Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Game 1 Playoffs

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Bucks, Game 1 Playoffs

Post by bobheckler on Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:58 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Bucks WAnted #7 and a match up WIth Boston. Be careful what you WIsh ofr.

Its a new start, lets wish the bucks good luck and stop being miserable

Really hoping for a decent series. I'm going surprise W for game 1.

Bucks should have this series in 6 at most. You guys just have too much talent for a depleted Celtic roster. Anytime Boston plays horford at Center just counter with giannis at Center and it’s over.

I’m torn. On one hand I want them to win and on the other I don’t want Prunty and staff back

The Celtics defend like hell and share the ball around beautifully and are a font of creative basketball; the Bucks, uh, don’t do any of that stuff, but they have Giannis.

The best part about this series is the up and close look at Brad Stevens the entire Bucks organization will get for potentially seven games. Hopefully helps them in the off-season when finding the right coach for us.
Milwaukee Bucks
The Greek Freak makes his 'This Is SportsCenter' debut!!

8:39 AM - Apr 14, 2018
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i dont like that sportscenter commercial, what if one of the broken plate fragments flew up, hit giannis in the eye and injured him?

Agreed, they should have used delly

Bucks have the best player and better health. Coaching is skewed heavily towards Boston, but a Bucks win shouldn't be surprising at all.

Torn between wanting a win and not wanting Prunty to be here next year. I think a series win and he's back and that's bad

Bucks in 5 sounds right.

If we lose to them with how hurt they are would be unbelievable. Bucks in 6.

Are we still trying to act that after watching the Bucks a whole season they are supposed to be the favorites in a playoff series when the other team is not actively trying to lose?

Celtics in 6.

Teams with a top 5 MVP candidate shouldn't lose a series to a team without it's top 2 players.

Meh. Prime Garnett was on a team that won 32 games. Star players are extremely important, but it is still a team sport.

I think Boston is better than people are giving them credit for. Horford is a legitimate star and Stevens is still patrolling their sideline. That being said, I also think the Bucks are better than this board seems to think (or at least more dangerous). I see us splitting these first two then taking both home games to build a 3-1 advantage before closing out the series in 6. To be honest, I even feel like we have a good chance in round 2. Or we could get swept in the first round.

I’m going full Bucks on this one guys so there is only one outcome for this series. This series will go to the seventh game, with the Bucks blowing out Boston in the sixth game and making all of us feel unstoppable. Game 7 the Bucks will be down 42-19 in the first quarter before eventually drawing the lead down to 8 points in the 3rd. Boston then reasserts themselves and wins the game by 17.

I am still not sure how people are giving the Celtics such a chance, outside of that ridiculous start Boston has been pretty beatable. I don't care if its John Wooden on the bench coaching if your guards cant outplay the Celtics in this series then its pretty obvious you have to blow this thing the **** up.

Celtic is still the 3rd best "team" in the east even without their stars

Have to say, watching the 6ers crush the Heat tonight does make me feel slightly better about Wednesday, and slightly worse about our prospects of competing with them long term.

Well they have been tanking for the what last 10 years? With so many lottery picks it was only a matter of time

Players by RPM because why the **** not.
Giannis 4.4
Horford 3.8
Bledsoe 2.4
Tatum 2.1
Brown 1.8
Rozier 1.8
Middleton 1.4
Baynes 0.9
Henson 0.6
Zeller -0.8
Brogdon -0.9
JET -1
Larkin -1.1
Morris -1.6
Monroe -1.6
S Brown -2
Snell -2.4
Delly -2.9
Jabari -3.2
Thon -4.3
Shabazz -4.4
Ojeleye -5.9

Horford is pretty **** good.

We can make the worst RPM team in the league out of guys who will get playoff minutes! Snell unlucky to not make the cut and can be subbed in for Delly without losing/gaining anything.
Jennings (89/101 PG rank)
Delly (86/101 PG rank
Shabazz (97/103 SG rank)
Jabari (85/91 PF rank)
Thon (81/83 C rank)

Now put Prunty's rank among HCs that made the playoffs there and things start getting hilarious.

