Comments From The Other Side - vs Pacers, Home, 11/1/23

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Pacers, Home, 11/1/23  Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Pacers, Home, 11/1/23

Post by bobheckler Thu Nov 02, 2023 5:40 pm

Don't get blown out by 30 and that is a win in my book.

Ben Sheppard about to drop 50 on the Celtics.

This is one of those games where you could see the guys who aren't getting playing time come in and shock the celtics. It wouldn't surprise me to see Sheppard/Nwora come out on fire and make this a game.

Theis can probably actually play decent defense on Porzingis, but he probably won't get off the bench.

So a bunch of people are sitting out already? Gotta love the NBA

Despite the odds, I think there's a decent chance we pull off this W.

I think we match up well vs the Celtics. So far this year (and last year imo) we have struggled against teams with strong, bully big men. Celtics aren't that team.

Neismith is going to have a chip on his shoulder headed back to the Garden for the first time since his extension (evidenced by his IG post that made the rounds here).

We aren't the favorites, not even close... but I am of the opinion that this might be a trap game for the Celtics.  Pacers W incoming!

I think that you had a lotta beer. Maybe watch the game sober?

maybe we saved all the made 3s from Monday for tonight

I’m not sure playing this game will be necessary.

Man, the celtics have had one of the best starting fives in the league, and we have to play without Haliburton? Might be tough tonight

We took out Golden State and LA on a west coat road trip last year with less and they are gonna play hard after Mondays performance. But I won't lie, Porzingas worries me.

The Celtics are bombers and have some excellent one-on-one scorers. It will be interesting how the Pacers stay at home and stay connected to shooters defense holds up or adjusts against a team that shoots a ton of 3s and has a really good one-on-one shot-creators

Spread up to 13 with no Tyrese. I figure it will be close to 15 by tip.

I'm taking the Pacers and the 13.5

Man imagine having 4 all stars for your starting lineup

Only person who could slow down this Boston offense is TJ McConnell

Any team is gonna get blown out by the celtics without their best player

I literally f***ing hate the celtics. Hate Tatum Brown White Porzingas. ONLY one I like is holiday. This team ain't ever winning a championship. F*** the Celtics.

I didn't know Bob knight died, he's throwing chairs at angels now

Screaming at Gabriel to quit polishing his horn and grab a da** rebound

These Celtics are not as deep as they've been in the past few years and I see us making up quite a bit of ground in the 2nd quarter.

Good lord. This Celtics lineup is a buzzsaw.

Pro: We're getting a lot of open looks    Con: We've missed all of them

Bald Derek White just throws me off

Da**, we really can’t guard Derrick White lmao. That cut gave him superpowers.

Tatum and White are destroying us

there’s only so much you can do vs tatum, his upper body strength and his hands look much better.

i miss oshae

anyone find a stream with the pacers commentators they can dm me? i can't listen to these celtics announcers for much longer

They aren't even bad announcers. They've complimented the Pacers like 5 times in a quarter where we got blown out

may be wrong but i feel like if you shoot 0% from three and the other team shoots 80%, you’re probably not gonna have a good chance at winning

Is Theis that bad that I jax gets run before him. Were not even going fast pace cause they are scoring at will anyways lol

Theis should be playing over Jackson. Jackson is a liability

It feels like Boston hasn't missed a single shot. Our defense doesn't look as uninspired as it did against the bulls.

TJ on Tatum with no help is a bad plan

Lol 1-13 from 3. It would be hard to shoot this way if you were trying to just hit the rim specifically

jrue holiday destroying us not even breathing//hard breaking a sweat

Congrats to Bruce Brown in robbing Pacers with their eyes wide open.

when i heard about the signing, i was wondering if i was thinking of the right guy..."that little generic dude who doesn't really do anything?" ... but yeah, that's him...

if anyone in the league is more overpaid than bruce brown, it actually might be jaylen brown

Well I know we aren’t winning but you can just tell that The Pacers are true contenders. (Contenders for the 8th seed).

We’re coming for that in-season tournament trophy. Get the banner ready.

