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Post by bobheckler Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:08 am

by FLCeltsFan

I feel like I need to smoke a joint before this game because we're 4-1 when I do that and this seems like a hard game so I'm gonna do it not because I wanna be high Wink but because I wanna help the Nets win ofc.

Half the team is out and its the 3rd game in 4 nights all on the road, dis ain't looking good

How the heck is this gonna work? We don't have any players left

Theo about to score 45 while simultaneously going to the bench after each bucket and cheering for himself

I think we can get a W They match up well and are taught no nonsense ball. We need everyone focused and ready to grind.

Dlo is about to cook Kyrie

Making myself 2 joints today. One before tip-off and another right after we get this W!

I like our chances if we shoot 100% from 3 the entire game.

Watch Dlo give Kyrie another 40 piece lol

**** the Celtics. Lets go.

Of course its Smart killing us from 3.

I would still love Kyrie on the Nets

crappy calls by lousy refs this will be a tough game, 8 on 5

Smart must be upset Marks never offered him that contract

Smart now looks like Ray Allen.

We are 6 of 8 for three but losing by 5. Ouch.

Kyrie may have 50 tonight. Shabazz looks completely out of it.

Team looks like they’ve never played with each other …. Oh wait

if this weren't preseason I'd be worried

Brown has two fouls. Din should attack him relentlessly

The second they decided to sit to sit Harris and Carroll this game was an automatic loss I would love to know the braintrust thinking just giving away losses like this

This is a very acceptable game to rest players – tough game even if we were 100% which we would’ve never been with Crabbe+RHJ out

Yeah, we had a shot at only losing this by 20!

It's so infuriating getting our asses whooped by the Celtics and not even have a chance at a fair fight

The three point shootout between Kurucs and Smart -just as we all expected.

Smart’s is annoying af

I desperately need to find a way to watch this game without the Celtics commentators, lol...

I can't wait to hear a hoard of national media members discount our squad because of this game as if half of our roster isn't out with injury.

Kenny getting out coached in the first. Needs to make adjustments not only with subs but with plays and defense

I hate to do it but I bet on Boston tonight.

Game is over, might as well make that second joint now

This might be one of those nights to just mail it in. A ton of guys are out on the tail end of a road back to back, we don't stand a chance.

But.. But.. But.. **** the Celtics Crying or Very sad

It is what it is. We're outmatched. For as good as we have been the margin of error for this team is too slim to be down several guys like this versus Boston.

Nets playing like they are on a second night of a b2b with travel and a bunch of their best guys out…. And the Celts look like Brad prepared them well for the Nets…

The Celtics crew have to be the worst in the nba

Gorman is a legend

"This is the team that benefitted from all of our woeful decisions. We are finally crawling out of our abyss and it would be great to show these smug Celtics fans how we are still standing."

Gotta say the Celts look ready to play the Nets... Extra tough D...

It’s like they purposely handicapp the team by resting players so the morale doesn’t get hurt if they lose. And if they win, great! I get it, but I was hoping to not see them just give the game to Boston before it even started.

I love this strategy... Lulling the Celts into a false sense of security. Setting up them up for a barage the next time the Nets play them.

Freaking Marcus Smart offsetting Kurucs’ career night

men I hate the celtics

Feels like the Celtics are shooting 80% this quarter.

Celtics defense is just too good for us tonight

The Celtics depth is unreal.

our incompetence is wearing them down

BS home team officiating.

Just when we close it in, Boston gets all Boston on us

i don't understand why we don't attack the paint

Because Dlo is our PG. When he’s facing any real defense he’s done. Smart has him completely shut down.

Our Nets are losing, but I take solace in the fact that — this Celtics team is going to get eaten alive in the playoffs.

I want to see the rematch with the Celtics on next Monday Hopefully with Carroll, Harris, and Crabbe, RHJ

Should Hayward be a trade target?! He’s looking like he is getting back to form. Trade him for Crabbe. They need a 3 point specialist and we need an all star. Salaries would match up closely. Im sure Boston would need a little more incentive to make the deal.

No more trades with C's

Don't worry, Billy King is not the gm They have so much talent they don't know how to play everyone. They will be active, just like the Nets.

Jaylen is a much more realistic target.

I wouldn't be opposed to him either.

Don't forget that he would have been ours if ****ing King wouldn't have given out our draft picks like candy on Holloween.  

Crabbe, Levert, Dinwiddie and 2 firsts. Then Ainge picks up the phone.

Every time I tune in, Celtics go on a run So I'm no longer watching to help the Nets

Celtics defense is just too good for us tonight

I have to say jaylen brown will not be anything more than a decent starter He is no star…Marcus smart just reminds me of Patrick beverley

you're right about Jaylen. Wrong about Smart. Smart is a gamechanger.

Time for the Nets to put in the bench players Oh wait, they’ve been playing the entire game

Robert Williams is the Time Lord. Hearing that nickname may have made watching this game worthwhile. That dude can sky.

Nets are 4-16 against Boston since the trade..

The Celtics didn't impress me Our C team beat themselves tonight.

Jaylen Brown really not impressive

Honestly cannot wait to see the Celtics in Barclay's with a healthy team, of course.



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Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Home Empty Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Nets, Home

Post by bobc33 Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:04 pm

“ No more trades with C's “

Love it!

I have good vibes about this team, this season and this Forum!

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