I could get excited about this series if I had any faith in this coaching staff actually doing something in regards to changing the starting lineup, tightening the rotation and coming up with anything resembling a offensive and defensive system that plays to anyone's strengths. It's a miracle (Giannis) we won as many games as we did.

Nows where we find out what Pruntys made off

60% Water, 40% Lettuce

I like Rozier as a PG, but Bledsoe needs to win the battle handily for the Bucks to have a chance to win this series.....a huge stat to watch is rebounding, Boston has a very good record when winning the rebounding battle.

This Bucks team seems like the type of team who would have to lose a game 1 by 30 to realize they're in the playoffs. Then come back in game 2 and only lose by 10.

Chuck picks us to win the series.

Chuck knows what hes talking about

Said no one ever

The Bledsoe Rozier battle might be a really fun one As good a defender as Bledsoe is, Rozier might be better, and you know Rozier is going to be excited about the chance to prove that he’s a starter quality player.

I'm getting really confident about this series, somebody stop me!

You should be, everyone should be. The talent difference is obvious

We have the vastly superior team top to bottom talent wise The problem has never been talent, it’s been an inept coaching situation that doesn’t know how to use it. That being said, "energy and effort" shouldn’t be an issue in the playoffs. Regardless of how the coach coaches, you heard from Terry yesterday. You play every game in the playoffs as hard as you can, like you will never get to play basketball again.

Charley Barkley predicting Bucks to win the series

Well, that just guaranteed a series loss

Friendly reminder to not get upset if we lose. Gotta lose 2 to win in 6 baby.


I am at a bar in Boston and there is no one here... Very low energy

Ultra talent vs Ultra coaching. Let's get it

I miss da Moose

Charles Barkley just threw Celtic fans out of a window

I am ready for moose to do nasty things to our centers. I am prepared to watch Brad Stevens outplay us with the top 1/4 of his roster out. I am also ready to watch Giannis SHUT THESE ******* OUT IN THE ****ing PLAYOFFS

The Celtikkks don't deserve anything

I swear if we don't sweep this trash heap of a team lmao

Horford is a bad matchup for Giannis.

Horford just whacks Giannis's arm to cause that turnover. I see how it's going to be.

Tatum must have playoff experience.

If Bledose suffers a season ending injury in the first half of this game, I love our chances in the series.

Refs decent so far. Lots of good no calls on BOS possessions.

Snell isn't useless. He helped Horford get back up quicker after giving up the putback dunk.

They're letting them play. Not sure we have the advantage there.

I wish Jabari Parker was Jayson Tatum

Or Jaylen brown

Four steps by Brown. High even by NBA standards.

Brad Stevens is gonna abuse Jabari. Get ready to cringe, boys.

I bet this offense would be great for Denver.can we get a second for prunty please?

Have to play Giannis 48 minutes each game to just have a chance Jabari Parker is worse than Shabazz Muhammad

You wouldn't think it but Al horford's foot speed is insanely good

Why the **** is the former Celtic Kevin McHale announcing this?

No matter what happens, Prunty is wearing his best suit.

I am going to absolutely hate Al Horford by the end of this series

Terry Rozier looks like he could be Gucci Mane's son

18000 referees in attendance.

Monroe never got those calls in milwauker

I remember when y’all told me Tyler Zeller was good

Brown destroying us.

Motto for this series: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

These Bucks are exactly who we thought they were.

Stevens is not going to let them off the hook

Whelp, it was fun to pretend that we had a chance for those first 5 minutes

Common theme with this team....low basketball IQ

It’s almost like having an actual offensive scheme means something

I was told coaching doesn't matter. Only the players.

Bledsoe, Zeller, Parker look overwhelmed. Terry is too old. Stop playing this guy! Brogdon is a bucket of rust. Giannis does not know how to penetrate and make teammates better as a result, yet

Wish our coach wasn’t made of lettuce.

Celtics just packing the paint but do we stop driving right into it? Nope. Insanity by definition

I hope we get swept. Clean house for the most part. This is an absolute embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin.

The good news is when we aren't turning it over we're getting any long two that we want. Wait, what !?!?

