Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #1

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #1

Post by bobheckler on Mon May 01, 2017 6:11 pm

Make no mistake, Horford will be a big issue for us in this series yeah he had a bad game or two but look at his stat line for the series, flat out elite. We’ve always had serious trouble vs him including the postseason 2yrs ago and now gortat is older, Ian is out, and Smith is hobbled and not a starter level player to begin with. Horford could feast on us in a variety of ways.

The defensive excellence of Bradley, Smart, and Crowder will also be a big factor Wizards have to overcome in this series. Obviously exploiting IT every second we can is going to be key.

Crowder is not a good defender. Smart and Bradley are the good defenders.

Idk about that there are bunch of articles out there touting his defense this year

he's built like an NFL linebacker too i’ll defer to those who have watched him all year but i’d be willing to bet he’s much better than Otto or Boj and probably overall better than KO as well just in being much more experienced and probably less apt for quick fouls

My heart says Wizards in six, my head says Celtics in seven.

Who is better crowder or porter?

Better at what? Annoying the opposition? Crowder without question

He gets away with very physical play

F***.the.Boston.Celtics. Won’t even dignify looking at this series objectively. F*** that entire squad.

I go back to the Celtics from the sixties Grew up a Sixers fan. Hated everything about that team and still do.

Could not agree more. I hate the Celtics, probably the most among East teams honestly, but they are a good team and this is gonna be a tough series. I’m guessing we have at least 1 ejection, maybe even a suspension, and like 20 techs throughout the series.

They're gonna hide IT on Otto a lot Need OP to be a bit more aggressive this series. Could be the key when the backcourt battle is likely gonna be a draw.

Otto needs to shoot every single time IT is on him In fact everyone needs to do that, it’s not like you have to be 6’9" for a clean look over IT lol.

Celtics can't rebound to save their lives. It’s their Achilles heel. Robin Lopez was able to turn into Wilt Chamberlain against them. Markieff and Marcin are perfectly capable of flustering the Celtics just as badly.

IT has to guard someone It’s either Wall or Beal—so they need to pick their poison. Get him in foul trouble.

Nah, they'll put him on Otto Strategically.. You gotta involve Otto more, if only just to wear IT out.

I think this will be a great series, and I believe the Wizards have a good shot at taking it. IT is a terrific player, probably the best under 6’ since Iverson, but as Jeff said, Wall is a very tough match-up for him because of the size advantage with no worse than comparable speed. Hold the little dude in check and the Celtics are in a fair amount of trouble.

I think Gortat can beat Horford on the glass, but he’ll continue to struggle scoring and it will be hard for Gortat to defend Horford in space

All we have to do is contain IT and this series is over. They had to rely on damn rajon Rondo to Be hurt just to beat the bulls. Wizards will win This in 6

I'm a bit concerned about how bad our defense looked vs Hawks at times Atlanta was one of worst offensive teams in league meanwhile the Cs are more on our level offensively. It’s going to be a lot more work to slow them down.

The Wizards have to play smart and we win. We looked like the better team when we played them. The issues is that we didn’t face their full squad until the last game. Several times they were missing Horford or Bradley.

I see a ton of people already overrating the defensive aptitude of Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart (They're no Tony Allen or Danny green). Unless both Brad and John forget how to shoot, they aren't slowing down. You don't defend stars in the playoffs. You just try to contain them.

Smart is a damn good player. He makes countless big plays.

Despite our weak bench, Boston isn't best positioned to take advantage of it despite better depth. They struggle to score when Isaiah Thomas sits.

Brad has destroyed Smart. Abused him in all facets.

Anyone heard any reasoning from the NBA about why the quick turnaround compared to the teams who play Monday

Because it would only make sense to give Boston and Washington more days off than Toronto and Cleveland but They want to make sure the OLD AZZ Cavs have adequate rest so that they can quickly dispatch of Toronto.

If I was the Celtics coach I would definitely put IT on Porter, which would force Wall/Beal to give up a lot of shots to make them pay for the matchup. I am not so sure that Wall/Beal wouldn't continue looking to score first instead of consistently taking advantage of the mismatch.

The fact that there are fans here saying "easy win" should concern us. There are no easy wins in the playoffs. There are especially no easy wins in the playoffs against the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference. This is going to be a great series and no cakewalk for either team.

The fan base on this board is so schizo. After Game 4, people were calling for EG's and Brooks' head, acting like we had already lost the series. Now, they're acting like defeating Boston is guaranteed

Beal has owned Smart. Absolutely dominates him. It makes me think Smart stinks, but that's not really fair. Smart is a pretty decent player against a lot of matchups, just not against Beal (so far).

