Comments From The Other Side - vs Suns, Home

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Suns, Home

Post by bobheckler on Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:52 am

Our games Last year against Boston were pretty great. Ulis with the game winner and Booker dropping 70. I hope this one is exciting. Would love to see some Tatum vs Jackson.  (MY NOTE:   You did, and Tatum won)

As for the game, yea wanted to see how they play Devin this time. We struggled against Pistons D and Celtics D is maybe a lil better but hopefully the SL type start time helps us

Finally, an opponent who can challenge us. 

yes, they're calling this one a preview of the finals 

I would love to win this one. I think that the Celtics are not that good, not a contender.
They are a playoff team for sure, but Cleveland in the East and GSW, Houston and San Antonio in the West are better overall teams IMO than them.  (MY NOTE:  Wait, so you can name only 4 teams that you think are better than us and you think we're "not that good"?)

I don't see us winning this. Kyrie is probably gonna put 40 on us tonight. Gonna be interesting to see what kind of looks they throw at Book, you know they're going to do everything they can to not let him have another big game in Boston.

I'd just like JJ to have a good showing against Tatum.

As personal as Ainge makes things, he may tell Stevens to make things extra hard on JJ, though he usually has a hard time anyway, even when not facing the toughest D in the league, so they probably don't need any extra effort.

On my way to the game to see Booker score a 100 or see us lose by 40 or both

I have a feeling after Booker scoring 70 on them, they are going to make things very difficult for him and for our whole team (though only 4 guys from that team - though 2-3 of them will guard Booker..maybe all 4 of them) . Given how much trouble we have at times on offense, and the fact that they have the best defense in the league, it could be ugly.

I predict a Suns win Just because I believe.

Will we see Jackson vs tatum at some point? This should be a big game for josh,i’m hoping he’ll play out of his mind and silence his critics. They’re expecting booker to take almost every shot so maybe he could disrupt them by starting off as a facilitator instead. They have no shotblocker,attack the rim relentlessly and see if we can get them in early foul trouble.

Dis gun be ugly 

Plz don't lose by 20+ 

"Devin Booker is a marked man in Boston" Marked for greatness.  

Oh boy, this game should be really great. I love it when two of the top teams in the league face off…………oh wait……….wrong game.

I am expecting a blowout of epic proportions I wonder if they will double Booker like other teams have, I don’t think they will.

I think they are good enough that they don't need to double. We will see 

This is not ideal when thinking of guarding the Kyrie/Horford pick n roll 

For anyone wondering if this season could get worse.... Booker hurt... Game over.

Would not mind at all keeping Monroe long term Currently the only competent NBA player for the Suns on the floor now

I like these black and green Celtics jerseys.

Jaylen Brown is a pretty good player. I was pretty wrong about him coming out of the draft. His shot developed quickly.

Mike James and the refs makes the game hard to watch.

Monroe getting tired of the Phoenix Suns treatment by the refs too

Hey at least our jerseys look good 

We must really despise the Celtics So focused this team is Keep it up

THEIS game. Of course.

These refs are TRASH TJ gets called for extending his forearm into Tatum, but Tatum does the exact same thing to Bender in transition for a no call. Typical.

Tatum making Warren look like the rookie out there today 

Tatum was drafted higher So he should play better… Amirite?

Tatum is a rookie and Warren is not 

Booker loves TD garden I can tell you that

I hope the Suns are sliding extra money into Booker's account Legally or illegally

It might be statue time 

Booker torching the Celtics (again) 

Why the **** did he take Booker out for the last possession? 

Gotta make sure we lose this game Too close for Mcd’s comfort

Why does it feel like every team the Suns play get every single call in the paint?

LOL Booker got away with one there against smart.

The dream of Ulis is dead. It wouldn't even matter if he got his act together on offense. He can't cover NBA players. He's a change of pace 3rd string PG at this level. He's killing us out there.

Unwatchable. We arent allowed to play defense

It's funny, Booker struggles defending smaller guards, and Bradley did a very good job defending Booker in Detroit. But Brown and Smart are powerless to impede him.

The irony here is that the best way to tank would be to play James, Daniels and Monroe 40 minutes a game. Those 3 should be called the black hole gang. 

Chandler getting lit up by Horford now.

Why has Booker always a good game in Boston at TD Garden? I think he wants to be traded to Boston. Damn, he looks good tonight. Again ...