Hahaha boy I hate this team.

The best thing about all of this is getting the exposure on national television which will show everybody the dumpster fire we truly are.

This series is like an NBA experiment where the NBA wanted to find out what would happen if Brad Stevens coached against a junior high school level coach.

I become an optimist in the playoffs. We’re winning this game.

Jason Terry is our best player.

Nice.They attacked Parker but we can attack Monroe.

The only reason I am not worried yet Is we are beating ourselves, rather than Boston beating us. If we can clean up turnovers, we’ll be right back in it.

Uh oh, SNell hurt And by "uh oh", I mean "cool, this might be good for us"

I really don't feel bad at all watching Snell get injured Just goes to show what an asshole I am. Wish we could get rid of his contract.

JET IS TAKING FLIGHT Remember when folks just asked why is terry playing. It’s not just leadership folks. He’s got some fuel left in that engine. HUGE 3.

Celtics aren't gonna get the star calls this series Kyrie would be getting 15 FTs a game with our defense.

Their best player is a rookie. C'mon Prunty, you have a superstar.

Horford is BY FAR their best player lol.

Boston knows all our plays. Not that we have that many to remember

Lmao nice make up call for the home crowd

Moose deserves so much

Wait when did moose join the Celtics?

Monroe’s AND-1 screams never worked with a Bucks jersey

Hmm Jabari out and we go on a run weird Or is it because Greg Monroe went in

Giannis getting superstar calls! We got away with one there

Go Bucks! Beat the pretenders!

A 20-point turnaround by the Bucks! I did NOT see that coming!

Bucks in 4

Al Horford is so good.

Monroe playing so far good too. Wish he would still play for us.

the Bucks have been really impressive this quarter it also helps that Boston refuse to play smart, but still

I love the fake tough guy bit from Morris twins

Jabari looked like he was afraid of Morris

I like rozier Hes a very solid player

How do Tatum and Brown Always get the benefit of the doubt?

Gotta give Rozier credit on that one, that was beautiful

Up 3 points on a team that shot like 14% for a whole quarter

Minus that final stretch, stalwart defense this half. Feels like ages since I’ve said that and it feels preeeeetty good

Stalwart defense... Celtics have about 3.5 dudes who can actually hit jumpers on their team. This is a team that scores about 104 points/game this season…and that was with kyrie for most of the time. Cant imagine what they’ve been averaging with him out

It was just mostly Shane larking making dumb decisions and bad passes…which is probably to be expected from a 3rd string PG who was pretty much out of the league

How many game do you think the Celtics would have won this season With Milwaukee’s coaching staff? 36-42 is my guess

Kyrie is probably great even with no coaching, so I’d say 40. The current, no-Kyrie team would’ve won like 12 though

They won 55, and with Kyrie are actually quite talented, and with Kyrie and Smart, fairly deep. I’m not sure any coaching staff is worth more than 15 wins

Stevens is. And anyone saying otherwise drastically underselling him.

The Celtics scared me in the beginning , they had the right tactic ISO posting up off ball Horford or Baynes with Giannis on them and avoiding that play , basically zoning Giannis out of the defense by sacrificing their big . Either the bucks switched Giannis on a wing or Stevens wasn't willing to sacrifice Horford for an extended period of time .

If we took out Horford we might win this series in 5. He is so good.

Were killing these scrubs

Bucks are bothering them on defense

I'm liking the superstar calls.

Are the Celtics going to score 10 points this quarter?

It's a lot easier to beat teams when they are 1 for 12 in a quarter.

So you're telling me playing defense helps win basketball games Surprised

The Morris twins are mentally defective.

****ing HATE both Morris twins. Big punk *******.

Someone punch Morris in the face, Hate that guy...or maybe his brother..or maybe both. **** if I know

They're both scumbags.

Get Delly on Morris for about 2 minutes. Get a double T on him.

Morris is unstable

Marcus Smart needs some Proactive.

Bled 1-6 with 3 TO's and 2 fouls. Glad he's finally back on the big stage to show he belongs!