But with Bradley back it's a different start. Bradley outscored Beal the last time they played. Note that Smart and Bradley both play 30 minutes+ in the playoffs, we'll be seeing a lot of different matchups, not necessarily Smart on Beal.

One thing I know forsure for next series: we will be outcoached. Brad Stevens will always be one step ahead

Yes. Bradley is good and will probably give Beal trouble. I just haven't seen any evidence to think that we need to worry much about Smart.

Personally worried about the way Wall isn't able to have huge offensive performances against the Celtics. He doesn't do a great job on IT either, IT averages 10 more points in the regular season matchups. Also, we haven't guarded the 3 point line well in the regular season and the playoffs, and literally every player on the Celtics shoots 3's.

I always feel good about a -Wall-Beal-Oubre-Porter core going into any series, no one can matchup with that athletically. High level talent, two way players. You structure your team around them and give them the big minutes, you win a lot of games.

Too bad the rest of the team is a combination of teddy bears and well-oiled fouling machines

I think Amir will return from the bench cause Morris will kill Green out there

With all members healthy I really don't see Wiz not closing out within 6. If Rondo didnt get hurt Wiz was likely be facing off with the Chicago Bulls in the 2nd.

The main edge for the Celtics is homeport advantage, which is substantial and is the main thing that gives me pause. Lacking Mahinmi given the hard luck bench hurts a lot too.

Ugh, the 1PM game time has not been kind to us. Stop the shrimp.

Wizards tone to start this series already diff from Round 1. Beal: "It's basketball, we're not fighting out here... Gonna keep it clean." Hopefully Morris is informed of this new stance and adjusts his deportment accordingly.

Boston didn't break Wall's hand in the playoffs, so you;d expect this to be hard, and trash talky but hopefully not dirty

Smart broke Wall's nose and Crowder tried to straight up punk Wall. This will be chippy

I don't remember any noses being broken

I meant Beal's. That's how the bad blood started It was Las season

This was already after Smart had taken Beal down earlier in the game.'

I think it is possible to break Isaiah Thomas at this time. Doubtful that it happens; but Oubre can defend really well.

Let's do this

NBA Memo is to give IT anything he wants They are playing the death for all the ratings it can muster. I doubt the Bullets will be talking funeral this series.

Something I forgot about: John is 5-0 in playoff Game 1s all time. Let’s keep that record perfect.

let's see what kinds of excusses the losing team (Celtics) will have today

More al horford moving screens or Marcus smart flops this game?

Gortat doing some ballin' early on. Must be great for him not to face a 275-pound monster. Take it to big Al.

They are perfect so far. Beal 5pts.

I hope LBJ is watching

Nah hes busy in his cryo/steroid chamber

Celtics have zero interior defense. That’s gonna be a problem if their guards can’t contain John and Brad (spoiler alert: they can’t).

Wow lol refs had to save em

Here come the refs Gonna do everything they can to get Boston back in it.

Boston's bringing in the goon a little early.

Kelly ya aint strong enough for Keef

Celtics are short-stroking all their shots We in they heads

IT was very cold from 3 in round 1, 20% from 3. If he goes off in round 2, it'll be a long series.

Damn IT lost a tooth

Just lost his baby tooth.

How the hell did his tooth come out that easy?!? Dude must have some GINGAVITIS

1st quarter, Boston already needs the hero ball of IT, This is easy

Funeral #1 Let’s go and finish this series. Man, I dislike C’s more than Pats

Why is Olynyk that open?

Boston bigs are soft aside from Johnson. Have to crash the boards but can't give Olynyk and Horford wide open looks from 3.

IT is going bananas and we're still dominating them. Good sign

Yep let that midget tire his legs

Whos this scrub onlynik?

Dirk 2.0 Along with Westbrook 2.0, Marcus Smart

Loved that defense on Olynyk... Made him travel

It's super early but this is exactly why Cavs opted for a detour via 2nd seed They wouldn’t get any rest vs The Wiz

Exactly. They'd rather hot/cold Lowry over an unstoppable Wall

Oubre on Smart. I'd rather have him on IT. Thomas is going to roll this series. I think his sister's death may have explained the shooting woes early on.

Battle of the Kelly Os.

Otto at the 4 getting abused by Kelly Olynyk?

This Celtics team is ridiculously soft in comparison to the Hawks, who manhandled us at times.

F***ing Olynyk. Somebody needs to knock him on his a**.

