Comments From The Other Side - vs Cavaliers, Home, Game 2 ECF

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Comments From The Other Side - vs Cavaliers, Home, Game 2 ECF

Post by bobheckler on Wed May 16, 2018 3:47 pm

by FLCeltsFan

Boston has never - in their history (I think) - lost a Series after going up 2-0...

All that fuss this year over the 8th pick. Should’ve traded it when it was more valuable.

Can we still trade for kawhi with the 8th pick lol

Damn. Really wanted that top 3 pick. What a bummer. Wish we had Kyrie.

We traded #1 pick Kyrie Irving for #8 pick Joe Balloon.

I hope we don’t pick him. I can’t stand that dude and his bust potential is rather high

Who is going to want to give up a star player for the 8th pick? Legitimately asking, I don’t see how that happens even with the Kawhi/Spurs stuff.

Quick scan of 8th picks isn’t exactly encouraging, but Hey! Ron Harper! And I had forgotten all about Detleff Schrempf (7 to 1 consonant to vowel ratio)

Will playoff Al show up tonite?  (MY NOTE:  Even Cav fans are now calling him that)

Does LBJ guard Tatum or Brown?


I am nervous and this isnt even the NBA Finals

Need to get Morris in foul trouble right away

Dude, for the past few years all we see is Brad Stevens giving speeches in the lockeroom pre-game. Sick of it.

Gordon Hayward getting hurt might've been a blessing in disguise, as weird as that sounds to say. Tons of developmental time for Brown and Tatum all season long.

I don't think so... Boston was given a free season to develop their bench and young players. They discovered they have ECF talent without Kyrie or Gordon.

Blessing in disguise for Boston I meant. Not us.

G Hill needs to retire. Horford just ate his lunch

LeBron gets mauled everytime he touches the ball. He'd put up 37 a night if he was officiated like Harden.

Let's get Brown a quick 2nd foul.

Love just got fouled big time on that shot. Officiating starting out with a clear bias.

Lue calls a timeout before the lead is completely gone. What's the deal? Was it a mandatory timeout?

Al Horford outplaying Kevin Love again!

I wish Kevin Love was as good as Al Horford.

The rest of these bums suck. All LB no one else.

They just get their offense so easily. And it's a major struggle for us 90% of the time.

Did Kevin just dunk...on a person..?

Wow the Celtics are literally mauling LeBron.

Celtics will not be able to defend with this physicality in Cleveland.

Our PG cant score on their starting C. Makes me really miss Kyrie lol

Horford is dunking on us now lol

Al Horford’s eyelashes are extremely long.  (MY NOTE:  I honestly do not know how to take this...)

Refs letting everyone slap at folks isn’t going to work in our favor

Aggravating how we keep leaving Brown wide open for that three.

Jaylen Brown 5 for 6, other Celtics 3 for 11

The amount of physicality Boston has been able to defend with…. They are gonna be in the bonus so quick at the Q.

Would be nice if we could have some more separation when Lebron is playing is ass off. If the offense is just 4 guys letting Lebron do his thing on offense, shouldn’t they have all the energy to lock down on D?

Is LeBron being paid per missed FT?

That was a straight flagrant and they didn't even review it.

Lebron on pace for NINETY SIX points. And people still think Jordan was a better individual player than this guy

Jaylen Brown is just toying with us. Killing us.

One of the best 1st quarters of LeBron's career. Up by 5.

It's cute Love did all right against the Raptors. But we need this dude to show up against the tough matchups. Aka everyone other than Toronto.

Our defense makes me ****ing sick

Bron's effort on defensive is laughable. Every other time I look he's just standing there motionless.

Brown won’t be able to hang for 4 quarters. He’s already tired.

Boston hanging around on a steady diet of contested midrangers

Wow, Boston is knocking down a lot of well contested shots.

They’ve been hitting tough shots 2 games straight. This can’t continue.

Celtics have bailed us out by quite a few open misses. Need to get our shit together when we switch (or don’t). We’re getting confused so easily.

Encourage Marcus Morris to beat you, chuck it up!!!

LeBron gets concussed, fans boo him walking off Classy Boston

I really like Tatum and Jaylen Brown too. Sadly, they play for classless assholes in Boston.

Classy Boston is one of my favorite oxymorons.