Can't believe Morris flopped there

Tatum is good. Refs are doing good not calling ticky tack fouls.

Bledsoe playing sloppier than Boston's rookies. smh

lol Baynes is useless on offense

Celtics fans all calling for that travel Clearly haven’t seen Giannis play much 😄

If GIannis leaves Morris open behind the 3pt line one more time....

Bucks rely on their fast break offense for too many points, this team is in desperate need of shooters...if Boston can make it a half court game they should win

I hate this Bucks team. I really do. I just don't give a flying f*** what they do. Such a low low IQ team all the way around. Up 3? Might as well be down 10. This team stinks.

You know what's funny? Celtic fans complaining about brad Stevens offence during that run

We are winning at halftime in game 1 of the playoffs and this board is still unbearable.

Once you're fully awake to the ineptitude of this organization it's hard to pretend otherwise.

Giannis scored like 12 points in 3 minutes and then felt like an afterthought for the rest of the quarter. He and the coaching staff have got to change that

Horford came back in the game  

Likely a big reason. Would be nice to give the ball to Giannis in space but alas..

Can't believe we're only up 3. Feels like it should be more, doesn't it? That sucks because BOS- though they struggle to get shots- isn't going to shoot 18% from 3 all game.

Coaching wins in the second half usually.

Don't. Play. Horford. 1. On. 1.

Celtics have a ton of heart

I wonder how Stevens does not burst laughing watching the Bucks play.

Refs absolutely eating their whistles on our end.

Going to get ugly on this board if the Bucks can't get back in this.

Shouldn't be the case. Most believe the Celtics will win the series after all.

Morris with a contested fade away and then doesn’t crash the boards. SIGN HIM!!!

Giannis wants nothing to do with Horford which is great for us.

I wish we had someone to body up against Horford.I don't think Giannis is strong enough

Horford is killing Giannis.

Lol I think Terry just retired mid-possession Just gave up and tossed the ball out of bounds

How bad has the bucks talent acquisition been that they need 40 year old Jason terry to play at 6th man of the year levels to have a chance in this series

Horford is so savvy,

Shane larkin so trash Stevens not even letting him touch the ball on offense. Nice place for Jason terry to rest on defense

Dunno how people can keep underrating Stevens How many head coaches would tell their backup point guard "you’re literally never going to touch the ball on offense in the 2nd half, unless its by accident"

Horford has been rock solid Also the Bucks have no-one who can guard the low post, but this is not news at this point of the season

Tatum is nice

Holy ****.... The Celtics are playing "Yodeling Kid Remix" as a 4th Q pump up.

Sick of horford dominating

Al Horford working awfully hard. He's the only reliable offense the Celtics have.

Horford is a man amongst boys against our bigs.

Tatum and Brown will be stars.

Until Giannis is hitting a respectable % of jumpers and isn't outplayed by Al Horford I'm not sure we're going to win more than 1 game this series.

You take your 23 year old super star and you put him in to fight under the basket with real bigs?? Lmfao

They are playing baynes and horford. Baynes is even bigger. Who should he guard?

Kinda miss Jason Kidd a little bit.

If Horford's going to guard Parker, Parker can and should make him WORK on D. 31-year-old Horford can't do this all game. especially as a big, banging bodies all game.

Taytum is already smarter than nearly every Buck. I toe the line with Brogdon. But, that's a f'ng rookie. Smarter than nearly every player on the Bucks roster. SMH.

Tatum is really good

We are seriously matching up Brogdon with Taytum. Genius. Taytum Takeover

I would fire Prunty after the game honestly. This series is a moot point with that man at the helm.

I hope we get swept. Still straight garbage ball. Not a damn thing has changed since Kidd left Nothing.

Amazing what the Celtics can do with an actual offense and unselfish players.

I really believe any other playoff team wins this game. This is embarrassing but I’m really impressed with Boston and how limited they are.

Bucks done in by Shane Larkin.

Shane Larkin beating us now hahahaha

The Celtics have Shane Larkin playing meaningful 4th qtr playoff minutes. Unreal. Stevens is amazing.