I am so tired of leprechauns already

Trash Kelly Is owning us right now. Morris get on him and get physical. Ffs. Need to stop the 3s

That was a foul but I do wish we were as single-minded about exploiting matchups as they are They are going to make us stop Olynyk or he’ll have 35pts

Dammit refs--and referee Scott Foster is from MD (officiated high school ball in the area). Obviously not a Wiz fan--LOL

So it's going to be THAT bench showing up today.

y'all tried to tell me Olynyk, Avery Bradley and a prospect was a ridiculous package for Beal. Damn biased homers

Not as ridiculous as people tried so hard to make it out to be. It's as good as OKC got for Harden and Harden is way better than Beal.

This BENCH Is so garbage. I can’t anymore. Jennings can’t make that lay up. Can anyone actually shoot off the bench.. Anyone?!

Olynyk keeping them in the game until the last play.

Olynyk is on pace for 40. Somebody else should be guarding him.

We go big and it works perfectly. Then we go small and they go big with Olynyk. Now we get Olynyk feasting and little guys like Oubre and Bojan guarding them.

Nice move by Stevens but Gortat was still in the game so we didn't go completely small.

Kelly Olynyk is really a superior player. He just hasn't landed in the right role in the NBA.

Smart touched it last but it's Celtics ball. Looks like refs got us again this series

Jennings is so abhorrent .. I hate watching him

F****** Crowder always shoots well vs us

You knew when the Wiz were up 16-0, they'd find a way to blow it. Oh no, now Kieff holding his knee.

F*ing horford I hate that guy Forever been a thorn for us, in so many ways.

He’s upset about his precious Hawks.. that’s a nasty ankle twist

Dirty play from Horford.

Great, now we have to watch Jason Smith suck at basketball even more.

**** Al Horford. Dirty piece of ****.

Wait a second? Wall and Beal are out of the game? Did Scott Brooks not learn anything??

Scott Brooks is pretty dumb is all.

Brooks with a piss poor job matching the Celtics lineups.

If Brooks lose this one then the Celtics may as well sweep. Brooks has zero clue.

Van Gundy probably sees Washington twice a year and knows that our bench is horrific.

Refs now giving the C's calls based on crowd noise. Smart officiating.

This is what I really like about Olynyk. He cheats and will even get goon like he did with Kevin Love. Injury occurred, sadly, but it was a reasonable attempt at defense. 80s kind of physical is now dirty or mostly not allowed by refs.

What an amazing team we have. I have never seen a team capable of losing a 20 point lead in a matter of minutes.

Beal just outhuslted there by Rozier. No excuse.

My god, Bogs is the worst defender in the league. I mean, I knew when we acquired him he was bad on D. But he's an absolute sieve.

Kelly Olynyck dominated our bench

Celtics can create whatever look they want, they are getting clean driving lanes for days

These Celtics are the league's biggest crybabies. Players and fans alike.

Definitely agree. Arrogant and ugly

Refs They never fail to disappoint. Just call their flops and ignore our hard fouls

Here comes the fouls

Smart looking for a flop Thankfully doesn’t get it. Get out noob. Pathetic

If we don't end up winning this series, I hope Cleveland absolutely embarrasses and exposes this Celtics team. What a giant collection of wimps and crybabies.

I hope we embarrass and expose this Celtics team.

Can the Wiz get Morris's twin brother to put on a jersey and return after halftime?

Horford is the ultimate ball moving 5, its unfair.

I think he's overrated, but I also think we'd be championship favorites if we had him.

IN ALL honestly that's one of the weakest moving screen fouls I’ve seen(on horford).

Exposing IT Every play we can is the key here. He’s a horrible defender. Noticed when ISO on Otto, Horford and crowder rushed in to help.

Celtics are not used to refs getting the right calls.

IT is a tough lil'dude

I like IT. 60th pick, balled his way in despite his height to be one of the better players to come from that draft. Only thing I don’t like about him is the team he is playing for.

Wall with 0 FTs so far. But God forbid you touch IT on a drive

Smart can literally do anything he wants on defense. Some dudes just get a different whistle.

Little IT gets a foul for getting touched on the jersey yet Wall drives hard, gets contact and NO foul. Come on

NBA refs carrying water for their marquee franchises. What else is new?

If this is indeed true... Then the NBA is full of complete and utter morons. If these guys had half-a-brain in their collective heads, they’d carry water for this young, dynamic, explosive Wizards team. They’re a million times more talented and enjoyable to watch than the Celtics.

If the f***ing refs start calling a more balanced game we should pull away. Need to keep attacking the rim.

I think they called the game pretty ok so far. Getting the Celts a bit back in the game at the end, but ok overall. I expected it to be horribly biased.

Hortford dirty scumbag is in the eyes of the refs now.

John has to stop barking at officials and not going after the ball.

