Comments From The Other Side - vs Mavericks, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Mavericks, Home

Post by bobheckler on Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:10 pm

Mavs Win. (by losing)

Typing that we were 5-5 over the last 10 is probably the most depressing thing I've typed all season.

I would love to see Dallas come away with the win here, I think it would mean a lot to this team. And yes, I know winning messes up the draft plan, but I don't care. That's what the FO makes big money to figure out. As a fan I don't cheer quite are hard for long term strategical planning, I just want to see my team kick some ass every damn time.

Maybe it would be best if they put up a good showing and nearly pull off the upset but ultimately lose because they are outmatched.

Lets pound these MRFRS into Bolivian!!

Ugh. Between injuries and teams choosing the Mavs to take their effort vacation, we're winning too many games.

No Marcus Morris and also no Jaylen Brown for Boston tonight. Awesome.

Marcus Smart starting. Hope DSJ can get off to a good start. Kyrie coming at you on offense and Smart body'n you up on D isn't the easiest assignment for a rookie.

If this is a win I’ll need the playoff train to stop for a moment so I can get on.

Frankly they are already ahead of schedule with 7 wins before January. (By my depressing 20 something win prediction)

This is the beginning of a monster win streak. Gotta be optimistic! And a little irrational!

The Mavs are about to hit a major slump...and "tank" goodness for that

Who would have you picked if we tanked last year? And assume you got that 1st spot with your 25%, 20% or 12% odds.

This is an interesting question I remember not being blown away by Fultz or Ball. I probably would have traded down like Boston did, but taken Fox instead.

My 1st pick was Fultz Because though not by far, he was the consensus pick; and never NEVER trade the first pick. As a GM, you can survive a bust, but can’t survive if that 1st pick turns into a superstar. My 2nd and 3rd choices were trading down. People said I must be crazy to trade down from Lonzo Ball

Its easy to say that I would have picked Tatum over the other 2 but that is totally in hindsight. I probably would have gone Fultz no question. And I still believe he is the most talented player in that draft, he just hasn’t had a chance to prove it yet because of injuries.

Kyrie seems to be extra motivated against DSJ Kyrie went off last time but I think playing against DSJ may had something to do with it. Like he wanted to show a very promising rookie that he was the top dog and played extra hard against him. Anyone else see that too? Maybe that is why Carlisle didn’t play DSJ in the 4th last time, to reduce Kyrie’s motivation!

Celtics missing both Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris So, yet another potential win that’s tarnished by opposing injuries.

Huh? Should be a win? Because of Brown and Morris? Couldn’t care less if those dudes played or not. A win is highly unlikely on the road against the team with the league’s best record.

Smeltics overrated they'll drop down sooner or later

Brown's one of, if not their best, defenders, and Morris is a solid defender and the primary source of their scoring off the bench On top of that, Brown is averaging 15pts/gm, the team’s second highest scorer

With all due respect If Kyrie and Horford were out, then I’d be willing to play the injury card. They still have more than enough talent to roast us.

Wtf Al Horford is shooting 45% from 3 and Tatum 51%???

Horford only had 3 points against us I wonder if he’ll be more aggressive. Although he did have 7 assists in that game

Horford is such a fantastic player I’m still miffed the Mavs never seemed to show interest in him. What Rick could do with such a super-high game IQ player… endless possibilities!

Ugh never liked him

Yeah definitely a great player I’m actually surprised they’re so good at defense with him in the middle considering he’s not that imposing of a defensive center. They’ve got pretty good perimeter defense though.

Time to get back on the losing ways tonight

The rate Smith gets rejected is utterly embarrassing.

Please send Salah in to PUNK that flipping dipsnot Irving and his jacked up facemask.

WHAT IS THIS REF'S ISSUE? That was CLEARLY Irving going high with an elbow that gets a double tech on Dennis because the REF isnt' doing his job.
THEN the SAME DUDE blows a call against Wes, and then gets mad when someone points it out..

Refs already taking control of this game

Agree on DSJ tech, ref not seeing it right.

Dennis was just letting kyrie know he's not playing, ref

Ack no don’t piss off kyrie

Maxi almost postered Daniel theis

who's Daniel theis

Mavs in panic mode They fear they might win this one hence couple of quick T.

Tatum get hella fouls. DSJ get nun. NBA must still hate Cuban

The Celtics group RN has no offense

Smart thought he got fouled and was selling it, then realized in the middle of his drama that Baynes did

Larkin revenge game?

how are you going to leave former mavs draft bust larkin open

I forgot Yabusele existed

Why did I think that was Anthony Bennett

Daniel theis tho  

Thisssss is the most annoying thing about the Celtics Shit like that seems TOO lucky

Luck of the leprechaun

Doesn't look so tough right now. Just Kyrie and a bunch of his pals. They could win this. Theres Brad Stevens

Revenge three's by Larkin.

