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Comments From The Other Side - vs Knicks, Home, 11/13/23 Empty Comments From The Other Side - vs Knicks, Home, 11/13/23

Post by bobheckler Tue Nov 14, 2023 3:50 pm

by FLCeltsFan

I will be at the game sending major, positive vibes. Unfortunately, my buddy and I will be outnumbered something like 17,998-2 but i nonetheless expect victory for the Knicks!

We beat us last time. Brunson and Randle played like sh** in that game. We could be 7-2 right now. Oh well. We will be 6-4 after tonight!

"We beat us" is an excuse. Give credit to Boston's defense.

Maybe the Knicks missed shots the first game....ohhhh I don't know ..... because Boston has the 3rd best defensive rating in the league and the Knicks have the easiest offense to defend.

IQ going for 51 tonight, take that Maxey

I think you should just put Mitch on Jrue and live and die with Jrue taking way more 3's than he's comfortable shooting. He is clearly there worst shooter from range.

I was actually watching a clip recently of Jrue guarding centers Laughing    Apparently he is a beast.

I’ll be interested to see if Mazzula keeps up the cross matches he did in game one. Constantly changing who the primary defender was on Brunson and Randle really frustrated them.

Biggest game of the year … so far.

im feeling blowout L wire to wire

Scal is horrible.

These marble mouth Boston announcers suck

1 Minute in, and already time to mute the Celtics announcers...

The Bruins and Red Sox also have unbearable announcers so it must be a Boston thing lol

derrick white so damn ugly

I am sure the game thread will have nothing but positive vibes even if the Knicks lose badly. I am also sure that my hairline will magically come back with no external intervention.

We got no answer for Tatum rn

This is the scariest Cs team Tatum has been on imho  Their bench is meh but that starting 5 sheesh

These Boston commentators need to be hit with a rock

Forced to hear the Boston feed, not a pair of sewing needles in the world long enough to jam into my eardrums.

I might not make it through this game with Scalabrine

The Celtics bench is truly a**. We gotta take advantage of that

Brian scalabrine is the Brian scalabrine of announcers

Saw Derrick White from afar and had an Alzheimer’s moment thinking it was Fournier

Listening to the BOS broadcasting team on NBA TV is horrific. These guys are terrible.

We’re weirdly getting all the calls. That yin is gonna yang.

Brown went left …sorta 😮

Robinson gets elbowed while jumping up for the rebound by Horford but yea let’s not call that a foul, let’s call Randle fighting for the ball with KP without even touching him a foul.

Porzingis rim protection is absolutely killing us man wtf is this

Mitch shutting down the unicorn.

If the Knicks keep KP in check there's zero chance the Celtics win this game.    Tatum can't win by himself

Boston fouling like crazy

We own the Celtics.

RJ prolly shouldn’t be on the bench with a migraine at TD Garden…

This lineup with Porzingus and Horford is gonna be tough to face for three more quarters. Their bench is full of pesky defenders and shooters. I’ll be ecstatic if we win this game. If we don’t, I’ll understand.These annoying Celtics won't go away.

Jrue is a gnat on defense, always buzzing around and just annoying

If you took a photo of Divencenzo in overalls, a straw hat, chewing on a piece of wheat and told me his name was Tobias Cornhopper from Kentucky I would absolutely believe you. Dude has that look.

Their lineups look massive compared to ours

Randle for Jaylen. Would you do it?

Celtics needing a noise meter is pathetic

f*** hauser

Hauser killing us

This Sam Hauser f***er is an annoying little pr***.

Are the refs being weird tonight or is that just me?

It’s Boston. It’s always been this way.

Hitting Tatum with Jordan Rules?

Ain’t no way Jrue got that clean lol. Once you get that defensive reputation you can do anything


I’ve had enough of hauser

Celtics cut away to a full screen shot of Adam silver. Wtf show us the game you idiots. This broadcast is a joke

Can’t believe they really interviewed a human version of Dobby the house elf. That was such a painful segment to listen to

Celtics fans have had to listen to this boring ass dude for 43 years. I almost feel bad for them.

Refs letting Boston get away with murder man

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 45,000,001 times: Sam Hauser is dumbface Gordon Hayward.

Jrue Holliday is annoying.

Zingus is cooking Mitch

Zinger keeping them in it.

Hate everything about Boston

I literally wish I was Payton Pritchard

These Celtics announcers are by far the worst in the league. Actually painful to listen to

They're unabashed homers. The absolute worst. The C's never do anything wrong and the other team is always at fault.

Knicks are not losing this game.   The Knicks depth should get us the lead over the next 5 minute

When is KP going to do his miss half the season routine?


What in the phantom fouls? These refs are biased.

