Vegas Summer League Game number 1 - vs Lakers

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Re: Vegas Summer League Game number 1 - vs Lakers

Post by wideclyde on Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:23 pm

If Jordan Mickey is still on our roster this year he must be being given the "James Young No Timeline" deal because he has not yet earned any substantial minutes in a Cs uniform even though he has performed pretty well for the Red Claws in the G League.

There comes a time when a guy has to at least begin to show himself as a potential NBA player. Young never did after four full seasons, and Mickey has done no better after two full seasons.

Of course, he is not going to break the Cs bank if he is still with us this year, but I would think that his roster spot (#14 or #15 ?) could be filled with a different young guy who could possibly grow into a much better NBA player than Mickey has since signing two seasons ago.

I don't hate this kid and he does seem like a good kid and teammate, but not sure that I would wait any longer for him either. He still looked lost last season when he did play, but not as lost as Young looked in his fourth season.

Unfortunately, not all athletes (no matter how uber athletic they may be) can survive at the top of the pyramid in any particular sport because there is also a mental side of being a top level athlete.


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Re: Vegas Summer League Game number 1 - vs Lakers

Post by gyso on Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:28 pm

gyso wrote:The spotrac salary cap page doesn't agree with the HoopsHype page:

It says:
Jordan Mickey is non-guaranteed.
Demetrius Jackson  is partially guaranteed.

Just something else to confuse us.


Just a quick comment. Use the spotrac link. Press the player's name and the contract info comes up.

It says about Jordan Mickey:

2017 non-guaranteed, full guaranteed if not waived on or before 7/14/17

It says about Demetrius Jackson:

2017 non-guaranteed, $650k guaranteed if not waived on or before 7/15/17



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