Avery Bradley is super intelligent. Older and at this point more savvy than Wiz Bradley.

Crowder is a pest.

Walls effort in this game has been terrible

It's just an effort thing. Boston is playing hard. Wizards aren't

You have to give credit to Boston. They are giving up very little open looks now unlike in first quarter.

Great half time analysis Jalen confirms that ITs tooth was a cap

Smart is so important to the Celtics. They changed the lineup to start the 2nd lineup and their defense has been unstoppable.  (MY NOTE:  "their defense has been unstoppable".  There's a nice mixed metaphor)

IT is just out Wall-ing Wall. Great penetration and kicks to wide open 3 point shooters even with Oubre on him. Defense has to collapse on him. They are making every open look now.

Been looking at the replay of Morris injury. I think that one was on purpose. Defender went under him.

For sure it was on purpose. Remember him doing the exact same thing to Beal two years ago?

Why is porter slacking so far off Crowder

Our starters are WAY better than theirs. it’s all about out bench/rotations…

John and Marcin will be punishing these Celtics all way long.

JUST 1 on 1 Defense for this combination of scrubs, called Boston Celtics. No need double team.

The characteristic of scrub is that Scrub cannot play under heavy pressure. No double team so no open shot for them Give them little pressure on D and they will miss all day.

Did I hear Chauncey right? Dude pushing for Wiz to win?

he's made several comments that hint he's pro-wiz in this series First time I’m hearing from him…it may be because Celtics quit on him early. Maybe there’s lingering personal stuff there.

John needs to go into all these drives with the mentality that he's going to dunk all over the Celtics' ugly faces. Make the contact so obvious and blatant that the refs can’t ignore it.

IT is going to fight for his life.. He doent want the game he lost his TOOTH in to be a L. (MY NOTE:  fighting tooth and nail)

Wiz have to match the intensity here. Can't let the Celtics put us in a hole.

Stevens really is crying for a foul there?

Boston has much better focus in the 2nd half. I can’t say I’m shocked, Wiz often have mental lulls after halftime, gotta refocus and keep their noses in front until then

Crowder is a fouler, grabbing, holding on every play

Avery Bradley is hot garbage Dude is shooting 3-13 right now on a team that is supposed to be an ECF contender.

Turns out things get a lot harder when the other team decides to injure your starters. Smart’s gonna be going for Wall’s knees soon, just wait.

Boston is lucky to capitalize from team injuries. Not that it's their fault Ronda, Keef and Ian

Hate to say it, but John cost us this one. IT has dominated him this quarter.

IT, just gotta tip your hat

Can't lose to C's NOWAY Got too much emotions involved in this series. I despise C’s!!!!!!!

John alwayyyyssss does this sh** in Boston.....alwaysss

They're just not missing.

Otto's getting shown up by Crowder Get mad OP. This guy’s clowning you

You can't possibly tell me that the Celtics Are more a more talented team from top-to-bottom. They have strong defenders, mentally tough players, they play really, really hard, and have a really good coach. Apparently that’s all you need.

IT is destroying Wall by playing his exact style.

Wall just stepped on Smarts foot and is limping

IT foorrr 333333!

Stevens is twice the coach Brooks is.

Bradley has dominated us in this game with his defense. IT with his passing and shooting. This one is over.

Crowder for 333333333 Getting ready for that 3 point overdose.

We need to attack whichever side Avery Bradley is not on

Frustrating being down double digits to these frauds

They're not frauds. They play the right way on offense. Lots of ball movement and unselfishness. On defense, they are fundamentally sound and ALWAYS focused. They don't take plays off. There's a reason they are the #1 seed. There's also a reason that, despite arguably having more overall talent, we are the 4 seed. We don't play defense and our offense is streaky. We also have no bench.

No way they can keep this up for the entire series. Jae Crowder is 5-6 from 3pt range

If they played defense like this, yeah Boston would

Look at the lineup on the court lol. Being coached by a mental midget

Once the refs let the Celtics get away with the pushes without calling fouls, it was over. It took us out of the get called on your end for fouls, and you don't get the same calls on the other end. Its more than a home court advantage.

I'm glad that Smart talked trash to Wall right there. These guys need to feel punked to fight back
Rob Perez ✔ @World_Wide_Wob
Brandon Jennings stepping on Rozier's shoe so he cant put it back on is some of the most awesomest pettiest shit ive ever seen



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Re: Comments From The Other Side - vs Wizards, Home, Playoffs Semis #1

Post by wideclyde on Tue May 02, 2017 11:17 am


If nothing else, the Wiz fans might lead the league in posts during a game.

Sometimes it is just as interesting to see what another team's fans think of the game.


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