I'm going Danny Ainge on this team and trading everyone for multiple first round picks.  (MY NOTE:  "Going Danny Ainge is now a meme.  LOL)

I wish Al was more like Tito.

Horford hasn't missed I don't think. That's not fair.

I hate getting out hustled.

Morris in slow motion moves to the basket and scores

The Bucks cannot won this series because they are way too deficient in the IQ Department. Giannis has lots of abilities but so little in IQ; the same goes for Bledsoe and Parker.

I had Celtics in 5. I’m feeling confident.

Brad is just smacking Prunty around now

Disgusting. Who cares if we have more 'talent' on paper, desire and BBIQ reside comfortably on the other side of the court.

As like a mercy rule the league should make it where Brad Stevens has to coach the Bucks for one game in this series.

Morris follows his own shot while we watch. That's lazy.

Losing a playoff game to a Morris twin and Al Horford.

BOS s been great taking away our transition opportunities. Credit.

Eric Bledsoe is trash. I don't care about his meaningless last week. An inefficient stupid basketball player.

It’s one bad game. Playoff nerves. First ever start in the playoffs. Lets relax a bit. We don’t have good coaching for him, so let’s see how he responds in game 2.

it’s also the first start for the much younger Rozier and Tatum

Gus Johnson should be announcing for the Celtics

This is where giannis needs to takeover Hes the best player on the court in this series and he needs to step up and show it. Theres no way a rookie tatum should be outshining him

I wouldn't put it past Horford being the best player in the series You’ll want to kill me for saying it, but he has such a huge advantage over anyone we have guarding him. Plus he’s the best defender out there. Giannis is the best talent, but we don’t know how to use him.

don’t think that’s unreasonable. Horford is constantly, consistently underrated, sometimes to massive degrees

Brown has gotten away with so much shit in transition Hard for me to feel bad for him now despite a soft call.

He's hooked and slapped and pushed his way around this game He bodied giannis forcing a travel. Got the call. Let him whine.

I don't get how him and tatum get so many calls their way

I guess trying to trap? I don’t know, as I said Joe Prunty seems like a decent coach and a decent man but he needs to go somewhere where he can get some experience with these things before he’s thrown in the fire. He doesn’t seem to have that ice water factor of championship caliber coaches yet. Brad Stevenson definitely does…

We needed to foul Rozier...

Lol at the refs letting the emotion of the crowd dictate calls.

The fact a **** Morris is killing us hurts bad.

Morris lucky shot, morris lucky charge call, morris lucky rebound.

I doubt the Celtics ability to get a great shot.

**** foul right away! That trap **** never works FFS.

Dumb asses anyone but Horford

Good thing Horford made the 2nd because Zeller got murdered trying to box out on the FT.

Morris twins top twenty hated guys in NBA. I'd carve their beards off with a cleaver.

Wow. Big 3 Brogs. Nice play but WTF were the Celtics doing?

Morris/horford totally not on the same page Looked like morris thought horford was gonna switch onto giannis Force rozier to come help (which he shouldn't have). A pretty big mental lapse for the team with the best defense during the regular season

What a shot by Rozier!

Not a great day for Bled Shook him, bad. Bledsoe was looking around too much.

Only fitting Bledsoe gets torched, he's sucked this whole game

Wow. An actually well-designed inbounds play. Kudos!

Bledsoe wasn't even looking at the guy he was guarding.

Give me a **** break with BOS lucky threes.

If rozier was on the bucks we would give him the max

We're gonna give Rozier a dumb contract when his rookie deal is done. Book it.

Who? Rozier? Ok I'm done

Rozier made Bledsoe his b****.

What the heck was Bledsoe looking at? Not even paying attention to Rozier, the guy with the ball

Smh Bledsoe, how can you be so athletic and so hoooorrible at D is beyond me

Look he got owned one on one, it happens. The part where he just **** stood there instead of attempting a closeout while Rozier took his time to get set is inexcusable. **** off

If that counts... Don't dare to lose this gaMe

All of a sudden the board likes Midds, right?