You're acting like hes knocked out on the ground not moving Hes clearly fine their cheering him leaving the game.

Boston fans are the worst people on the planet and that is a straight fact.

Boston fans really are scum

I can at least give them the benefit of the doubt there, because LeBron oversells injuries constantly.

Boston fans are just upset that LeBron is better than every player that has ever played for their franchise.

The allegedly classy Boston fans abused LeBron as he left, clearly hurt. Massholes.

When Hayward broke his leg we gave respect LeBron May have a concussion and BostoN fans boo Y’all gotta really take a second to appreciate how deep the nba hates LeBron

Boston fans would probably make fun of Marcus Smart's mom for having cancer if he played for us.

Tatum tackles better than half of the NFL

I think Tatum did that on purpose. Don’t be naive.

I think I’d be one of the first to jump on the Celtics for dirty play – I’ve never forgiven them for Olynyk, but that looked like a simple collision that turned out worse that it usually does.

Boston fouls every ball handler every possession. It’s maddening

Cavs fans cheered Hayward when he broke his leg Boston fans booed LeBron when he got hurt

Reported neck strain Lebron. He’s gonna really feel that after the game and need to hop in that cryochamber ASAP

Jaylen Brown is ****ing handchecking LeBron lmao

Jalen Brown should have 5 ****ing fouls already.

The sad thing is we won't get calls at home either.

a) LeBron is exhausted. B) the rest of our team should incorporate the name 'The Cleveland Bricklaying Company.'

Can we trade that 8th pick for a coach?

Games like this really make me lose interest in even seeing us in the Finals.

Celtics really going to stick with make LBJ beat you? They have to start doubling. I don't know, it's still kind of working.

So the Celtics are allowed to grab, hold, and maul James every time he drives?

It’s depressing knowing what awaits in the finals even if we pull off this series. Just feels weird.

It's sad that with Tatum on Hood, Hood looks like the rook.

Tatum is legit.

Man, Tatum is hitting big time shots. If he does that all series, we are in trouble.

We really didn't get Tatum or Brown for Kyrie.

Feels like the NBA is trying to help Boston win. LB gets a elbow to the face, and needs to be evaluated? He gets those like every ****ing game. So weird...

For ****'s sake Brown and Tatum are so good.

Are you kidding me! Tatum is turning into Kobe Bryant.

Tristan is getting abused by Tatum.

If the league ever decides Tatum can't clear out every play, he's gonna not be so great.

Tatum pushes off one more time without being called for a foul? Someone needs to lay his ass out

Tatum is a gamer. Have to admit.

Tatum and Brown are gunna be superstars. They can score on us whenever they want

Tatum might already be better than Kyrie.

Tatum is just supremely confident. But who wouldn't be against this defense. He is getting anything he wants. He is playing like a veteran though.

Philadelphia not selecting Tatum is like the Thunder gifting the Rockets Harden... Tatum is gonna be a top 3-5 player....

Tatum and Brown are possibly both better than Hayward.

Celtics are damn good. Great young players and the best coach in the NBA. Did I mention they’re missing their 2 best players? Wtf. They’re gonna be a big problem going forward.

Wouldn't shock me if Kyrie is shopped. Hopefully not for Kawhi.

They should trade Hayward

A 37 year old is our 2nd option. Nice.

Oh, they call us on a moving screen... But Tatum can clear out on every single possession...

Wouldn't surprise me at all to see Boston try to move Hayward and get out from under that contract after his serious injury.

Kyrie already demands 15+ shots a night. I wouldn't want to take even more shots away from Brown & Tatum. Those guys are going to be legitimate stars.

Boston fans have to be the most classless in the NBA right? They legitimately disgust me.

I still feel good about the game even with that shit 4-point swing out of nowhere at the end of the half.

The only team I ever feel good about playing against is Toronto

Boston has shown they can come back from just about any deficit this year.

It’ll be close til the end, but I’ll be surprised if we actually drop this.

Jaylen Brown looking like prime AI out here.

Jaylen Brown star of the first 2 games so far. Unstoppable

Hungrier, more athletic team. So easy to see. Cavs have to exert some damn effort.

Rozier just stopped LB. Seriously?

How many times are the Celtics going to score off of bobbled passes and handles.