Its frustrating to watch Jalen Brown make all those shots that he cant usually make Lets hope he cool off a bit

So Booker gets no calls huh 

Did we just gave 3 UNCONTESTED 3 point shot atempts in a 10 second time spam??? 

So tommy heinsohn said he Booker reminds him of Jerry west. What’s your thoughts on that?

Sign me up! Booker will be the new logo of the NBA! :blush:

Suns Dancers are better than the Celtics Dancers Better technique

How has JJ vs. Tatum been today? 

Tatum has been better. Suns just allow him wide open shots and he burns us. JJ has been ok from what ive seen

I hate you Marcus Morris. 

4th quarter just let Booker take over. Also stop allowing wide open 3’s. it’s not rocket science Celtics have hit 12 of 25 3’s

How is that a foul on Dudley 

It was foul on Book but refs are protecting him 

Marcus Smart getting foul calls Booker doesn't...

Only down by 4 despite playing against the Celtics and the refs 

Sweet we lose again. This team is so miserable. We have 1 player, Booker. Warren is a good 4th option on a good team. Even Jackson really just doesn't look like he has a whole lot of potential.

If you're shocked we're losing to the best team in the East on their home court then I don't know what to tell you lol. Don't know how you can't see potential in Jackson either.

This is the best we've played in a while, playing one of the best teams in the league pretty tough. Jackson's played pretty well. No one is playing particularly poorly. Warren started slow but shooting 44% with a few steals.

James > Ulis

Turd sandwich> doodoo burger

Mr Flop strikes again! 

Of course its Boston ball Not like they haven’t received every other call this game also

Too bad devin went Kobe-mode down the stretch, only 1 assist in the 2nd half, too many forced shots.

Horford is pretty good, but he wants no part of defending lobs.

Suns played a great game. If officiating was even remotely fair, they would have won this game by double digits. 

19-4 team getting all the calls against an 8-15 team Never change NBA

Tatum is so good Him and Book would have been fun.

I hate talking about the refs BUT... This is getting just insane. Touch foul after touch foul whenever our guys try to defend… Followed by non-whistles whenever Suns deserve it…

it’s Pretty damn frustrating when a bottom 5 team who is already facing an uphill battle with a lack of talent and inexperience has to deal with bad officiating on a game to game basis. Not to mention Booker getting treated like a G- League player in this building when he put up 70 in the same building last year.

Refs single handedly stopped booker getting to 45 

Booker gets another ovation from the Boston crowd 

Winners of this game: The Refs.

Great win for the refs 

Come on guys refs were not that bad. Celtics killed us because the 3 ball. Also TJ missed a crucial free throw again

I am not debating that we could have lost... But it is clear the refs favored the Celtics at the crucial closing 2 mins of play (and also on some other occasions throughout the game).

Booker should have fouled out way sooner than he did though. He has 3 fouls that should have been called

And double that that weren't called when he drove the ball on offense 

Refs were not great but our crap perimeter defense cost us. 

Remember that foul called on Moose because Baynes was grabbing Moose´s jersey??? That was just as clear as day.

I think I hate more Marcus Smart than Marcus Morris I guess I have some kind of problem with the Marcus name

McDonough dream game Play a close game and lose by just a little at the end. Just the way he likes it.

Tatum is leaps and bounds better than Jackson. Its not remotely close.

We'll see. Looks that way now, but Tatum is in a perfect situation and was always a more polished player. Jackson was always going to take more time.

Admittedly, Tatum looks better than I thought he would this early and Jackson looks a little more raw than I expected.

That argument doesn't hold any water with me. Tatum is a year younger than Jackson Laughing

It is an argument that doesn't really matter though. We never had a chance to pick Tatum. It isn't like we took Jackson over him.

Nothing super egregious, and maybe I'm just biased, but doesn't feel like this game was reffed very well. Celtics got away with aggressive play, Suns got called for a few ticky tack fouls.

The difference is Kyrie Irving. We are really close to the Celtics, but he puts them on another tier.

Good thing we did not acquire that loser, Kyrie Irving! What a bum. Glad he is not on our team! Phew.

Nah. I don't think that's the difference, They have Irving we have Booker but they have an amazing coach with solid players (better defenders,better shooters, solid vets.)

I don't think we are that close, but I think the biggest difference is Stevens. He has the whole team and system playing elite defense and really moving the ball well. We are the opposite of that.



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