Yikes this team sucks

imagine how good the celtics would be if they didn't have a third of their cap tied down in jaylen brown lol

these boston annoucers are horrible. wrong on every call. Its laughable

Nobody in Boston can stand scalabrine either so ur not alone 😆

Joe Mazulla is such a ****. Looks like a lizard

Both teams have attempted 17 3s. Pacers have made 3, Boston has made 10.   Pacers trail by 21. Basketball is a funny game

These Celtic announcers are probably the worst I've ever heard...

I briefly unmuted it...

"Am I the only one in the building that saw that hit the rim???" -Scalabrine

Ball clearly misses the rim.
"Oh....maybe it didn't"

Then it was back on mute.

I don't think Gorman is as bad...but Scalabrine seems to consciously try to replicate Heinsohn's ridiculous homerism. I'm not sure how Celtics fans even listen without rolling their eyes at times.

I'm a data analytics student and if we can stay within 20-ish points, we will probably not win.

This throwback 90s game is giving me nostalgia

Would never happen but dreaming about how elite a Tatum-Hali duo would be

Mercy rule?

Tell nembhard he has 4 guys around who play on the same team too

our defense needs to improve. It’s atrocious

now are u just saying this because we are making derek white look like a first ballot HoFer?

Here I was thinking I'd be slick and bet the pacers would loose by no more than 13

Everytime we miss a 3 they make 1 lmfao

Absolutely zero positives from this game

Put me in coach I can hit 4 out of every 24 3 pointers

Heat check 3's without the pesky "heat" part.

Off topic from this "basketball" game, it's amusing to me that every disgruntled diva in the nba is playing on the clippers now.

This is giving... depression

I think we turn it around in the fourth.

Please not another quarter……

Genuinely curious and this is probably offensive... but does Joe Mazzulla have autism?

my guy delete this and rethink your life choices

You’re a real fan if you’re still watching rn lmao

Let’s all forget this happened

Celtics have a really good squad this year.  If Jaylen Brown doesn't get up to his usual antics, they might go all the way.

let’s bundle Buddy TJM and some picks for a real player please

Might as well start subbing in people from the stands. We look absolutely horrendous tonight

Celtics are the monstars, no other explanation

Bucks better bro

The team losing by 20 to the raptors? Lol

MIL getting throttled again for some reason, this time by the cRaps

i’m not too worried, the celtics are legit and we could not hit anything

We are like ten games away from me opening the tanking thread

it's hilarious how much better tatum is than jaylen brown

shameful...Celtics literally playing their managers against us now

That’s what Celtics thought Pacers were doing in the first quarter.

aight i’m signing off - i can’t watch another Hauser three

Only a 48 point deficit we got this EZ

4-34 from 3 point range? Lol maybe stop shooting those tonight.

I thought we had good depth this year...and then we played the celtics. What a naive idiot I was.

Ladies and gentlemen...put your hands together for your Indiana Slump Busters!!!

This is the type of performance that should get Carlisle fired. However with the Pacers doing Pacers things, they gave him a contract extension .

I'm seeing worst pacers loss ever is 59, let's see if us idiots still watching are witness to history

At this point im cheering for it so I can at least say I saw my team accomplish something

We should trade for Sam Hauser. He made as many 3s as the whole team and had 30 less attempts.

Celtics shooting was absurd

Aaannny minute now they're going to miss my advanced analytics says so.

Maybe Carlisle isn't it?

Indeed, he should've drawn "Shoot better than 10% from 3" on his white board...

this is not fun

Daniel Theis must really be on Rick’s **** list. A vet that can’t get in during a 50 point blow out.

Blowouts losses are tough. Blowouts when you allow 155 points and lose by 51 are demoralizing.

The Celts shot 57/57/96

Can't stop a nose bleed

The Pacers should be sending all season ticket holders an email begging them to come to the games this weekend after this absolutely embarrassing display.

With this game's result, Penn Station has a special "buy one, get nothing whatsoever" promotion.

We didn't lose the game we just ran out of time

kept it close, that's all you could hope for

Oshae Brissett revenge game



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Comments From The Other Side - vs Pacers, Home, 11/1/23  Empty Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Pacers, Home, 11/1/23

Post by pete Thu Nov 02, 2023 6:43 pm

We didn’t loose, just ran out of time


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