Can’t defend shit. Boston too good for us without there 2 all stars. Embarrassing

Refs can't call moving screens on Boston. No matter how obvious they are.

ainge is going to fleece some poor sucker so harder when he trades rozier for a king's ransom

I don't care what this team has to do. We better win.

We need to clothesline someone.

Morris yells in his face repeatedly and it turns into double techs?

Love and Lebron can’t be bothered to contest

The Celtics will lose every game by 35 next round.  (MY NOTE:  Sounds like an assumption the Cavs are not going to win this series to me)

I'll say it again. They better win this game.

Lue bet on the Celtics only answer

LeBron just looks like he doesn't care

Getting Owned to a team without there 2 all stars. They can score whenever they want

Lebron is scared to attack because he will get fouled and miss free throws

Well, they are down their two best players. Anyways, the Celtics haven't won the game yet.

Hayward isn't one of their two best players

Aaron Baynes hitting threes. WTF

Baynes hitting 3's let's go home

Lebron has 32. Love has 20. And we are still losing.

Oh well. Silver lining is Lue being gone after this season. You can't keep your job after a series like this.

Personally, I think it's a coaching issue. Same roster, flip the coaches, Cavs would be beating this depleted Celtics like they owed us money.

Maybe. But Brown and Tatum are superior to anything on this roster not named James. Rozier is also considerably better than Hill. We are significantly outmanned at three positions. We have no dribble penetration outside of LBJ and offensively this is the result.

Love is playing horrible. JR is getting roasted. Refs letting Boston body everyone.

They seem to be letting us both do it but Cavs aren’t built to capitalize on free fouls

I’ve not been pressed over not having Kyrie but I kinda hate him seeing him cheer against the Cavs

JR smith may be the worst player on the team

These announcers absolutely love the Celtics

This is what happens when you let your GM trade all your draft picks for old, streaky shooters who can’t defend.

This is just an old team…Griffin made one too many shortsighted trades. It got us a ring, but this is the cost. Wasting a year of LeBron because of no assets

LeBron has been so bad defensively.

They go down 0-2, they are not going to come back against the Celtics. They just don’t have the players.

Really can't afford to lose this game after that 1st quarter LeBron had and after being up double digits late in the 1st half. Would be awfully tough for Cavs to come back down 2-0 I know they did it vs GS but that was with Kyrie folks. This is pretty much a must win.

The bucks took these clowns to 7. Haha

I guess we should have been rooting for the 76ers..................

Ty Lue could get hit by a car and I wouldn't care.  (MY NOTE:  Boston fans are classless, and you're calling for your own coach to get run over?!)

Rozier will be a bum as soon as he's in that kings jersey   (MY NOTE:  Does Sacto have anybody we'd want for Rozier?  Fox.  Anybody else?)

I still think we win the series cause of LeBron, but lol at the idea that the Celtics wouldn't beat us with Irving and Hayward.   Honest to god they look, on paper, like the most talented team in the league with how good Brown and Tatum have become.   THeir top 4 isn't as good as GS, but man their 5-10 is like the best the league has seen in a long time. Here's 5-10: Horford/Tatum/Brown..whichever you pick, Marcus Smart, Terry Rozier, Marcus Morris, Aaron Baynes. That's INSANE depth. Just insane.

The Celtics believe they can win the series. It's over.

I'm floored to admit this because I thought Game 1 was a feel out game, but Boston is flat-out more talented and more prepared. Cavs aren't making it out this series.

Thankfully we gave them Kyrie for the coming years..

LeBron don't care. He watch the Warriors beat the Rockets handily. If Rockets won that game, guarantee LeBron wouldn't let us lose this game.

We'll win both home games. This game isn't over with.

Tatum's shoulder is the MVP of this game.

Where's our Terry or Tatum or Brown. All athletic young guys who can create their own shots.   (MY NOTE:  You have Clarkson and Hood, but Lue has to trust them and play them)

Game Over. Series Over. Lebron James Cleveland Career Over

Brad Stevens with the Cavaliers would've won 63-67 games in the regular season and wouldn't have broken a sweat with Indiana. This series also wouldn't even be close either, if you replaced Stevens on Boston with an above average coach.  Brad Stevens is that good, and Ty Lue is definitely that bad.

We could have got Tatum. But didn't. Great Job, Dan and Koby.