Khris I’m sorry I doubted you and mocked your defensive deficiencies this season clearly you were saving all your juice for the playoffs

I knew it, I knew history could not write someone called rozier hit the game winning shot in a playoff game

Preparrrrreeee for the gut wrenching overtime defeat!! Always maximize pain, maximize PAIN!!!!!!!

I just screamed a little I don't give a **** its 3:30am why are people in my house asleep they should be watching this game!!!!!! Omg omg omg

Still hope that the Bledsoe embarrassing defense on Rozier gets tweeted and vined and analyzed and lol'd many times over the next couple days, in case Bledsoe's personality responds to shame.
Nathan Stone
Bledsoe trying to guard Rozier #FearTheDeer #Celtics

12:46 PM - Apr 15, 2018
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How many steps is Horford allowed to take as he slides his way down low?

Rozie won’t shoot this well all series

Neither will middleton If you remember last year’s round 1

Can we fire Prunty now and replace him with literally anyone who won't play Snell?

i’ll be curious to hear what people have to say when Celtics actually make an adjustment and middleton disappears again

Bledsoe fouls out, we might win this.

Boston VS Giannis+Mids and a bunch of turds.

It really is about inflicting maximum pain on fans. What is more painful than down two, get a steal and fastbreak and come up empty?!?!?! So painful.

My head hurts. Go die in the woods Bucks.

How does Horford have 14 FT attempts? Has to be a career high

Because every time he posts up and stumbles he goes to the line Plus we intentionally fouled him twice.

I said all season brogdon is a better player than Bledsoe. Should not have traded moose for him should have been Henson thon and a conditional 2nd

Celtics Seem To Have Gotten Every Loose Ball Bucks have outplayed them but they are giving up way to many possessions by getting out hustled. And with the 20 turnovers.

KEG all with 5 fouls, wow We are so undisciplined, and so dumb. You think Lebron is gonna pick up 5 fouls today? Durant? Part of it is Celtics being smart and savvy, but come on…

We know next game's adjustments Get Al Hordord in foul trouble, and change up how they play Hordord defensively

Positives for the Bucks Y’all have completely shut down Irving and Hayward. Combined 0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists.  (MY NOTE:  Oh man, that's cold)

Credit where credit is due Rozier and Tatum were amazing, and Horford was pretty solid too

Forgot Brown He was great too. Bucks need to step it up big time for the next game.

We aren’t going to turn it over that much every game. We NEED to win game two. ALl I wanted out of this was a split 1-1 this game and Tuesday. Still to be had. Boston is NOT better than us. We beat ourselves.

You really think middleton is gonna keep shooting >75% from 3? You think boston’s centers (baynes and monroe) are gonna combine for 1 pt and 6 rebounds in 25 mins the rest of the series?

Boston got outplayed!  What are you talking about? And if it means less Horford minutes then I’ll gladly accept a few more points from them.

how did Boston get outplayed? Didn’t they win? Weren’t we the team that his the miracle kinda lucky shot to go to OT?

I think what he must mean Is that we beat ourselves, and part of beating yourselves is obviously the other team taking advantage of it. And when that happens – that means Boston outplayed us.But it also means that there are mistakes we made that, if cleaned up, meant Boston would have never won.

I don't think the Celtics can stop giannis (no one can really), but they can definitely do a better job on middleton, and I'm sure Stevens will address it. And I'm mentioning Stevens because hes an actual coach who makes adjustments, bucks only hope is to out-talent the opposition. That might work against some teams, but I don't see that happening here

not sure where your're getting the whole ‘Boston got ouplayed’, seemed like whenever they needed a rebound or a loose ball, they went out and got it

I don't get how that's a foul But it wasn’t last time. Makes no sense.

Giannis was fortunate to not foul out earlier but lol at his reaction.

And the refs decided the game

Refs!!!!!! All ****ing day. Boston won the game at the line and with timely awful calls. I have no confidence that we’ll get a fair shake at any point but the Bucks are much better than this bunch of traveling tier 2 hack boxes.

Celtics, Lakers, every team Lebron has ever been on, and the 95-98 Bulls Get the benefit of the doubt in every game and literally on almost every questionable whistle. It’s been the downside of the league the past 25 years. I suppose they did let the Pistons punch people in the face for a year or 2 there too.

