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Post by bobheckler Sat Dec 26, 2020 12:09 pm

Having Tristan Thompson this time will make a big difference for Boston. this is also regular season. i dont see a blowout. this is our first real test.

Our depth is our 2nd best weapon behind the Kyrie/KD/Harris combination. Lets see how long Boston's bench holds up when LeVert, Shamet, Green, Prince and Allen start tearing them up.

Have to come out and punch Boston in their glass jaw first.

Jaylen is the sort of long, strong and bouncy athlete that I worry about Joe guarding.

30 point blowout win

Blowout win. Tristan Kardashian won't make much difference over Theis against our firepower.

If they want to run Tristan and Theis out there at the same time, we'll be having BBQ chicken for Christmas dinner boys

If we lose im killing myself

I worry that Celtics will be going in with a lot of confidence after their tough win over the Bucks, whereas we havent been tested yet as we won in a blowout.

Nets will get to a finals before the Celtics even after that trade lmao

All i want for Christmas is a Nets win vs the Celtics. Celtics are my least favorite nba team due to all the bullsh** they gave kyrie.

i cant wait to see the excuses the media comes up with after we blow out the celtics

Kyrie better have burned sage

Bruh that screen from Theis almost ended Joe’s life. Brick wall on HoF and sh**

Honestly not looking amazing.

DJ getting bullied by TT

Yo wtf no foul with that kyrie drive

He's the only superstar who virtually never complains to the refs

I can tell Shamet will take shots that annoy me

Celtics really thought they upgraded Kyrie with degenerative knee Kemba lmaooo

Obviously the bucks are the biggest threat to us in the East, but am I the only one who thinks the celts would be a tougher out than Miami? I think Miami is overrated.

Kyrie's only weakness is he's not 6'6, otherwise he'll be unstoppable

This game would be very different if not for TT. What a good pick up for them.

Careless LeVert strikes again. 5 TOs already

Between Smart and Theis, Boston seems like they’ll be Flop City this year

We really need to keep someone on Smart. He's become a really good spot up 3pt shooter, can't give him as much space as we have so far.

Seems like Stephens has adjusted to our bench by having Brown/tatum on the floor at all times.

Was gonna cop these jerseys but I don’t think I want to be reminded of this sloppy offense every time I see it in my closet

the problem is thinking these were nice jerseys in the first place.

If we keep this up the nets team from last year may be better

Who says we shouldn't trade LeVert for Harden. I'd make that trade every day. LeVert stinks.

Dinwiddie kind of stinks now

Brooklyn must ensure that Harden does not go to Boston.otherwise it's over.Brooklyn’ needs to makr sure Boston doesn't get Harden

They’re biggggg. Gonna have trouble if we can’t stop the post buckets from Brown and Tatum

kyrie is so lethal, remember when those celtics fans said he was scared to play here? lmaoooo

I want dinwiddie, DJ, and Shamet gone by the deadline. All are huge liabilities

Thompson with 3 fouls. Brad is outsmarting himself by leaving his starters in to counter our bench

Placing those banners on ground level is so corny. “Let’s intimidate them with our banners that were won when segregation was still cool”

Jaylen Brown is as good as Tatum.. idk care what they say

Hopefully we make some legit halftime adjustments. Don’t want us to become the 3rd Quarter Nets again

I don’t see how that was an offensive foul. The defender was late AND in the restricted area.

maybe you have a rare eye disorder that prevents you from seeing when elbows fly into peoples faces?

These refs are bad

Celtics are on the receiving end of more bad calls imo.

Very dissapointed in KD so far this game getting outplayed by Jalen Brown

Brown can outplay any wing in the game at any time He’s not a scrub idk what’s with people and underrating him

The only thing that could stop the Nets right now would be if they traded half their players for Fat Harden.

Boston looks like the better team. Their best players are outplaying our best players. Their depth is outplaying our depth. Not good.

Late to the party. Why we down to this bums lol.

Because they aren't bums.

They're bums man. Take care of them in a few.

No they aren't. Their defense has been physical and has made the Nets look sloppy on offense.

Bro you giving them too much credit lol. We just being sloppy a little.

The NBA game thread is a good reminder of how insufferable Boston fans are. Apparently, Adam Silver directed the refs to let the Nets win this one for our big market superstars.

I wish he would rig it for us

Yeah Celtics fans are entitled pieces of sh**

Boston is full of a certain brand of people

They are dumb. Must be the air in Boston

Played the first half at Boston's pace They are playing at our pace now and they arent efficient enough to do that

Lessons learned from tonight: 1) kd is still kd 2) Jalen brown got better 3) kyrie is a problem 4) nets/Boston is a fun match up

I hate Tatum

KD getting into tatums head. u love to see it

Just me or tristan thompson looking like michael b jordan today?

Refs got in in for us it seems

Pacers fan here: Celtics came to show their playoff game, Nets... just another regular season game. You are scary.

7/11 is open on Christmas. Free buckets

Can't toy with BOS, ya'll may hate em, but they are a solid team....& better off without Walker.

This is the only team in the nba with two guys who can go for 60. Except a healthy golden state of course but bron and ad cant match these two when they on.

Pritchard a steal at 26 pick

he looks like an NBA player

Looks like Jason Williams Without any of the white chocolate

How people STILL sleep on Caris, I'll never know.

Who needs Harden when Levert is here?

Levert is something else coming off the bench, 100% deserves to be a starter but him coming off the bench is just lets him dominate offensively.

Allen should play more

He's an elite defender and his hair is elite

Allen is killing Thompson and thompson has been killing deandre

How are Smart and Theis always on the ground

Smart's defense really does involve a lot of putting his face in a place where it's going to get hit.

He didn't even hit him in the face. Smart is a flopper

By the end of Smart's career there will be 0 brain cells remaining.

The only thing that could stop the Nets right now would be if they traded half their players for Fat Harden.

Imagine letting Kyrie go for Kemba Walker lmao

hey bros, remember close games in the fourth quarter?

me neither.

kyrie scared of boston ?

time to break out that christmas sage, fellas

Nets 2nd unit could beat a handful of teams 😳

First half was shaky but second half we made the Celtics look like scrubs

I'm about to sage everywhere now. I'll sage in a da** pick up game. I'll sage at work. I'll sage in church. He**, I'll sage when I go to the shower.

Confession... Even though Tatum plays for BOS and is one of the picks King gave to the Celtics, I’m always happy that he turned out to be a great player. I remember watching him at Duke and I was surprised that people actually thought Lonzo and Fultz were better prospects. I remember discussing him in draft threads and he was my #1.

I like both Tatum and Brown tbh, they are solid players. Brown as a person I really like as well, dude really gets it



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