Please... Lue would bench his ass. For Tatum’s careers sake I’m glad we didn’t draft him

Can't tell me the Celtics can't seriously win this series if we lose tonight.

Itll still be a gentleman’s sweep. Cavs will steal one at home.

I've moved from anger to acceptance. Don't care anymore. This team sucks.

I'm not even watching it, I'm watching the weather channel

Kyrie knew something we didn’t

That the Celtics don't need him to get to the finals?

He didn't know shit...he asked to be traded and one of his teams was the Knicks We were the assholes that traded him to Boston He is as much of a quitter as this entire team
LeBum is the reason why our starting backcourt has combined for 3 points on 1-9 shooting

8th pick in the draft, down 0-2. Shit is pretty bleak.

LeBron is playing like he's gone.

This game went from special to special needs

I wish a meteor would hit the commentator's table.

We are what we are...... A bad team with one great player and bad coach. For me it’s better to lose vs Boston that to be swept by that coward of KD so I’m fine.

Boston will play GSW tough - tougher than WE would. Stevens gets the most out of his guys.

Bring in Perkins, they wanna flop we'll give them something to flop over.

Green has been terrible.

They’re just outworking us; it’s that simple

Warriors are going to be so mad they didn't get to beat lebron again this year

Marcus Smart can draw fouls at will. That's awesome.

With the players the Celtics have the cavs should still be winning, well I guess the king couldn’t do all after all

The cavs just clearly don’t want this game nearly as much as the Celtics. Without any stats in front of me, I’d be willing to bet that the Celtics are FAR ahead in every hustle statistic.

I literally just cursed out two workers at this bar gathering around me trolling me about the game. I told them to get the **** out my space after they called LeBron "the Queen"… God please let me be able to leave here trolling them right the **** back (prolly not but c’mon boys)  (MY NOTE:  Just be glad you weren't at Ozumas.  You'd look back at last night as "the good old days" when I was done with you)

There's no one who can dribble penetrate.

Yeah, we traded that guy - for a crippled midget and some role-players.

I wish our guys played with as much heart as Boston.

This team is ****ing trash Getting schooled by rookies

I know everybody hates Boston...but damn they play hard and as a team.

We can yet steal this bitch.

Oh look we score 4 points in a row and Stevens is already ready with the timeout

Cavs pulling a second half Warriors, making the Celtics look like the Warriors.

Letting Boston fans feel good is never the preferable option

It’s The Quitting 2.0. Against Boston, appropriately.

Looks like there is very little chance to win this game. Going to need to win 4 straight. Can't see winning a game 7 at Boston.

LeBron is playing like he's gone.

Maybe he will quit again in game 5 and rip off his jersey. Rinse and Repeat

JR can be a real piece of shit sometimes.

The refs are killing us

Man, if that's a foul, we've got about 100 FTs coming.

Why would Lue put in JR Smith ? That was dirty by JR.

That will be a flagrant. JR is a moron

How do Celtics get every foul call and we never get any?

The refs caused this with how much contact they are allowing,   (MY NOTE:  The Cavs could have adapted to the refs, Thompson could have thrown people around.  They didn't)

Jaylen Brown is allowed to bear hug and push with both hands on defense...this is ridiculous. Big market teams are reffed differently.

Hope smart has that same energy for draymond Spoiler: he won't

Can hate the Celtics all you want now in the moment... They at least play hard and are young... Not even in the same breath in terms of hate as the Warriors

Here comes a JR suspension. Actually might not hurt.

Smith gets put back in, burns 15 seconds, takes a stupid three, and now he's going to get a flagrant 2 to help out Boston even more. I'm done with this team.

Smart shouldve knocked JR out. Maybe he'd come back in game 3 with some basketball IQ knocked into his brain.

Maybe we will get lucky and Smith will get suspended.

Would anyone want to see this team in the finals? Cuz I am sure I don't. We would be the biggest embarrassment in the history of nba finals beaten by an average of 20-25 points. Rather watch these Celtics guys go against gs than us.

No technical on Smart? What the **** is this?

Boston players embody their fans perfectly.  (MY NOTE:  I'm interpreting that remark differently than I'm sure he offered it)

JR always does crazy shit. Sometimes it’s make 7 3s in a game. Sometimes, it’s this

He’s being physical. The only Cavalier that isn’t afraid to hit somebody.