A win tonight would be pretty cool.

No it would suck as always.

Cubes is all happy i’m watching smeldicks broadcast cause i’d rather put up with heinshon’s whining than harper

i love watching opposing broadcasts when i'm rooting for the away team but i hate it otherwise

Kleber with a block party

Maxi is growing up in this league tonight he straight up slapped horford like it's nothing

DSJ taking it to Kyrie

I know they got into it tonight but Dennis should spend every moment he can watching video of Kyrie. He’s the exact type of PG Dennis can become. Dennis needs to work on his handles, he should be able to drive by anyone he wants at any time.

Curious if Boston coasting, they seem a little lazy. Dallas had a fun to watch half.

Cmon Boston. Time to start another 15 game win streak tonight. Cant you see we’re trying to draft Bamba

Y'all think Nerlens is snacking on a bratwurst right now?

Smith 4/13, blocked FIVE times.

3rd quarter collapse again deja vu

Classic Mavs 3rd quarter They are getting shut down

#TeamTank we have a pulse!

DSJ sucks. Nobody will admit it of course. He is our new Roddy.

Smith is 4/15, sad thing is that’s a good shooting night for him. He is the worst shooter I have ever seen.

You don't watch many rookies then. Most rookies have to work on their shot. Tatum is a very good shooter for a rookie but he wouldn't look quite as good if not for all of that spacing Boston has.

I guess if DSJ shoots like Lonzo you would be praising him?

I mean at least Lonzo impacts the game in other ways. Dennis chucks, bricks, gets swatted.

i hope boston puts in that trash lineup again lol gotta get that offense flowing again like first half

The fact that everybody on the Celtics is determined to not miss a 3 Is really pissing me off

That stretch of the Mavs daring Smart and Rozier to shoot Made me feel soooooo smug. Like, Vegeta level smug.

That woman was wearing a long sleeve black t And overalls Boston people look like you’re in lewisville

I swear With the lineup Boston has out, they better increase the lead

These refs really aren't blowing their whistles much.

they are really losing the lead to this scrub lineup

Get a T, Brad. We could use the point.

Larkin always plays well against us

Lol that was straight up embarrassing by this group Getting outscored by what 8? By Larkin – Rozier – Smart – Someone – Someone

I'd like to smack the smug off of horford's face

Team tank back on schedule.

I hate JJ so much

I think JJ's arms are like 18 inches long max...

He's got a solid 5'10 wingspan

I think our entire guard line up might have the smallest wingspan in the nba. And take smith out of the equation… probably worst combined vertical

Kyrie dribbling is so good. I love that out front wild dribble to get between people. He’s gotta be the best ball handler in the NBA.

Kyrie gets breathed on, gets a ****ing call Yogi and dsj get bumped literally the same exact way and these blind ****ing zebras keep the whistle in their ***** mouth

This game is perfect for us Chippy at times with adversity and we’re still gunning for top 3 draft pick

This one hurts. We'll be lucky to get 3 or 4 wins the rest of this month.

smeltics are good but they're not the best team in the nba not even close

They have the best record But the Lebroniers are the best team in the east

I dunno I think the LeBarons are going to have trouble making the finals.

They just won 13 in a row Nah no one out east is going to stop them if they’re healthy

Lol 13 game win streak with a just 3 pt differential against mostly crap teams and no top tier teams while playing Lebron close to 40 mins a game.

Sorry to tell you man But Celtics are not beating the Cavs

I love Irving's game But **** the Celtics seriously lol

Kyrie knows how to finish a game. The Cavs are going to miss him during playoff time.

Kyrie is the killah.

No one, no rookie gets blocked and embarassed like Smith does. Not getting blocked is a basic of the game. Smith doesn’t know how to not get blocked. It’s pretty embarrassing.

Doncic here we come.

We weren't supposed to win this game And didn’t. The Celtics have beaten much more talented teams than us. Horford alone is better than anything the Mavs have or have had in years.



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Mavericks, Home

Post by wideclyde on Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:56 pm

Seems and sounds like a bunch of Mav fans who have pretty much submitted themselves to going through a "tank" season.

I ma oh so glad that the Cs did not go the tank route when Stevens first joined us. That group was far from good, but at least they were still trying to win every game which, by itself, made them interesting to follow.


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