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Post by bobheckler Sun Jan 03, 2016 12:57 pm

At this point i can't even predict wins and only hope ever loss means Hollins gone.

So we're describing Joe Johnson as "in a slump?" that’s a nice thought for the new year I think this slump is more like: he’s a great guy, was a great player, thanks for coming, time to have a seat. would be good to see what the team looks like without him plodding through 35 minutes in a "slump" on both ends of the floor.

This is all part of the "Joe Jesus" thing. He’s in the process of dying for our sins. He’ll come back to life on Easter, after settling in with his new team post-buyout.

If the Nets would have won 5 more games to this point, they would be 4 games behind Boston for 8th spot with two games at hand with them.

I know we're all going to miss him so much but it’s time for the Joey Crawford retirement tour

Cmon Nets let's sweep this home and home! I still don't understand why FO decided to make this season the 'bridge year' knowing why were swapping picks with our division rival Boston.

For us to have a realistic shot not to give Boston a #1 pick we have be a lot better than 3rd worst in the league. Heck being the worst team in the league would probably be better (sarcasm kinda). Since the rules were changed i know the worst has more pinballs but how many times the worst team in the league ACTUALLY got the #1 pick vs the 2nd or 3rd worst team? PS let Ben Simmons go any BUT Boston!

Have been feeling ambivalent about wins lately (Since every loss brings us closer to the end of Hollins, and hopefully King too)… But definitely want to crush the Celtics every time!

Predictions for which bench player goes off on us tonight? My bet’s on Jerebko

Nets got this! I have too many friends and family at this game to be able to stand a loss to these guys

Lol 6-0 start and Stevens calls a timeout. Stevens has to remind them about that pick swap, eh?

I like how we look but I know well get stagnant and Hollins will ruin whatever good thing we have going. BUT im hopeful

watching a celtics stream homers are killing me

I'll never understand Lionel The other team started to go on a run, and his first instinct was to take out our best player who already had 10 points.

wow this offense is flowing i like it! they're showing up after being embarrased last time in this arena

Man these Celtic announcers They need to have their eyes checked

Is Bargs even a real basketball player? Or is it like a big practical joke

Bargnani is the equivalent of 5 on 4. Soon as he checks in, it's an automatic run for the other team.

At least we lead But our lack our defense will cost us sooner or latter

Wasn't able to watch the 1st half ... Just tuning in How winnable is this game?

20% we win, 30% we lose and 50% Hollins does his magic

i keep having flashbacks of Jason terry... whenever I see jack with that headband

David Lee available???? Could be worth a move to get in Brooklyn?

I love that they end up fighting all the time with Boston

Throw Sullinger out!

Adios Sullinger you ugly bastard

if we saw him on the street and you told me he was a professional athlete I’d call you a liar

I laugh whenever I remember that he fell in the draft because he got fat

haha yep knew they weren't throwing sully out

wow with some of the ticky tacky flagrant 2's I've seen this year that’s ridiculous

This is where i miss KG Pierce Nets reacted so slow to their teammate getting tossed to the floor.

This is where I miss Kris Humphries He was great at getting under the Celtics’ skin

No one had the intensity that crowder had.

Our biggest player needs our point guard to defend him. Everybody else just watches.

After that play it’s clear Jack has everyones back. Nice to know you have that kind of guy on your side. Dwill on the other hand……

I direct you to the Hump/Rondo fight Deron jumped right in

there is a difference btw running over just for show and actually running over to support your teammate. I don’t believe any of the other Nets were stepping up for Lopez. Crowder made it clear he was protecting his guy.

no its deron’s fault
everything is deron’s fault
world war II was deron’s fault

Damn, Jack hurt his knee bad

Two words Nate Robinson

lol the guy is still being helped off the floor and we're already discussing someone else to bring in

I think Billy forgot we didn't have draft picks when he signed Bargs

he signed a vet min contract so he’s allowed to give minimum effort

4 guards and a Bargs? 4th quarter tank squad

4 guards and a bag of raviolis

am I not seeing something with him? like I don’t see how he’s in the NBA and actually get PT

Well he’s 7 feet tall and he plays like he’s 5’3" so thats… unique, I guess?

Such a clear foul on Jerebko before the shot I know it’s better that it wasn’t called, but still.

Evan Turner has some talent He’s a nice piece if he plays within his limits. AKA don’t shoot threes

My gosh it's not that hard Nets the Celtics already figured it out. Drive to the hoop and get a foul call

Isaiah Thomas is killing Larkin

I still contend that we are the most hated team in the NBA

by who? The refs? They don’t hold any personal grudges against us, every team in the league has fans who think that about them

We shouldn't be hated at all, we suck

I feel that we are also more hated because of the way Proky spent his money in that KG-Pierce off-season; it’s not really good for the NBA.

you're starting to sound like a Boston/New England fan there is no conspiracy haha

The NBA needs the Nets to fail They wanna create a dynasty for their beloved Celtics.

the Nets don't need any help from the NBA to suck

They will assure that Boston gets the number one pick This is also combined with the spite they have for the Nets.

the NBA hates the Nets for moving into a bigger market and spending tons on luxury tax to give to smaller market teams uh huh, sure

really, I just want to hear Bill Simmons cry after this

That's part of the reason why I'm still watching this season Player development and Simmons’s delicious tears

Joe Jesus vs Jaesus (Jae Crowder) apparently

sad that Joe's best game is 20 points on 19 shots

crowder should have fouled out in the 3rd

It's a win, but I think the handprint on my face speaks for itself.

Can't even enjoy a damn win Hate this team! Lol

If you can't enjoy the win, I recommend a visit to your neighbouring Celts board where you'll get a kick out what they say about losing to the Nets. Laughing

This NBA season can go to hell.
— Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) January 2, 2016



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Comments From The Other Side - Nets, Home Empty Re: Comments From The Other Side - Nets, Home

Post by bobc33 Sun Jan 03, 2016 11:58 pm

Ha! BobH even the opposing fans know Turner shouldn't shot threes.

I have good vibes about this team, this season and this Forum!

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