Just a frustration, he hasnt done a damn thing in this game and boom killed that little chance we had.

I’m tired of these effing announcers. LeBron gets clubbed in the head, shoved, and all the rest and no flagrant two. Most of these announcers try to say that its no flagrant when LeBron gets hit in the head or shoved. But this is a flagrant two automatically according to them. EFF YOU!

On the bright side, if they give him a Flagrant 2 at least we’ll get someone else into the game

I said it back at the trading deadline, the Cavs’ biggest mistake was not getting rid of JR. Not playing well is one thing, not giving the effort two Conference Finals games in a row is something entirely different. And now this. He’s my least favorite player in the league. Once an idiot, always an idiot.

The only guy on the whole god roster that cared enough to even try

It’s becoming obvious our players not named LeBron aren’t as talented or as motivated as the Celtics

I have said in the past that Stevens is an elite coach while Lue is only an above-average one. It is definitely showing in this series.

That Horford box out call and the other one I think was ludicrous.

I agree. Boston gets away with things that no other team in the NBA does… But…this is NOTHING new. The Celtics have been getting calls, even when they were BAD, for 30 years now. It’s awful…

The Cavs are not a real team, they are LeBron and the 12 dwarfs.

So how are those "Cavs in Three" comments looking now?   (MY NOTE:  "Three"?)

Brown and Tatum are physical mismatches for Korver, Hood, and JR. They are dominating them and enforcing their will driving/posting.

TT should have let Smart throw a punch and be suspended for game 3. That just cost us this game for sure.

Tristan's such a dumbass. Can't cheat without getting caught, and stopped the opposing team from throwing a punch. TT can't do shit right.

The good thing is that JR will be suspended so we'll have to play Cedi

Lebron 40 points, and we losing. So we need 55 - 60 from him. Yeh because we are that terrible.

Sorry ass Jr can't hit a three so he starts playing dirty. He's garbage

I might be in the minority but I rather lose in this round than get completely embarrassed in the finals getting blown out by 30+ every game

It was not that dangerous of a play, for ***** sake. Horford was barely moving.

Not THAT dangerous???? If you are in the air, like Horford was, then you don't need much contact at all to lose all balance and potentially sustain a severe injury. There was a clear push by JR while Horford was in the air. JR should have been tossed.

That was a dangerous play. Especially for a big man up in the air like that.

JR should be tossed. That was really bad.

Nah those bitches deserve it

Deserve to get seriously hurt? It's just a game, man....

That was an extremely dangerous play by JR Smith. Al Horford was vulnerable in the air when JR shoved him to the floor. I can't believe he gets to still play in this game. Maybe the refs felt that keeping JR in this game was more of a punishment for the Cavs.

Horford has straight up dominated Love.

Blow the team up. Don't care if we win the series, just do it. I can't stand this team.

Refs kept Celtics in the game in the first half and have helped them pull away down here, starting with the LeBron foul on Horford that Horford just flopped on.

Seems LBs Cleveland career always ends in Boston.

I hope Van Gundy gets mugged on his way to his car.

I blame Dan Gilbert. Letting our championship GM leave cost us any chance to keep Kyrie. Once Kyrie was gone you knew it was over.

Wake me up when kyrie leads a team anywhere

Some guys lead by example, Kyrie leads by the bench.

Jeff Green, who has made more successful passes to Celtics players. And JR Smith, who should be shot into space for the dumbass foul. Are still in the game.

If we literally had an even half decent coach we would've won this game. Lue just did everything in his power to negate a great game by James and a good game by Love. Literally did everything to cancel out anything good we've done.

Love ain't playing bad but he's still getting outplayed badly by Horford. That's a problem...

Lue is getting exposed....having Kyrie made all the difference...No wonder Kyrie wanted to leave, He knew Lue was a dumbass.

The 2018 Cavs team have no heart

Lebron 42 points, and we lost. So what do we do? Push the guy to score 60 for us?

Kyrie masked so many of our offensive deficiencies. This team doesn’t run plays.

No Hayward or Kyrie for Celtics, and this is how our team plays. Pitiful man. Can't wait to hear all the trash talk.

Cmon Lebron can’t you score more!? 50? 60? 85? Cmon!! Play all 48 mins you clown!

