling every touch foul against Cleveland, while Boston’s physical play is considered "good tough defense"

Freaking crowder is going to have his Marcus smart game tonight because we cant defend a lick.

Why is Derron Williams playing?

If LeBron’s on the bench, some one else has to provide the unforced turnovers.

I think we’re losing this series. Lue needs to go

If any city deserved a comeback like this less, it’s Boston.

Screw that "Celtics Pride" crappola Charles. Give mad props to Stevens. How do you feel if you’re IT? Teams fundamentally sounder with you out, and they have the 1st pick and the best player available is a PG.

It must sucks beeing IT now, bittersweet, probably just bitter

this Boston team without IT is burning this vanilla defense, how the hell are they suppose to defend against GS if they cant even do it here.

I’ve never seen a team this unprepared. Simply insane. I think we’re losing this series. Kind of hard to believe

I doubt we will lose this series. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if this series goes to 7 games.

Kelly O trying to kill Love again

Kelly O playing dirty, as expected.

LeBrons body language is awful. He's throwing this game

There are bricks on my porch that have better general problem-solving abilities than Lue.

Love has been really bad on defense outside of that play. Celtics have found a way to expose him defensively.

Shumpert sucks. He's a f***ing scrub. I want him gone after this season.

Amazing how much the refs are letting one team play and how little they're letting the other team play. I mean if refs were gonna fix the game, how different would it look?

So let's assume hypothetically Cleveland wins this series.. Is there a reason Golden State wouldn't copy this exact same game-plan?

Boston is just picking them apart. They've figured something out.

Kevin Love's defense is killing us...

Kevin love really has to be traded. Shooting three"s are nice but the guy is ffing useless

Brad Stevens sure is a bad coach huh

Nba wants warriors/Celts

I thought that would be their nightmare scenario, but they might be warming up to it. I bet Midget Man makes a dramatic return in The Finals, and wins it for Chyna.

If the Cavs goal was to lower expectations for the NBA Finals, let me tell you - mission accomplished fellas.

The NBA does not want a Boston-Warriors finals. This is not rigged.

We lost game 3 because leBron was drunk. We are losing now because the refs gave Lebron 2 BS calls.

What two bullsh** calls? When he swipes Smart in the face or when he pushes Rozier? Or when he intentionally fouls Jonas or when that was a clear charge? The refs are not the reason the Cavs are losing.

I think the Celtics know now that the Cavs are mentally weak. The Cavs don't respond that well to adversity. They two guys who can attack the rim, and basically one guy athletic enough to play lock-down D. If Bron is not engaged, then those numbers are 1 and 0.

LeBron is gone. I don't know what happened to him.

LeBron falls asleep on an Olynk layup

After winning last year, they aren't hungry. And JR is a shadow of his former self. And we miss Delly's heart. And we have no rim-protection.

Our D has more holes than Swiss cheese.

Holy crap. Lebron misses a dunk???

Guess LeBron is broken now

Lebron is throwing the game, if you think anything else you are in denial

LeBron f***ing sucks.

Ok LeBron is our worst player tonight.

Oh sh** khloe getting revenge for that breakup with that voodoo curse.

Her giving Tristan a black eye wasn't enough?

Tyronn Lue always looks like he forgot his lines in the Easter play.

I still can't believe we are actually chasing this f***ing bunch of scrubs.

They don't have a sexy roster on paper, but they're not a sh** team. Especially with Brad Stevens coaching them. That being said, if the Cavs start to match their intensity this game and series will turn real quick.

That last hectic turnover is courtesy of the refs. LeBron actually panicked thinking about a offensive foul so he just threw that b**ch. Now we gotta deal with Brad's out of timeout wide open shot.

Olynyk trying to injure Love again

Man the Celtics are really moving the ball well. Gotta give them credit.

If Kyrie’s injured I may take a nice romantic bath with my toaster tonight

Good job by the NBA not calling any fouls inside. So proud of your refs fixing crap and getting guys injured.

Avery f***ing Bradley balling out... Wtf

He worries me the most of all the Celtics

Well, I'll give em this, probably the most dramatic game we've had all Playoffs, I kind of forgot what it was like to have that sick feeling of doubt

Kyrie pulled a Paul Pierce on us. I was ready to quit on the season

Not true. You can play through a bum ankle but it's likely swelling the F*** up right now.

And he won the chip that season. Hope it means something.

Don’t know why the Celtics are getting bailed out on foul calls at the Q

I’m not sure complaining about foul calls in this series is fair

Refs and variance have never been kinder to such a garbage team.

Crowder has been killing us with the 3s

Last game was smart, this game Crowder somebody else is going off in game 5.

Jerebko looked like he wanted to punch the ref

Looks like he wants to punch a lot of people.

Some thing I don't get leaving their shooter and over helping in the paint , leaving wide open guys. We cant continue this stuff

You can when you’re helping off godawful shooters like… literally every Boston player. They are hitting trash shots.

If the refs would ever call a fair game for LeBron, maybe we wouldn’t have to be risking injury to Love and Kyrie right now

**** those refs

Everybody high-fiving/ chest bumping Kyrie, except for LBJ who's just sulking.

THEORY: LeBron dogged 6 quarters to get Kyrie totally engaged & locked in for the Finals.

Might as well give Boston the win because the refs gonna give it to them

Marcus Smart airballs a 3-pointer. Cavs fan in the crowd: "THERE’S THE MARCUS SMART WE KNOW!" Smart: 1-8 FG, 1-5 3PT, 8 points.

Nice defense again by Kevin Love. Guy has been flat out great this series.

These Celtics are the biggest bunch of actors I've ever seen, flailing all over the place.

Refs trying to ensure the spread gets covered

Bron just got beat badly by Horford on the dribble

LeBron could have had 40+ by now if refs treated him like they treat Isaiah Thomas and James Harden.

Obviously we lost game 3 on purpose just to torture the Warriors.

Jerebko. Because Olynyk wasn't annoying enough.

Ugh. This series should be over now and instead we have to go back to Boston with both Kyrie & Love hobbled.

Cavs are a lock to win the championship.

Won it with 3 guys... Everyone else did next to nothing...

So annoyed they gotta play Thursday....

On the positive side, Boston's style and personnel always gave Golden State problems [2-2 vs. Boston in the last two regular seasons]. It's going to help us in the finals (MY NOTE: what? Huh? Boston, which is giving them trouble, beat GSW 2x this year and you think that will help you? GSW is better than us, dumbass, and if you're having problems with us you are going to have the same problems and more against them)

Boston has been moving the ball really really well in these last 6 quarters. Great prep for Golden State.

They need to come out guns ablazing in game 5 because you know Boston will. Don't give that team life. Play the first three quarters the way they did the second half tonight.

The Cavs come back from 16 down, and all the crew wants to ask Love is, "why is Boston good now? Do you not respect them?" They're a F***ing NBA team!.

Marcus Smart: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Good win, but we should not have to be down 16 to this team. I love what chuck said we need to play with some desperation to have a chance against GSW

I still think LeBron was on "chill mode" last game to create that adversity. Then he let himself get 4 fouls to add to that. Then in the second half, he just went F*** it, now we win after seeing Kyrie and Love can take over when he’s not playing well.



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