Tough ending But I guess the silver lining is it was an OT game DESPITE 20 freakin turnovers…. And Giannis has got to be left feeling pretty pissed/motivated after the way his game ended. I think he’s going to destroy Horford in the next game.

Exactly I think they can be had They definitely made a lot of tough shots today and I think that will even out throughout the series. I truly think our talent will show sooner or later

I"ll give Boston credit They made the plays, but I don’t think Rozier will be THAT clutch the rest of the series. And if Bucks can make some adjustments on how they handle Horford, and take care of the ball better the next game should end better.

Does anyone else feel that despite the loss we should win this series?I just don’t think they have the offensive firepower to stay with us.

Celtics get an actual NBA player out of all of their draft picks.

I've never been so confidant in a teams ability to find a way to lose. It's never "if". The only question is "how".

This if far from over, Boston needed a lot of luck to win and they had it, they cant get it every game though Bucks in 6

I just want to know how the two refs watching the play call jump ball and the ref from behind that cant even see clearly calls foul and overrules...

Brutal. and f*** tatum for kicking giannis when he was on the floor

I think Giannis comes in pissed off on Tuesday and we take game 2.

Tatum is everything we hoped Parker would be. Amazing when a top 3 pick actually plays like one.

On the bright side, only three games of this garbage left and then we can start the coaching search!

Who said Bledsoe is better than Rozier?

Key swing of the game was Morris lucky heave 3 followed by BS charge on Giannis to take away 2 points and add a foul to Giannis, must have been about 2 mins left at the time. Huge 5 pt swing there.

I'm convinced this ownership group could care less about winning. They are just waiting for the arena and surrounding area to get built up so they can sell it for a nice return on investment. #HedgeFund

Bucks are very disappointing, but after this game this series looks winnable (not saying we will win)

**** these **** refs with all those bull calls and **** Jabari and his commitment to the team. I wish you get stuck in a Hawks/Suns situation like team till the end of your short career you ****.

Bledsoe was embarrassed by the Boston back up pg,

Rozier isn't their back up pg, Smart is the back up pg. Rozier is the 3rd string pg.

Boston’s defense looked like trash this game. The collapse on Giannis for Brogdon’s 3 was a classic Bucks move on their end

It's possible this is Boston's best game of the series.

Brown and Tatum are REALLY good. Both would average 20+ if Stevens let them play like the Bucks. And they play D. I would take them over Mids and Parker all day.

One more thing. Let's stop single covering Horford. Thanks.

Single cover Horford with Zeller, play Henson half the minutes, quick yank him, have Giannis cover Baynes who he can roam off, or guard Morris.

Will say horford is probably the most overlooked star in the nba. The guy has basically been an afterthought to most fans in the nba his entire career

Could Zeller handle Horford in single coverage for stretches? I think it would limit his shoulder blocking his way to the bucket.

I mean in the post he's our best guy to throw at him but I would assume they'll just have Horford step out to the high post and abuse him from there.

I hate when other teams make adjustments and we don’t. Darn it.

Zeller can't cover Horford. Giannis had a hard time covering Horford.

The reason you want Zeller on Horford is the lower body strength. He's the only guy on this team who won't be physically dominated by him. Surprised (but not really) we didn't try more of him on Horford.

Horford would just step out and hit threes or drive past him.

The thing that makes me pessimistic about this series is that we may not see another great night from both Khris and Giannis.

I would bet a lot of money on Giannis being great. I believe he’ll be even better next game And we'll still gonna lose.

We just need the next one. I think we can do it. But I’m trying to sift through a post game thread where giannis is leaving, the owners are going to sell the team, and Britney might have shaved her head again. It’s very confusing.

At the end of the day we lost in OT by a beautifully coached team in game one of the playoffs on the road. I mean this team drives me insane but ehhhhh not the worst result.

This game highlighlights how awful our 1st rounders have been. Thon, taken 7 picks after Brown, doesn’t even see the court. Vaughn, taken with the pick after Rozier, not even in the league.



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