Really Boston plays tough defense and changes the game...we don’t play any defense

Part of me wants to kind of throw up my hands and say, "Fine, Boston, you want to play the Warriors so bad, go ahead. Go get 'em, boys.

Boston did what they were suppose to do. Now the Cavs needs to take care of business at home. All this whining is ridiculous.

Warriors vs Celtics finals ew

Yeah, I mean people might be laughing at Boston going to the finals potentially without Kyrie. As in ha, ha, Kyrie, how good are you. But, we're losing to a team we'd have steamed rolled last year IF WE STILL had Kyrie.

LeBron has won a road game in something like 22 straight series, other than the Finals last year. So, win at home and come back to game 5 tied 2-2, and see what happens.

We won’t win both games at home. We might LOSE both games at home...

Getting out worked by rookies is expected But getting outsmarted? This is wild

We traded Kyrie... The guys we essentially got him for put up 3, 2, 0,0 Yet we have guys complaining about LeBron.

Still more than they got out of Kyrie all playoffs...

The difference being Boston has a coach, system and actually draft very well.. Getting Kyrie out of Cleveland for crap was the best way to end the Cavs reign.

We should never have let Koby Altman talk to Danny Ainge without adult supervision. I bet Ainge had a hard time keeping a straight face

Having to watch these classless Celtics fans and a smug Kyrie celebrate going to the finals Having to watch that unbearable golden state roster sweep the Cavs with a finals record margin Pick your poison folks...

Someone tell me how I've sat on my ass for the last 2.5hrs and still contributed the same amount of points for the Cleveland Cavaliers as JR Smith.

If you didn't notice, this Boston team really doesn't have one leader. It's a true team effort. Yet, they still find a way to win and go far in the playoffs.

Cavs can get their ass whipped by a championship caliber team with 4 all stars (it’s not fair)
They can also not show up vs a team with no all stars and get their ass whipped by some 20,21 year olds (where’s our Brown,Rozier,Tatum? It’s not fair)

Celtics 37-0 All-Time when leading 2-0 in a Best of 7 series.

And NBA Finals teams were 0-33 when down 3 games to 1 like the Cavs were in 2016. We all know what happened then. Things can change very quickly.

My friend is a Celtics fans and sending me troll messages... Should I go to his house and punch him in the face?

Hearing this shit from Marcus Smart and that Celtics team of all teams is laughable.
Marcus Smart on the JR Smith push on Horford
8:47 PM - May 15, 2018

Smart is absolutely right though. JR's got a history of this type of behavior and this was a dirty play.

And Smart and these Celtics have an even longer history. He talked shit about JR like they didn't pull Love's arm out of his socket. Like their fans aren't assholes. Like their fans aren't racist to opposing players. He shouldn't throw stones.

The Cavs have been so bad the Raptors should fire Dwane Casey again.

Yeah, last night confirmed to me that getting a double digit lead in the game and then blowing it is far worse emotionally than just straight getting blown out. I weirdly didn’t care when we lost Game 1. Last night hurt.

This team stinks. Truth is they’ve stunk all season, but the brilliance of LeBron made some of us not want to realize it.

We traded Kyrie for the 8th pick and 3 points tonight. Beautiful

They had 6 guys in double figures highest scorer 23 points, baynes with 9 almost 7 that's TEAM work, 2 of our startes couldn't get 5

How did the Celtics come up with Brown and Tatum? SMH

Their Brooklyn picks worked out better than ours.

Our 3rd best player (Hill) probably wouldn’t even crack their rotation if everyone was healthy, let alone the starting lineup. Kyrie and Rozier ahead of him at pg, and Brown/Smart ahead of him at sg.

Yep. Celtics have 6 players between our #2 and #3 that are flat out better players. I blame Kyrie.

On the bright side of this depressing series, neither the Cavs nor the Celtics have a prayer against GSW. Both teams get swept and at the very best maybe they steal one game.

This Celtics give Houston and GS problems. I don't expect them to win but they will be a nightmare defensively for whoever they meet if they get there.

The Warriors are probably the best team ever assembled. I really don’t think a fully healthy Celtics squad is gonna make them sweat too much

I’m not really concerned. I honestly believe the Cavs are going to win this series. Cavs in 6



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