Looking like Porzingis learned to do a hook shot

Porzingis with the strong 1 Reb half.  Not bad for such a small guy.

Have to beat one of the best teams in the league and the refs

These refs are on a mission when it comes to the Celtics.

lol they just giving every call to the Celtics man

It's blatant cheating to appease the sports betting degenerates

Randle is such a lazy bum

Randle makes me want to eat my own vomit after I've ripped my eyes out with a rusty spoon.  Need this bloke gone off the team ASAP.

Can we get a whistle as generous as the Celtics get???

almost called a foul on the celtics good thing he corrected himself

td garden so quiet when they're not pumping in crowd noise

Randle ran over pingus

KP is Mr. Glass, keep going at him, Jules

Tatum whines like a mf

wow refs are boston fans tonight   (MY NOTE:  For the record they took 24 ftas vs 16 for us.)

absolutely infuriating playing against the refs

This derrick white is doing some funky stuff, first Randle now poking JB's eye

Silver came to watch this ref job in person smh

I really dislike this Celtics team.

People just need to accept the fact that Randle hates his kid. He’d be playing to win if he cares Kyden cries every time the Knicks lose

Good defense in the NBA is just fouling and having a good reputation with the refs

Derrick White gets away with murder

Refs too distracted by whites bald head to see him running around slapping everyone?

His shiny head blinds the refs

Every day I pray that porzingis gets deported

KP going to BOS instead of us getting him really shifted the power to BOS.

KP won’t last. Save yourself the grief.

Hard to watch a game like this and pretend the NBA isnt rigged

DWhite goes around slapping wrists and calling it defense and the refs are good with it

porzingus getting injured for flopping would be funny af

Celtics always have the refs in their pocket and their fans somehow complain that they never get the calls they deserve

I’ve seen enough of f***ing Julius Randle. I want him gone from this team.

Don't worry. Randle will have a single good game 2 weeks from now and this sub will make 7 posts talking about sign the randle apology form

Randle is a piece of trash

Hauser is the epitome of what every Boston fans love… but we probs shouldn’t leave him open.

Add Hauser to the long list of Knicks killers 😒

Randle has to be the worst all nba player in the history of the league.

This offense looks nothing like yesterday. What happened?

The Celtics are not the Hornets, that's what happened.

IQ getting locked up by pritchard? is that serious

White and Holiday both should have fouled out by now. White is getting away with murder. every steal is across the arm.

brown is awfully elbow-y

Jaylen Brown is the better NBA talent. Tatum can get hot and is very good, but Tatum's talent is not off the charts or close.


They have these random white guys who are unconscious from 3 like wtf

Tatum has that kobe MJ 15 foot fade away jumper

happy for jrue getting his 15000pt against us lol

These aren't the same Celtics we've been facing the last couple years. They got way more fire power than we do

Does tatum ever not push off?

What a FLOP from Tatum! Deserves 5 freethrows from that Oscar worthy performance!!!

Tatum is too good must be nice to have a superstar

This team will go without a true star player for the next 100 years. Will always be in the shadow of a team like the Celtics.

the bucks did jrue a big favor trading him to Boston lol

I wish the Knicks had a Jayson Tatum

Toss Tatum, give him a double T

Tatum looks like he has a girly voice

I hope everyone on Boston gets hurt. Just kidding. Kinda.

Man it’d be nice to have a guy like Tatum

tatum is pretty good. might want to guard him.

Tatum is simply unstoppable. This is the only guy I fear in the east

Not much you can do when Tatum decides to stop missing.

wish we had a wing like tatum

all our players taking turns guarding tatum and he lighting all of them up  and when we double, which we did plenty, he finds the open man. 7 assists.

Well the good news is that we're not facing Boston until february now

Why can’t we ever draft someone like Tatum

hate the celtics so much

Hate losing to these f***s. dirty irish scumbags.

Brooklyn Nets gifting Boston with Tatum and Brown is unforgivable.

Tatum’s embarrassing our whole team smh

This Celtics team probably gonna be in the finals against Denver let’s be honest.

They gotta beat Miami first.

up 16 with 2 min left and playing "hack-a-mitch" smh lol

Intentional foul up by 16? That's legit disgusting.

Celts got 21 points out of their center.    Our gets hack-a-mitched ...

If anyone deserves to have bad karma happen to them, it's the Celtics.

When you're still launching 3s when you're up by 16 with clock winding down, there needs to be consequences.

Jrue and White are really good. thats my takeaway

I hate the celtics more than any team in the NBA, dating back to Paul Pierce and his bullsh**.



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Comments From The Other Side - vs Knicks, Home, 11/13/23 Empty Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Knicks, Home, 11/13/23

Post by worcester Tue Nov 14, 2023 7:00 pm

I love the Knicks fans. So predictably despondent.

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