Andrew Wiggins in Contract Extension Talks

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Is Andrew Wiggins Worth a Max Contract

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Andrew Wiggins in Contract Extension Talks

Post by bobheckler on Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:08 am

The rumor is that he is demanding, and will receive, a max contract.  The numbers being bantied about is 5-years, about $150M.

His last year stats are 37.2mpg, is very durable and played every game (has only missed 1 game in 3 years, in fact), 23.6 points/game, 45.2% fg%, 35.6% 3pt fg%, 76% ft%, 4.0 reb/game, 2.3 assists/game, 2.3 TO/game, 1 steal/game.  He does not have a rep for being a stand out defender.

Is he worth this contract?

Timberwolves Roundup: Glen Taylor on Wiggins’ contract situation

by Ben Beecken1 week agoFollow @bbeecken

Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor has gone on the record with some comments regarding Andrew Wiggins‘ contract situation and the possibility that he could receive a maximum deal.

This is the off-season that the Timberwolves will have to make a decision regarding a max-contract for soon-to-be fourth-year wing Andrew Wiggins.

To this date, Wiggins has been far from a contributor that would normally be considered a “max-player”; while the 20.4 points per game career average (not to mention the 23.6 point-per-game average as a 21-year-old) is gaudy, the defensive production and offensive efficiency has been sorely lacking.

Brian Sampson and I discussed the prospect of maxing Wiggins on the most recent edition of the Dunking With Wolves Podcast, and the consensus was more or less that despite the actual production not equaling what would normally be required of a max contract, the potential of Wiggins and the idea of building around him along with Karl-Anthony Towns and now Jimmy Butler is enough to warrant the Wolves handing out such a deal.

Wiggins is painfully young, and it’s easy to forget that. I’ve watched more than 95 percent of the Wolves games over his three-year career and still had my mind boggled when I pulled up his page and was reminded that he’s just coming off of his age-21 season.

The efficiency issues are one thing; Wiggins can make tough shots, get to the rim, and get to the free throw line, and it simply feels like he needs to play in the right scheme and with the right players to help him get better shots. The passing, rebounding, and defense are more concerning.

A player with the size and athleticism of Wiggins should not have a career rebound rate of just 6.5 percent. Similarly, a lack of assists suggest problems with awareness and understanding the flow of the offense. Defensive issues are more a combination of fitting within the team’s scheme, effort, and consistently drawing difficult assignments as a 21-year-old.

There’s certainly still a world of promise — Jimmy Butler wasn’t a star all of a sudden in his first couple of seasons, either. And Wolves owner Glen Taylor has already come out and said that the Wolves are working on signing Wiggins to the maximum contract.

Interestingly, Taylor has also listed Wiggins as “kind of untouchable”. This would suggest that Wiggins has not yet been included in the Timberwolves’ offer that they’ve reportedly already made to the Cleveland for the unhappy Kyrie Irving.

It isn’t crazy to think that Taylor has sapped some leverage from the front office with some of his comments, but the Minnesotan and longtime Wolves owner tends to speak his mind. Of course, Taylor reportedly didn’t want to trade Ricky Rubio, either, and that ended up happening, so it’s plausible that Tom Thibodeau and Scott Layden could talk him into a Wiggins trade if it brings back a true superstar.

This will be a situation to keep an eye on, as there is no major rush to ink Wiggins’ contract but the Irving rumors and trade talks will be ongoing over the next few months.



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Re: Andrew Wiggins in Contract Extension Talks

Post by dboss on Sun Aug 06, 2017 3:03 pm

No one is worth $150 mill but in this insane world that is the going rate.

Wiggins should grow into the contract.  He still has work to do but he has not been a disappointment.  I thought Cleveland should have kept him.

I think his defense will improve as well as his 3 point shooting.  The Twolves are set up nicely to make some noise


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Re: Andrew Wiggins in Contract Extension Talks

Post by bobheckler on Tue Aug 08, 2017 4:46 pm

The Timberwolves just want Andrew Wiggins to promise he'll get better

Ben Rohrbach, Ball Don't Lie

Aug 8, 2017, 4:00 PM

Andrew Wiggins is used to trying to live up to his considerable promise. (AP)

Over the past few weeks, we’ve already learned that Andrew Wiggins wants “nothing less” than a max contract extension, and Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor has no trouble offering him one, so it seems the only hurdle left is for the two sides to shake on an agreement and put pen to paper.

That handshake deal, though, may not come quite as easily as Taylor and Wiggins have made it seem.

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While Taylor remains adamant the team is committed to signing Wiggins to a five-year, $148 million max extension by the October 16 deadline, telling the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Sid Hartman this week that the 22-year-old former No. 1 overall pick also “is not available to anybody in a trade,” the Wolves owner included one small caveat to his offer: Wiggins must promise to become a better player.

Jon Krawczynski ✔ @APkrawczynski
Wolves owner Glen Taylor tells AP he is ready to give Wiggins max, but 1st wants meeting to hear from AW that he's committed to improving
4:56 PM - Aug 7, 2017
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It’s sort of a “no duh” statement. Every team hopes a budding young scorer who signs for roughly $30 million annually will commit himself to becoming a more well-rounded player. But it’s also a quaint notion from the 76-year-old Taylor. Will Wiggins be any more likely to improve over the next five years if he looks a man in the eye and shakes on it? Who knows, but you’ve got to respect the heck out of it.

“To me, by making this offer, I’m speculating that his contribution to the team will be more in the future,” Taylor told The Associated Press. “We’ve got to be better. He can’t be paid just for what he’s doing today. He’s got to be better.

“So when you’re talking about negotiations on his part, I’m already extending to him that I’m willing to meet the max. But there are some things that I need out of him, and that is the commitment to be a better player than you are today.”

“I just think it’s important. If a guy is a real star and he really cares about it, which I think he does, I think it’s a commitment. I’m not sure that he wouldn’t do it anyway. But I think that’s part of the negotiations.”

And, really, from Taylor’s perspective, getting better shouldn’t be all that difficult for Wiggins. The Timberwolves owner added of Wiggins to the AP’s Jon Krawczynski, “He seems to have the ability and so the only thing it would be is for some reason he didn’t work hard enough to obtain the skill sets.”

Of course, it would be ridiculous for Wiggins’ agent, Bill Duffy, who will reportedly meet with Taylor next week, to agree to a clause in his contract that would require him to improve through 2024. The National Basketball Players’ Association almost certainly would throw a fit over such an agreement. But promising the owner in a face-to-face meeting that you will at least try is something of a start.

All that said, Wiggins must improve to be worth the investment, and he has already shown the ability to doing so. His points per game and 3-point efficiency has improved in each of his first three seasons, culminating in career-highs of 23.6 points per game and 35.6 percent shooting from distance this past year. As our own Dan Devine has noted on multiple occasions, he’s one of just 13 players ever to average 23 points before age 22, joining Timberwolves teammate Karl-Anthony Towns and former MVPs Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, LeBron James and Allen Iverson, among others.

Still, Wiggins has room left for improvement offensively and hasn’t proven to be the playmaker (five assist points created) or rebounder (6.3 rebound percentage) a team might expect from a max-salary wing. What’s worse,’s metrics rated him as the league’s worst defender in 2016-17.

Under a defensive mind like Tom Thibodeau, one would think Wiggins and the Wolves will improve this season after posting a bottom-five 109.1 defensive rating in their first year for the head coach. And the additions of hardworking All-Star wing Jimmy Butler and veteran locker room guys Taj Gibson and Jamal Crawford should only further help Wiggins make strides both on and off the court. In a perfect world, Butler’s presence will allow Wiggins to operate and facilitate more easily in the offense, and two players who were stalwarts for Thibodeau in Chicago will help drive home a defense-first culture.

But Taylor seems more intent on a promise from Wiggins than those handshake-less expectations. Considering the Wolves owner has already pledged publicly to give him the max extension and not trade him in a deal for a certain available 25-year-old point guard, it’s hard to imagine Wiggins throwing his hands up at this point and telling Taylor, Well, you see, I’m just not that committed to improving. Which means he will likely sign a max extension at some point in the next couple months.

Then, the only thing left for Wiggins is to live up to that promise, which just means nothing’s changed.



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Re: Andrew Wiggins in Contract Extension Talks

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